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Lindsay Lohan Arrest

Surveillance Video

Shows Entire Incident

9/19/2012 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surveillance video at The Dream hotel in NYC shows the guy who claims Lindsay Lohan struck him is grossly exaggerating his claim at the very least ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the hotel tell us ... the video shows the entire incident and the aftermath.  Lindsay was driving into the hotel, down a ramp. The alleged victim was walking in the pedestrian path, which Lindsay had to cross.

The video shows Lindsay's car -- which is traveling at a crawl -- gets very close to the pedestrian but it's unclear if the vehicle makes contact. In fact, sources tell us ... 2 detectives came to the hotel early this morning and viewed the tape. One detective felt Lindsay's car "grazed" the back of the alleged victim's leg, but the other detective felt the car never made contact.

And it gets better. Once Lindsay clears the area and goes down a ramp, the video shows the alleged victim sprinting after her. The video shows the alleged victim does not get real close to Lindsay, and it doesn't appear that he confronted her, but it appears when he got down there he noticed it was Lindsay -- partly because she had drawn a crowd near the entrance to the club.

When Lindsay gets out of the car at the bottom of the ramp, she does not seem flustered or aware she may have hit someone.

Here's where it gets confusing. For some reason, Lindsay decided to leave the club minutes after arriving, got back in her car and left for a short time ... then came back.

Meanwhile, the alleged victim called 911 and was taken to the hospital by ambulance.


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This does beg to ask the question of why on earth was she close enough to a pedestrian to even be suspected of this?

765 days ago


Usually I would never defend Lindsay... because 99.9% of the time it IS her fault. BUT, it sounds like she *ALMOST* hit this guy, and he got so pissed that he chased her down...then realized who it was, and decided to take advantage of the situation. The problem is, Lindsay is The Boy Who Cried Wolf (or Girl) at this point, and she has ZERO when stuff like this happens, of course people are going to assume she's responsible and the one lying.

765 days ago


Can you imagine what this bitch pays for car insurance? How the hell can she afford these expensive cars and all of her drugs? Oh thats right she steals from her "friends".

765 days ago


the guy is after the money. I agree with Jay: if proven wrong the guy should pay big time because this "easy money" thing for just mentioning LiLo is getting ridiculous. The NYPD should give an example: if you fake it then get ready to face the consequences.

765 days ago


Im usually one of the ones saying she always gets off waaaay too easy but this seems like a TOTAL set up / read the mans statements he makes to reporters / now hear the evidence being released about the security tape / at best the man was " grazed " if even hit at all - then chases after the car which doesn't sound like someone in pain with " torn ligaments " … BS story by a desperate man who saw an oppurtunity to make money by lying

765 days ago


If that douche didn't get hit and is just looking to further her misfortunes, I hope they give him jail time. If she did hit him and fled, she needs to serve a couple of years in jail because she's had WAY too many chances.

765 days ago


This girl needs to STOP driving. Not only a danger to herself but to those who share the road with her.

765 days ago


So the victim RUNS after Lindsay after she hit or grazed his knee? Um no... Liar.

765 days ago

Sad sad    

Thank Eddie Trunk for posting her wherabouts & someone saw their golden opportunity.

765 days ago


NY ain't LA the cops will see our beautiful Goddess Lindsay is in the right and take care of that fraud accusing her.

765 days ago


I don't know...from what I've read from multiple sources, I'd suspect this guy trying to pull a fast one on an easy target. I mean if she had no priors and you heard this, that would def be the impression I'd get. Unfort for her, she does and a lot of people won't

764 days ago


She didn't hit ANY1!!! This low life just wants $$$ from LL!!!

764 days ago


good god.....put her in the slammer already...and wtf why did they not make sure she wasn't drunk???

764 days ago


From the outside (Europe) it´s perfectly obvious that Lindsay is being harassed and stalked by the media and public! Sure, Lindsay has made mistakes and has been punished accordingly. People just won´t stop until they have destroyed that girl. So what if her car came close to the guy. He clearly wasn´t injured if he was running after the car, was he? What´s the point of suing someone for money when you haven´t been injured? What kind of a looser society do you live in? I could have sued in a number of situations but I´m not going to waste my time with that unless it becomes 100% necessary. Talk about abusing the legal system to make a fast buck! I can´t believe how low some people will sink! Disgusting!

764 days ago


My bet she didn't hit nor graze him he saw a crowd gather and sprinted after to see who it was saw it was lindsey and all the sudden saw a pay check. Not much a lindsey fan but the truth is bad enough without exaggerations and false accusations. 15 minutes and money.

764 days ago
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