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Paris Hilton

Anti-Gay Rant

You Be the Judge

9/22/2012 11:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton
says her taxi cab rant against gays isn't what it seems ... she says she loves the gays.  So we gotta ask ...


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some guy    

Only TMZ seems to care about this story. How much did Paris' comments put Harvey's panties in a bunch.

762 days ago


I think if the gay community could hear on recorded tape what Obama and Michelle say about gay people when nobody else is around....they'd be unpleasantly surprised.
Obama changed his mind four times on gay marriage, that indicates one of two things:
1) Obama is indecisive or 2) Obama is a liar and using gay people to get their votes.
Since Obama has never shown any signs of being indecisive, but has shown many signs of being deceptive and's safe to conclude that Obama will not being doing anything for gay people if he's elected.
Paris has done more for the gay community than Obama has or will.

762 days ago


I miss the good old days when I didn't even know men sexing men even existed. Get back in the closet and shut up. I am tired of al the gay crapola.

762 days ago


Where is Paris's friend in all this, why isn't he making a statement? He's the one who could clear this all up. I think the dialogue probably was taken out of context. I have a hard time believing Paris would really condemn all gay people to a gay friend.

762 days ago

Sad sad    

She's a ding dong but I think she does have a phobia about catching AIDS.

762 days ago


The problem, at least to me, because I could care less , what Hilton thinks about anything. If it was someone of importance that could bring harm , that is a different story.But I believe the taxi cab driver was the one more in the wrong. I do not like the fact that people are tape recording a "nobody" ..... why? the world is getting scary folks yet no one notices it. We tape people, we take pictures, Kevin Costner does not have a lot of money because of the acting he does, it is what he does with the money, the man is worth 57,thousand dollars in oil money, he does not want you to know about.Hollywood can say what they want but they could not afford 8 homes, funtioning, if they did not invest that actor paycheck into what they scream about, "the Republicans" way of making money. Oil, oil clean up .. (yep) everything they say they stand against. When they go to third world countries they stay in 10,000.00 a night hotel rooms? HUH?? Now if Paris would have been talking about how her Dad invested his money, although that would have been wrong to record, it would have been more interesting.

762 days ago


See, Paris apologizers: When you CONSTANTLY force yourself down the public's throat, this will happen. She deserves everything she gets because, we all know, she is famous for being a s l u t, just like her equally ditzy friend Kim Kartrashian. The only people the tabloid media can pay attention to are spoiled rich skanks with herpes? Get a clue!

762 days ago


She's only exercising her right to free speech. Leave her alone, who cares if you get offended?

762 days ago


paris is a stupid gay bashing whore

762 days ago


she is such a awful person

762 days ago


Leave it was out of context and WAY out of proportion.......NO news?

762 days ago


disgusting broke down gay bashing pig bitich

762 days ago


Oh hell, leave the girl alone, she's just a ditz who doesn't know any better, look She's never had a job, she doesn't know wtf is going on in life, she's been pampered ALL her effing life, even tho she's been to jail, she just doesn't get "IT"!

SHE'S THE EXACT DEFINITION OF A DUMB BLONDE.... You're giving her the attention she wants, I guess we're getting a break from Kimmie Kakes & that fukkk tard boyfriend of hers

762 days ago


it figures most women want to be treated bad and called stupid bitch wore

762 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Paris who? It is seriously insulting to mention this brainless moron as if anyone should give a sh1t. Irrelevant, worthless and so stupid as to be humorous. Nobody cares about this bird-nosed, wonk-eyed idiot!

762 days ago
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