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Lindsay Lohan Accuser

Actress Was 'Slurring'

and REEKED Of Booze

9/19/2012 9:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0919-lindsay-lohan-article-arrestedLindsay Lohan was a drunken mess when she struck a pedestrian in front of a NYC hotel this morning ... this according to the alleged victim.

Jose Rodriguez -- a Manhattan chef -- spoke with the New York Daily News following the crash ... claiming Lindsay was slurring her words and "smelled like alcohol real bad" when she hit him with her Porsche in front of the Dream hotel around 12:30 AM.

We broke the story ... Lohan was arrested at 2:30 AM for leaving the scene of an accident.  

Cops say they don't believe Lohan was drunk at the time of the arrest -- however Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly admitted Lindsay did not take a breathalyzer test.

Rodriguez told the Daily News he had just gotten off work at the Bottega restaurant when all of the sudden "[I] saw this car come real quick and hit me."

"I was in so much pain ... I fell to the side."

Rodriguez says he was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he was treated for torn tendons -- and claims doctors gave him morphine to deal with the pain.

As for Lindsay -- she says Rodriguez is making the whole thing up ... claiming she didn't hit anyone this morning.


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The guy had tendons torn? Wow. My patellar tendon was torn when I played on a volleyball team but that was after two years of playing five or six times a week. Tendons don't tear just because you're trying to look like some drunk bitch hit you with a car.

731 days ago


What a good daughter Blohan is. THIS certainly takes the harsh spotlight off 'MOMMY'!

731 days ago


At what point did the guy talk to her???

731 days ago


Slurring her words and reeking of booze but two hours later the police didn't even consider it necessary to test her, right dude. Hope he is being misrepresented here.

731 days ago


As much as I want to see rot in prison, this guy just threw his story in the dumper, IF there is video showing she wasn't going fast and may not have hardly touched him.

731 days ago


Nikki I just checked ROL and only see the MiLo story saying this **** was calling out for him? BTW if I am in trouble at 26 (although I'm a bit older) and I called out to my dad at 3am he'd tell me to enjoy jail.

731 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

You can bet if she was drunk the cops woulda got her.

731 days ago


She sweats Vodka...

731 days ago


She's out on bail and her court date is Oct. 23rd

731 days ago


I have issues with this guy's story. First, if she reeked of booze, cops would have noted that, and a breathalyzer would have been administered. Second, the video showed she was moving at a snail's pace, but the guy said she came up quickly. Third, it would have taken more than a graze to tear tendons in his knee, and if he in fact had torn tendons, he wouldn't have SPRINTED toward Lindsay. Sure, you can blame adrenalin, but my son strained his knee...did not tear anything...a few weeks ago in a football game, and he was down! He had plenty of adrenalin going because it was a game against a tough competitor. He had to be assisted off the field, and it was a good 20 minutes before he was back in play, though you could tell he was still favoring his knee. He said it was the worst pain in his life! One of his teammates TORE his ACL and other tendons in his knee in a game last week...swelled up almost instantly! The kid could not walk off on his own...surely, he couldn't sprint after anyone, and it was also a high adrenalin game for someone who is a trained athlete! ERs, especially when really busy, don't always take x-rays and such...but make a guess, give the patient something for the pain they CLAIM to have, and refer them to their regular doctor in the morning. Unless you are deathly ill or bleeding badly, they don't spend much time on you.

731 days ago


This whole thing is sounding really fishy!!! The video shows Lindsay moving at a crawl, and this guys says she came up real quick. Also, I think if she reeked of booze, the cops would made her take a breathalyzer. Torn tendons in his knee? She would have had to do more than just graze him for that, and the video only shows a graze at best! My son plays football, and those boys take some massive hits to the knees/legs and go unscathed most of the time. Something seems wrong about this whole thing, for sure.

731 days ago


Never thought I'd say this in a million years, but from what I'm reading, I believe Lindsay. Here in NYC, this kind of stuff doesn't happen to just to celebrities. People see you in a decent enough car, they'll walk out in front of you and yell injury and lawsuit. This guy, who is on MORPHINE (in this day and age) and giving interviews, sounds very suspicious and opportunistic to me.

731 days ago


New thread

731 days ago


I hope she was booked for Leno to promote Liz and Dick on her appearance date in a month. She'll miss a standing ovation.

731 days ago


Sounds more like she was on downers rather than drunk to be honest.

731 days ago
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