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Lindsay Lohan

FOOTAGE of the

Alleged Pedestrian Strike

9/20/2012 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

TMZ has obtained surveillance footage showing the moment Lindsay Lohan allegedly struck a pedestrian in front of a NYC hotel ... and one thing is clear -- NOTHING IS CLEAR.

The footage begins as Lindsay's black Porsche is in the street, attempting to pull in to the hotel parking garage ... which was blocked by several pedestrians.

Seemed like Lindsay was making a slow entrance ... but a man in a plaid shirt can be seen walking in front of the car ... and she MAY have made contact with him. It's hard to tell.

After the alleged collision ... the man (who claimed he was injured) can be seen SPRINTING into the parking garage in an effort to catch up to Lindsay's car.

TMZ broke the story ... Lindsay was later arrested for leaving the scene of an accident.

The alleged victim claims he was hospitalized for injuries sustained in the alleged impact ... and says Lindsay reeked of booze at the time of the incident.

For her part, Lindsay ADAMANTLY denies she did anything wrong and claims the allegations are total BS.


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An example of your typical American slime-bag. After he saw who the driver was Lindsay Lohan he thought ,Hmmm I can get money from this. Fact is, his so called injury was like a pin prick which also makes him a wimp.

762 days ago


Its plain to see that Lindsays car was at a complete stop before proceeding into the garage. The guy should have moved away instead of moving closer to the car. Lindsay clearly missed him so better luck next time Lindsay hahaha Besides if the guy was on the side of the car at the time it pulled forward how could she "hit" him? Maybe ran over his foot but that would still be his fault not hers cuz he shouldnt have been standing so close knowing the car was trying to get into the garage.

762 days ago


Police claim the video is not clear enough for them to decide yet whether or not there was any kind of accident.
So...why did police arrest her for "fleeing the scene of an accident"?

762 days ago


Even with the video showing the alleged victim is making the whole story up, the idiots here still try and blame this on her. Why am I not suprised. The guy is looking for a payday. He went to hospital for that ? Ripped up tendons ? Give me a break....

762 days ago


Car was moving about 2 miles an hour and if there was any contact it was no more than a brush.... That was about as dangerous as brushing shoulders with someone on an escalator.

762 days ago


With blackened car windows there was no way he could tell who was driving when he went after the car for hitting him. Think about it. The image is poor - you can't see how well or how badly he's moving. I'm more interested to see what is released as far as the hospital report goes.

762 days ago


DUIna is in da house!!

762 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Look at the people on the left of the screen and how they react when she drives by. The one girl holds her chest and say OMG! Lindsay didnt even stop so they move, she kept driving like they were paps

762 days ago


Lindsay is the fool for getting that close to a pedestrian in the first place...she didnt even wait for him to clear the car before inching forward.

762 days ago


You can't see if she grazed him or not, but it sure does look like the entire group is reacting to her coming through them in a somewhat startled matter. The footage is too choppy to tell how 'fast' she was going but it didn't look like she was very concerned with the people near her, I think most of us would have proceeded extremely slowly and people would have simply stepped out of the way, these people seem to be jumping and surprised by her car.

762 days ago


I don't know which death pool I should get in on -- the Lindsay Lohan death pool -- or the "Who is Lindsay Lohan going to kill?" death pool.

762 days ago

It's Nikki Bitches     

Hey MIke44090, I wanna see Lindsay slide on this one. It will fuel her to commit bigger crimes.
Lindsay Loves to think she is above the law. The more she gets off, the deeper and harder she will fall

762 days ago

Hot Farts    

Ive been hit before by a car pulling around the corner while I was in the crosswalk. Car was going fast enough where I had to jump on the hood to avoid a bad hit. I was bruised pretty good, but it did not hit my knee. I was told to go to hospital but I knew it was not needed.

The point is that the people stopped and checked to see how I was and not how their car was. I do not believe that she is not aware that she hit him. She was confronted by him and responded that he "needed to get out of the way" that is enough to ensure that she knew she hit him. Whether he was badly injured or not, information is exchanged in an accident and it is a good idea to get a police report for the protection of both sides.

The crime was not hitting him (although I would not put it past her to hit someone out of evil spite because she is evil both drunk and sober) The crime was leaving the scene. So she maybe was not aware that being that careless is a crime BUT SHE SURE AS FVCK IS AWARE OF IT NOW!

762 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

WTF You can't tell crap from this video with all the ghosts in it!

762 days ago


Come on, this guy did not even flinch...chased her down and did not even approach her. How does he know she reeked of booze when he did not even talk to her! I am not a lilo fan but this is idiocy!!!

762 days ago
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