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Kate Middleton

French Court Shuts Down

Publication of Topless Pics

9/18/2012 5:56 AM PDT UPDATED: 9/18/2012 9:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Kate Middleton topless nude photos in Closer Magazine.A French court just put the kibosh on publication of the Kate Middleton topless pics, but the victory is kinda like plugging a dike which keeps springing leaks.

The court called the invasion of Kate and Prince William's privacy a "brutal display" and ordered Closer Magazine to immediately turn over all digital copies of the pics ... or else. The "or else" is a $13,100 daily fine.

Here's the problemo. The pics have also been published in Italy and Ireland and the ruling doesn't cover those magazines.

The palace also plans to file a criminal complaint. It appears the photog got the shots courtesy of a telephoto lens as they sunbathed on the balcony of a remote French chateau.


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This shows you how dumb the royals are. Yo, William this thing, yo, it's called the internet, yo! Copies of the pictures are all over the internet, yo, and they will stay there forever and ever until the end of time, yo!

728 days ago


Whatever the court felt, it had no choice but this ruling. If it had ruled that the magazine/paparazzi was okay doing this, then the paps would have taken it as free reign to photograph through windows etc.

728 days ago


I can't wait until Steve Hirsch makes Kate Middleton an offer she can't refuse.

728 days ago

Honeys Booboo    

What's Flynt offering her for a Beaver Shot?

728 days ago


It seems if Kate didn't want to be photographed topless, she should have kept her top on. She is very famous and whether it is invasion of privacy or not, both amateur and professional photogs will snap photos at an unsavory moment to make a quick buck. She should have more street smarts and her husband should have warned her. They are both at fault for not having insight, but then again none of the royal family members come across as being super intelligent.

728 days ago

I won't grow up    

How many times do the royal family's children have to learn this lesson? If you are in the public eye 24/7 like they are, you don't romp about with your boobs out You don't whip out your johnson in front of cameras. Its unfortunate, but the press and the public salivate at the idea of any public figure caught with their tighty whities around their ankles.

728 days ago


They are a beautiful hip, modern couple. I doubt they are as naive as some people are trying to make us believe. This is not a matter of nudity or Kate's boobs. She was a model for some time for crying out loud. The matter here is the blatant breach of their privacy and the breaking of France's very strict privacy laws. They were in A PRIVATE HOUSE, not on a public beach. Big diff there. It doesn't matter whether the pics have already been seen by the whole world and Mars. The fact is, this inquiry will make stupid papz think twice before doing another ****ty stunt like this one.

728 days ago


That's life in the fish bowl. Ask Sarah Ferguson.

728 days ago

sarah wales    

..First of all they were on a PRIVATE balcony.

..second this is the royal family there should be some boundaries.

..and finally haven't the press learned anything from Princess Diana's death.

BOTTOM LINE.. it should be a crime to take these pictures and a crime to publish them, and why are TMZ still re-publishing them every time they write about it, It's no different to a porn mag.

728 days ago

I luv u RPattz!    

Wasn't much to see anyways.

728 days ago


Don't care about William and Kate in the least but the real problem is they go after the tabloids for printing the pictures instead of trying to fix the real problem, the stalker paparazzi that get away with anything they want. Make an example of those guys, taking pics of celebs in public places or events is ok, taking pics of them in private residences and such is not ok, if a celeb goes to a beach or something and gets naked and pics get taken, well that's the celebs fault and the pics get published.

728 days ago


So glad that in the U.S. no one is regarded as 'untouchable'. Free press RULES.

728 days ago


Oh my god, what melodrama over topless pics. Woman has boobs! News at 11:00! Also just in: water is wet.

728 days ago


Any other celeb and all of you would be talking **** but because it is Kate Middleton it is an invasion of privacy..I have seen the place this was taken from. If you can see the road then it is not private. KEEP YOUR TOP ON WHORE!

727 days ago
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