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Lindsay Lohan

Witness Says Actress Was

NOT Drunk

9/19/2012 11:42 AM PDT UPDATED: 9/19/2012 10:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

10:15 AM PT -- Lindsay's also telling friends ... she was NOT drinking last night whatsoever.

Sources extremely close to the actress tell us, Lindsay was with other sober people at the time of the alleged accident -- so if she was actually drunk, she could easily have gotten a designated driver to take her to the hotel.

For this reason ... Lindsay's arguing ... there was absolutely NO REASON to risk driving drunk, so the evidence points in her favor.

Lindsay Lohan didn't drink a drop of alcohol last night -- this according to a girl who was with Lindsay until 11:30 PM ... just 40 minutes before her alleged accident.

Lindsay was at a Slash concert last night at Hammerstein Ballroom -- and according to someone who was working backstage where Lindsay was hanging out, the actress was "definitely sober."

You'll recall, the chef who claims Lindsay hit him with her car says she "smelled like alcohol real bad" at the time of the accident.

But the stagehand at the Slash concert tells TMZ, Slash doesn't allow booze backstage because he's sober too.

0918_lindsay_lohan_concertThe show ended at roughly 11:30 PM and according to the surveillance tape, Lindsay's alleged accident occurred at 12:12 AM.

That gives Lindsay 42 minutes (at most) to get from Hammerstein Ballroom to the Dream Hotel, where the accident allegedly took place.

The hotel is only 1.5 miles from the venue, but everyone knows how much of a pain it is to leave a concert hall after a show -- getting through the crowd, finding your car -- so it doesn't leave Lindsay much time to drink so much booze she reeked of it.


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Buttercup, I just read about you calling me. GC, Sez, & Lisa are ANGELS !! Never fear waking me up with GOOD NEWS like this!!!

708 days ago

Hot Farts

Please watch Lindsay's court ordered summary probation terms at around 4:13 and she waived her appellate rights in "any future violation" which means she violates, she is found guilty of violating and she goes to jail.

"Obey all laws" in order to not be violated according to Sautner "unless you do something that violates the law" and under Code Section 1203.2 she does not have to be prosecuted for that arrest to be violated and have probation revoked

708 days ago


Amanda Bynes should tweet her, "Take THAT you b!tch". MILO just cracks me up. Wonder why he didn't hurry to NY to save his "baby girl"? Oh that's right, he has more than one warrant for his arrest. FFS, enough already. I am laughing at the Eturds. One cop thought he saw the car make contact with the victim's legs, the other didn't. They arrested her, so it seems as if they couldn't decide and let the judge deal with it. Of course they are on here doing the same damned thing they did to James from the PCH accident. Blame him, blame the brakes, blame LL's assistant. All of that was shot down. I sure hope NY takes her down for this. AND keeps her.

708 days ago


Can we all have a collective FIST BUMP!

708 days ago


Hey Mike is this you? Cause it sure does sound like YOU!

Michael Prymula · Top Commenter · College of Lake County
She has reason to be confident, as detectives who viewed surveilance footage of the so-called "incident" could not tell whether Lindsay actually hit the guy, one said she might've grazed him, the other said he wasn't hit at all, and the guy was shown sprinting after being "hit" I don't know about you, but I sure as hell wouldn't be sprinting if I got hit by a car! So ultimately nothing will come of this.
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708 days ago

Suzy Q     

Well, Dina, your moment in the Lohan spotlight is over. I know you wanted it to last a whole lot longer, but Lindsay said "NO! I am the Star! The spotlight MUST be on me!!" She even used your line, that you had not been drinking. It must sting.

Where's the security Video? Haven't they made the "new" version yet?

708 days ago

Hot Farts    

Madisyn - Believe me. The Sherrifs in LA are little b| tches that got teased on the playyard as kids and they gossip like catty girls. News travels fast. As for LAPD - Bynes and Lohan have made them a laughing stock and made fools of them tooo many times - not only will this be brought to courts attention, but they will also bring to light the other police report regarding her recent theft of jewelry and watches and the judge may not bring it up in court but she will read the report.

708 days ago

Hot Farts    

Basically - if CNN and Fox news carry the story - and they both have - Sautner may even see it in her own living room

708 days ago


Sober or impaired, she is a really lousy driver. She needs to have her license permanently revoked, and ordered to hire a real driver.

708 days ago


TMZ Live should be a doozy today!

708 days ago

Dina Lohan    

This is so totally unfair to my beautiful Lindsay. She was totally not drunk! She only did a line of cocaine and that's it!
My Lindsay is a great talented actress and sh!t. Y'all just jealous of her beauty and success.

708 days ago

Hot Farts    

I have been hit in the street by a car and I have been robbed an assaulted on the Blueline train in LA. In the latter I was injured - torn mcl, acl and fractured patella. The Sherriffs arrived right away (we were stopped by sherriffs station) and they wanted me to identify the assailant and asked me to walk over to do so and I said that it hurt really bad and they propped me up a bit - but it was by putting weight on the knee that I felt a pop pop pop pop pop and then collapsed as that actually made the injury much much worse

Now if this guy ran after her, exacerbating his injury, is she still not at fault. In the NY Daily News article, the guys says he goes after her and confronts her and takes a picture of her license plate. He also says that someone moved her from front seat to back - something corroborated by 2 OTHERS she has hit in the last year "she switched from driver to passenger seat" and that they made him move out of the way in order to "move the car" as though they would address the accident once the car was out of the way and also she left the scene immediately any returned 2 hours later. ALL VERY SUSPICIOUS AND GUILTY BEHAVIOR

708 days ago


Hey RC, you continually ask "WHERE'S THE DOUBLE CHIN"? Check out Celebitchy, they're right there!

708 days ago


Why would Lindsay be close enough to a pedestrian to even look like she may have hit him?

708 days ago

Hot Farts    

Yeah...Gotti LOL!!

Back a year in my posts I say that movie will NEVER happen and well...

Starring in the movie that never was ever gonna really happen: The drunken car crash and the Closet weenie wagger

708 days ago
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