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Dina Lohan

Fidgety, Sweaty, Mumbling

During Dr. Phil Interview

9/17/2012 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite insisting she was completely sober for her big Dr. Phil interview, Dina Lohan appears completely out of it during the hour-long sit-down ... sweating, slurring, and fumbling her words through the entire thing.

You'll recall, Dr. Phil's people released a teaser for the interview last week -- in which Dina appears seriously dazed and confused -- but Dina insisted she had not been drinking beforehand, telling TMZ, "I don’t care what it looks like. I’m fine and I don’t care what anyone says."

Dina blamed the editing for making her look messed up -- but after the interview aired today, it seems editing wasn't to blame ... something just wasn't right with Lindsay's mom. She was overly emotional, anxious, panicked, and disheveled.

As the interview began, a jittery Dina repeatedly asks "Are we rolling? Are we rolling?"

Dina appears extremely uncomfortable throughout the interview. At one point, when Dr. Phil asks about Michael Lohan's alleged abuse, Dina abruptly asks to put a stop to the interview, claiming she doesn't want to be on camera.

She adds, "God, it's so quiet in here."

Dina later laughs nervously, and asks to go home. And this is all in the first fifteen minutes.

As we previously reported, Michael Lohan -- who participated in the interview -- says he's positive Dina was "wasted" during the interview ... which was taped at 10 AM.

Calls to Dina were not returned.


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That was a freaking strange. The question should have been, "Do you think Dina is nuts?" Between MiLo and Dina for parents, there's no way in the world a person remotely stable.

683 days ago


Oh and as for Lindsay's legal problems not being a big deal in NY WRONG unless Lindsay got a moron judge-the way she flaunts the laws a NY judge would throw her ass right into jail. No one in NY has cases going from 2007 until this year. It would have been comply or off to jail she would go.

683 days ago


Sez, where are you on the west coast?

683 days ago


Also, I wonder if DUIna trashed the dressing room?

683 days ago


so embarassing, especially for Lindsey who's trying to make a life for herself.

683 days ago


i bet they edited out the parts when she said
" I need a Drink"

683 days ago


That was one of the most painful things I've ever watched. That woman was most definitely wasted and Dr Phil should have stopped the interview. Just horrible.

683 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

I hope this interview puts a halt to aspirations to have a reality show. We have seen enough of Dina!

683 days ago


Even High as a kite on what was her drug of choice for the day....Dina Lohan was still , ducking , dodging and weavign though that whole thing. her eyes were telling a completely different story the the words coming out of her mouth and so was her body one point she even flips the bird at Dr Phil all inoccent like ..and the tears were ingenuous...and give the BullFrog is due he knows how to read a person body language and voice inflexsion and he had her pegged...
At first I was like you all "the fu*king idiot was wasted out of her mind but I will have to take that back now that I thought about it...
There is nothing more dangerous the a coniving con artist trying to sell something ...and wasted or sobber that woman is constantly schemeing for money...Lies, more lies, illustions , accusations, tears denials, more tears..
That was a wonderful performance...
Otherwise it doesn't make a lick of sence...
Question ...What does Lohan Inc get out of Dina making a fool of herself like this on TV ....?????
Go to be a profit somewhere in this mess or they would touch it with a ten foot pole....!!

683 days ago


She seemed like some crazy Kristin Wiig character.

683 days ago


The funniest thing I saw in the interview was Dr. Phil saying how he was not the "those people" media. Hello, you're on TELEVISION, you are a media personality. Otherwise he would have said Dina is a victim of abuse, which is why she has that reflective behavior, but instead making her out to be crazy for ratings. Drunk or not, abuse victims cope that way sometimes. Not the media...I got a good laugh from that.

683 days ago

susan morrison-vega    

Dr. Phil, as a therapist and television personality, was appropriate and respectful during his interview of Ms. Lohan. In turn, she revealed herself to be coy, coquettish, and manipulative. Her attempts to deflect and avoid being responsive to his questions were obvious and weak. Ms. Lohan is not a media rookie and knew what she signed up for when she agreed to be on the program. No excuses.

683 days ago


Dr Phil probably paid for the interview so momma lohan has money to buy more alcohol and drugs. lol

683 days ago


Michael Lohan is crazy, but this b*tch is f*cking evil.

683 days ago

Red Cloud    

No time to see the interview today, just this clip above. Dina Lohan sure is sexy!!!!!

683 days ago
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