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Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Ex

I'm Not Mad at Him

For Beating Me

9/15/2012 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat in front of their children is a forgiving soul, claiming she no longer holds a grudge and wants to bury the hatchet.

Josie Harris tells us, she and Floyd are trying to put their fighting past behind them so they can raise their three kids in a stable environment.

You'll recall ... Floyd was popped back in 2010 after Josie accused him of striking her "multiple times in the head with his fist" and then threatening to kill her. Josie and Floyd's children were present.

Floyd later pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence and served two months in jail.

Now Josie says, "S**t happens. I'm not mad at him at all ... I love Floyd to death."

She adds, "[Floyd] loves his kids and is a great father. He would never do anything like that again ... I'm sorry the situation happened ... now we will just progress and start over and move forward together."

Sounds familiar ... 

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No Avatar


Wouldn't she have been very badly injured if he of all people hit her multiple times? I'd have more than a "**** happens" attitude. Must have paid her.

767 days ago

Really People?    

Great father when he hit her in front of their children? He probably understands that he shouldn't have done it but that does not make him any less irresponsible and coward

767 days ago


I read an interview she gave and she was referencing a REAL VOLATILE relationship (trying to run each over with cars, pulling guns on each other, etc.) but even within that interview she had already said she was past it. The relationship sounded a mess. So no one should be surprised at her response.

I thought she looked familiar then I realized I went to high school with her. What a difference some years. make. Good luck to her.

767 days ago


Who cares, just give us FLOYD v. MANNY. We want to see them fight!!

767 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

TYPICAL "battered woman" mentally-ill shiz!!!
Floyd's the one with the deep pockets. She'll say ANYTHING to keep that $$$ comin' in!
She prolly thinks it was her fault.
Meh. -_-

767 days ago


Proof that money can buy anything. She's willing to turn her head to domestic violence and expose herself and her kids to that again for a lifestyle. SAD!

767 days ago


Who's more pathetic a championship boxer who beats women or the women that stays only for the money? Idk, how kids work but, they can imitate real well...

767 days ago


And another woman goes to her death...

767 days ago


Wow. The self esteem on this biitch is pretty sad. So, **** happens, huh? I guess if the fist blows to the head would have cause brain damage or death, then the police should just say 'Ohwell ***** happens' and close the case. Get this Baffoon biitch out of here. The ***** people are willing to take because of a little bit of money is sickening. No wonder these stats think that they are above the law. Sad.

767 days ago


And she knows for a fact he'll never do it again, lol at this silly Baffoon. To hit a woman with fist blows to the head is not a simple task, there's some kind of hatred of women there. You have to hate women to be able to do that, especially to your baby mama. Then again, Floyd is gay, these down low men take their anger on females a lot. Like it's her fault you're living a lie. His relationship with 50 cent is more than you think.

767 days ago


What a delusional fool. Hope she likes getting her head beat in, because it will happen again.

767 days ago


As long as Floyd is rich it's cool.

767 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Floyd's mentality is just like a pit bull when he's mad. I'm sure he's sorry, that he went to jail and not that he hit her. Good luck with the burying the hatchet but I believe he'll put you with the hatchet if you stay with him.
The real Phishie from Philly

767 days ago


Wow what a brilliant message to send her kids and women all over the world. It is only a matter of time before he beats the crap out of her again. What a stupid, pathetic woman for going back!

767 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

This happens all the time with women. They think they can change there man. In non domestic cases they usually do. Like getting a man to put a toilet seat down. But in violent domestic altercation it's almost impossible to change a man because a man like Floyd sees weakness and attacks it. The odds are she will never be safe with him so why take the chance? Better to be safe than sorry.
The real Phishie from Philly

767 days ago
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