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Paris Hilton


'Gays are Strong, Inspiring'

9/21/2012 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Paris Hilton
has issued an apology for the comments she made about gay men ... saying, "Gay people are the strongest and most inspiring people I know."

Of course, Hilton's apology is in response to a secretly recorded piece of audio released earlier this week which caught the heiress saying such gems like, "Gay guys are the horniest people in the world. Most of them probably have AIDS."

Paris had already released a statement trying to explain herself ... but now, she's issued a full-on apology -- posted on GLAAD's website, no less -- saying, "I am so sorry and so upset that I caused pain to my gay friends, fans and their families with the comments heard this morning."

"I was having this private conversation with a friend of mine who is gay and our conversation was in no way towards the entire gay community. It is the last thing that I would ever want to do and I cannot put into words how much I wish I could take back every word."

She continued, "Gay people are the strongest and most inspiring people I know ... Again, I am so sorry from the bottom of my heart and I feel absolutely horrible. I hope that everyone can accept my apology and know that it is not who I am or how I feel in any way."


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This is not the first time Paris as made slurs against groups of people. She should have been more careful in her choice of words if she meant only that dating website.

It is amazing that someone so stupid has become so rich selling perfume, accessories. Hilton is adored by young girls who don't know better.

699 days ago


HIV infections - Most (61%) of these new infections occurred in gay and bisexual men. Black/African American men and women were also strongly affected and were estimated to have an HIV incidence rate that was almost 8 times as high as the incidence rate among whites.

699 days ago

Don Martin    

Uh huh! She said that just five minutes after a giant brain fart that will have her releasing a Gay only perfume line

699 days ago

some guy    

I think Paris' comment was more an expression of disgust with the website than gay people themselves, although I find it pretty ironic considering she gets passed around more often than a coke dish.

I'm more disappointed in the way she talks. 31 years old and sounding like an immature teenybopper. Read a book or something.

699 days ago


" they make walls there"

That's why Paris should never open her mouth ever again....unless she wants to make another video.

699 days ago


what has been inside her mouth more, penis or pipes?

699 days ago


I don't know whats better, the stories or the comments!

699 days ago


The real tragedy is that now she won't dump AfroJack 4 Wayne 4 at least 3 months.

699 days ago

The Legend Rayford Faulkner    

I"m not gay it" s something hilton would talk about unprotected sex and AIDS ! when she has slept around and probably continually does and it" s been said she had unprotected sex also a straight person gets aids also , hilton MIGHT have AIDS

699 days ago


Pink car, salmon dress, white shades and glittery gold jacket....That's hot

699 days ago


She said it, now she regrets saying it, she says that's not who she is man she's lying that's exactly who she is. What she thinks cause she has money she can talk about people the way she does to make herself feel better then go ahead cause her turn will come and it won't b pretty. Karmas a bitc*

699 days ago


Drats, her medication must be wearing off and she's back to the dumb sh1t she normally is. Oh well, the med probably wasn't FDA approved anyway......

699 days ago

The Legend Rayford Faulkner    

I" m not gay it" s something hilton talks about UNPROTECTED SEX and AIDS because she has slept around a lot probably continually does and it" s been said she has had unprotected sex and straight persons get aids also and hilton might have aids

699 days ago


"Know that it is not who I am." Paris, that's what you said about your"character" on "the Simple Life."

It's time you faced it: It's you.

699 days ago


thats right PARIS bring in the clean up crew.typical hollyweird hypocrisy

699 days ago
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