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Lindsay Lohan

Witness Says Actress Was

NOT Drunk

9/19/2012 11:42 AM PDT UPDATED: 9/19/2012 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

10:15 AM PT -- Lindsay's also telling friends ... she was NOT drinking last night whatsoever.

Sources extremely close to the actress tell us, Lindsay was with other sober people at the time of the alleged accident -- so if she was actually drunk, she could easily have gotten a designated driver to take her to the hotel.

For this reason ... Lindsay's arguing ... there was absolutely NO REASON to risk driving drunk, so the evidence points in her favor.

Lindsay Lohan didn't drink a drop of alcohol last night -- this according to a girl who was with Lindsay until 11:30 PM ... just 40 minutes before her alleged accident.

Lindsay was at a Slash concert last night at Hammerstein Ballroom -- and according to someone who was working backstage where Lindsay was hanging out, the actress was "definitely sober."

You'll recall, the chef who claims Lindsay hit him with her car says she "smelled like alcohol real bad" at the time of the accident.

But the stagehand at the Slash concert tells TMZ, Slash doesn't allow booze backstage because he's sober too.

0918_lindsay_lohan_concertThe show ended at roughly 11:30 PM and according to the surveillance tape, Lindsay's alleged accident occurred at 12:12 AM.

That gives Lindsay 42 minutes (at most) to get from Hammerstein Ballroom to the Dream Hotel, where the accident allegedly took place.

The hotel is only 1.5 miles from the venue, but everyone knows how much of a pain it is to leave a concert hall after a show -- getting through the crowd, finding your car -- so it doesn't leave Lindsay much time to drink so much booze she reeked of it.


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How long does it take the Probation dept. to write up papers to send to the Judge to get a bench warrent? Because Lindsay Dee Lohan voilited her probation. She got arrested.

Thats the next Thread

761 days ago


I think the more she insists she is sober its the thing she is furthest from, since everyone her dear fans must always compare her "talent" to RDJ, etc.

Let remind you that I don't recall the last time he has had to have his "friends" or people "close to him" make statements he was not drinking or on drugs.

Why? He proves with his own actions and behavior. She is always having to "prove" herself because she is always fcuking herself over and over again.

I hope with the release of her flick on the the abused woman's network its finally game over as we see her incredible "talent" in full force.

761 days ago


If she was not under the influence of anything then why did she not take a breath liser test, According to the police she would not take onel. If she was so inocent you think she would want to prove it and take the test. I believethis will blow over just as all the other ones have., I just hope no one dies or is seriously hurt because no one is listening and really does not want to get tothe bottom of all these innidents. It seems always everyone else is lying and everyone is out to get her.

761 days ago

Hot Farts    

DEFLECT DEFLECT - SHE WAS NOT CHARGED FOR DRUNK Dn hearing.RIVING. she was charged with hit and run.

It would be different if she was not arrested and only ticketed - although technically that would stil warrant a probation violation hearing - BUT SHE WAS ARRESTED, SO THERE WILL BE A PROBATION VIOLATION HEARING IN LOS ANGELES. HOLLEY WILL HAVE TO SET UP SOMETHING FOR HER AND I AM SURE SHE WILL BE BOOKED AND RELEASED IN LA TOO AT SOME POINT AND POST BAIL UNTIL A HEARING.

761 days ago

wow, looks like she was probaly framed....and all you guys just have to whine and just hope the worst for her....most of you people are just mean spirited lonely people.

761 days ago

Charlotte Wolfe    

I am so tired of hearing about Lilo, the kardashians, and all the other fluff. Why is this even on national news programs. Lack of other news????

761 days ago

Lindsay Lohan Fan Forever    

I don't think she was drunk either but something obviously went wrong.

761 days ago


Didn't take her long to show her colors in NY now, did it?? Too bad they didn't think to do blood and urine samples to find out what all she had in her system. Cops were lazy!!!!!

761 days ago


Girl can't catch a break. I'm sure she doesn't help herself sometimes and she's probably a pain in the butt, but some people just wants the easy money.

761 days ago


I hope it's in the Police report, Lohan refused to take a breathalizer....That proves she is GUILTY !!!

761 days ago


TMZ, you are giving conflicting accounts.
1. There is a supposed video of the accident which
shows what happened and the victim may be
exaggerating about the seriousness of the accident.

2. Lindsay was drunk.

3. Lindsay was not drunk.

Lindsay may be a target for prosecution because of her record, but she also just may be a horrible driver who needs to lose her license. Driving is a privilege, not a right, and there are too many bad drivers on the road as it is.

Lindsay may have problems in California because of this accident if it is found that she did hit and run. She won't have problems if it is found that the victim is exaggerating what happened in order to make a buck.

761 days ago


She's a wanted criminal in NY and LA, where does she go from here . . .?

761 days ago


This time I think Lindsay is telling the truth and the Chef is just looking for a payoff!

761 days ago


I was born & always have lived in Manhattan and could be considered an authority.
Any normal person takes a cab.

761 days ago


Remember how OJ got off in California, but NV made him pay? Hopefully we'll soon say, "Remember how Lohan got an easy ride in California, by NY made her pay?"

761 days ago
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