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Lindsay Lohan

Witness Says Actress Was

NOT Drunk

9/19/2012 11:42 AM PDT UPDATED: 9/19/2012 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

10:15 AM PT -- Lindsay's also telling friends ... she was NOT drinking last night whatsoever.

Sources extremely close to the actress tell us, Lindsay was with other sober people at the time of the alleged accident -- so if she was actually drunk, she could easily have gotten a designated driver to take her to the hotel.

For this reason ... Lindsay's arguing ... there was absolutely NO REASON to risk driving drunk, so the evidence points in her favor.

Lindsay Lohan didn't drink a drop of alcohol last night -- this according to a girl who was with Lindsay until 11:30 PM ... just 40 minutes before her alleged accident.

Lindsay was at a Slash concert last night at Hammerstein Ballroom -- and according to someone who was working backstage where Lindsay was hanging out, the actress was "definitely sober."

You'll recall, the chef who claims Lindsay hit him with her car says she "smelled like alcohol real bad" at the time of the accident.

But the stagehand at the Slash concert tells TMZ, Slash doesn't allow booze backstage because he's sober too.

0918_lindsay_lohan_concertThe show ended at roughly 11:30 PM and according to the surveillance tape, Lindsay's alleged accident occurred at 12:12 AM.

That gives Lindsay 42 minutes (at most) to get from Hammerstein Ballroom to the Dream Hotel, where the accident allegedly took place.

The hotel is only 1.5 miles from the venue, but everyone knows how much of a pain it is to leave a concert hall after a show -- getting through the crowd, finding your car -- so it doesn't leave Lindsay much time to drink so much booze she reeked of it.


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Lots of drugs make you slur your words...just saying...

767 days ago

Gotta love Canada    

Helloooo!!! The USA has become nothing more than a drunken, drug-loving, war-causing bully of a country! Is Lindsay Lohan drinking and driving really that much of a surprise? The entire country has lost it's mind!!!

767 days ago


So sick of Blohan. So sick of hearing about her. So sick of seeing her picture.

767 days ago


Torn tendons won't prove he was hit, more likely prove he purposely injured himself *after* he accused her, to cash in.
You can't sprint and run across parking lots with torn tendons, you'd stop and drop within five feet and yell out in pain ;)

767 days ago


Perhaps Lindsay needs to stay home & work on proper behavior in public or is all of this just graving attention?????? You never see Emily Blunt or others acting like this.

767 days ago


First of all I dont think Lindsay Lohan has to fight her way through the crowds at the end of the concert along with the common folk. Second of all the guy could have smelled booze coming off someone else in the car. Third of all and I hate to say this but pretty much everyone I know who stays out late like her all night long hitting the clubs does some form of upper whether it be coke or adderal or whatever so even though she wasnt drunk doesnt mean she wasnt high not that I am saying she was since I wasnt there. Also I would never buy the story of a friend that she was with.

If she hit the guy and drove away that is hit and run plain and simple. Doesnt matter if she was drinking or not. I honestly think LIndsay is enjoying this. She was clearly jealous of all the attention Bynes was getting. Sick.

767 days ago


She sure does get arrested alot for someone who is always innocent.

767 days ago


We all know she would rather do coke than drink, and that she is NEVER sober.

767 days ago


Again with the unnamed sources. No one who was with her is willing to go on the record?

767 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

This morning at 7am I posted this tweet. Look at the picture and the picture tmz is using..This isnt even the true source on this story

Eddie Trunk‏@EddieTrunk

Just noticed @lindsaylohan is here standing right next to me. Had no idea till a second ago.

Now look what he just tweeted.

Eddie Trunk‏@EddieTrunk

Just heard @tmz used my twitter photo of @lindsaylohan from last night. Does this now make me a member of the paparazzi? Who knew??

Just more Lohan LIES !! Now I believe she was drinking. Thanks Lying Lohans for being so stupid

767 days ago


I dont believe anything this sloppy ho says

767 days ago


OK, so Lohan wasn't drunk, the accident now just makes her just plain STUPID!! I wish the whole Lohan clan would die in a horrible accident so the world doesn't have to hear about them anymore.

767 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

BTW TMZ when your back stage you do not leave with the crowd. You leave by a seperate door back stage.
So what TMZ is saying is the band has to fight threw the crowd to leave too.

PLUS their is VIP Parking, So this story is total LIES

767 days ago


So what you're saying is, LiLo has no "friends." Because her "friends" sure are telling TMZ everything she says.

767 days ago


Didn't she give Neil Fifer crabs?

767 days ago
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