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Prince Harry

Taliban Launch Fatal

Attack Near Prince's Base

9/15/2012 5:33 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Taliban insurgents -- the group that vowed to kill or kidnap Prince Harry  -- attacked a British air base yesterday and killed soldiers ... just a stone's throw from where the royal is stationed in southern Afghanistan.

Taliban insurgents ambushed the British base with heavy weaponry -- mortars ... rockets ... grenades ... and firearms. Two U.S. marines stationed at the base were killed and others injured.

The base is adjacent to Camp Bastion, where Prince Harry is stationed on a four-month combat deployment. No word on where the Prince was when the attack occurred.

A Taliban spokesman said the attacks were motivated by Prince Harry's presence there, saying, "We attacked that base because Prince Harry was also on it and so they can know our anger. Thousands more suicide attackers are ready to give up their lives for the sake of the Prophet."

Britain's defense ministry says they have no plans to cut Harry's deployment short.

As TMZ previously reported, the Taliban has made it clear -- Prince Harry is a target ... and they're pulling out all the stops to get him.


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Get him out of there, he is a target for all the other men, Go play army on the palace grounds.

732 days ago


We will see him back somewhere partying in a couple of days. He and William are jokes as military officers. They go on duty for a couple of days then come home and party for a couple of months.

732 days ago


In my honest opinion, his position was compromised by the media, who released his whereabouts to the public to where anyone such as the Taliban can find him. Prince Harry needs to be sent home. The fact that the Taliban knows where he is not only puts him in danger, but it puts those who are serving around him in danger as well!

732 days ago


Disclosing his location should be TREASON.
News Organizations know he has a bounty on his life.

732 days ago


Prince Harry and the Royal Family just helped to cause the deaths of several soldiers by having Harry there! They should have gotten him out of there as soon as the Taliban said they were going to try to kill him but they stupidly let him stay and now several soldiers are dead and Harry will be next. They won't stop until them get him so more soldiers will die unnecessarily. GET HARRY OUT OF THERE!

732 days ago


They were Marines not soldiers...Please out of respect get that right and correct it.

732 days ago


What is it called when you wave one hand then slap your enemy with the other? If the Tali want to focus on Prince Harry or YouTube videos let them. Our US Government is alot of things as well as The Queens Royal Military and hopefully there doing this strategically. And the Politicians just sit back and look pretty. However, I don't know squat, I'm just wishful thinking.

732 days ago


Why do they keep making his location known. Media needs to back off!!! So they get wrong location and TMZ gives the exact location where he is STUPID

732 days ago


Great Britain needs to pull him from the region. More lives will be lost as they continue to try and kill Harry.

732 days ago


you sheep, he's probably not even there. youu honestly think they'd have royalty fighting in a war? that job is for peasants

732 days ago


TMZ and every other American press who thought it was cool to print the story should thank themselves for killing two Marines.

His deployment is not a secret but the press in UK agreed not to say anything and they had full legal right too if they wanted too. Last time he was there for a while till some ego ran newspaper had to run the story.

This time around again the press in UK skipped over the story and then American press thought it was cool to print it. This retards didn't even have the brains to think what the story could do to people even around him. Now we have two dead Marines because of a story 90% of America gave two ****s about..

TMZ you need to wake up.. You were one of the first too put this story out and you see what happens.

Don't put Soldiers at risk like that. Just because Harry has the balls to sign up and go just like anyone else doesn't mean you can be spineless and run stories to put everyone around that base at risk. You guys talk like your better than all the other mag's but your not.

Maybe everyone on here should demand TMZ to pay respect to the two dead Marines and others hurt. I think its time TMZ remember our troops over there and do something for them. Hell send one of those ultra cool guys in your office to go report on some real news.

732 days ago


don't believe it..."wag the dog"...they're preparing Prince Harry to be a hero and gain some points

732 days ago


Marines are NOT soldiers!

732 days ago



732 days ago


Dear TMZ,
Although the safety of the prince is news worthy; however, if your publication in any way even hints as to the current whereabouts of such a high profile royal with a death threat over his head, you are nothing less than an accomplice to murder.
Or do you not think that crazy people don't go on your site to keep tabs of their kills? Your post is the terrorists google.

732 days ago
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