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Honey Boo Boo's Dad

Sugar Bear Done

GONE HOME, Y'all!!

9/26/2012 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0926_sagar_bear_honey_boo_booHere comes Sugar Bear Mike! Honey Boo Boo's papa is finally back home tonight after 12 grueling days of hospital treatment for a nasty leg infection.

Sugar was hospitalized almost 2 weeks ago after a leg injury he suffered on his ATV took a turn for the worse ... and required emergency surgery.

Even though he's on the mend, Sugar still needed one of his buddies to carry him up the front stoop at home in McIntyre, GA. 

Mama June and the kids all came out to greet Sugar at the door.

'Sketti for everyone tonight!


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The reason this freak show is going to continue, is because freaks keep watching it.

757 days ago


Not everyone should be given a ribbon and allowed to compete....

Or be on TV

757 days ago


People can say what they want but this guy is hurt because of his wright .His daughter has cute face but sooner or later her weight will hurt her in pageants and in life.This one of those fly night shows it will last until she to old to be cute then none will care anymore .I also read other articles on this page and find most of them to be nothing but trash .

757 days ago


This one of those fly by night shows it will last until this little girl isn't cute anymore then no one will care anymore.Like it or not this guy got hurt because he is over weight.His daughter has cute face but if she doesn't loose some weight it will hurt her later in pageants and in life.When this girl is like 11 am 100 pounds over weight we just look at her and shake are heads.

757 days ago


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757 days ago


His buddy is strong

757 days ago


Want to support welfare mommies watch this show.That women having kids with four different men.It is just sick.The mom has been in jail for theft .The dads are also criminals .And we are paying them to support these people American has become truly sick

755 days ago

Chrissy Markley    

I don't see why you guys are so mean,
Sugar works hard every day to support a family where only one child is his biologically, most men wont do that. He's a good guy even if you don't like the rest of the family, why would some of you be happy if he died...

752 days ago

Liz C    

I didn't want to like this show but the family has really grown on me! crazy as their antics are at times, they do seem like a tight knit, loving bunch. More power to them! Heel real fast Sugar

749 days ago


Haters hate the show yet read the articles and make comments. Smh. Opposite of hate is love so now we know. Looks like Philly has a secret crush, y'all.

737 days ago


teen pregnancy (does she know who/where the father is?) Rampant obesity, child pagents (horrible in their own right) and a welfare mom who pimps her kids and family for money from TLC, pagents and the state. A man on disability who is caring for 4 kids, one of whom is his the other three all have different dads.

Im not perfect, BUT i can recognize how to eat so I'm not 200 lbs overweight, i can string together a sentence in relatively proper english even though it is my second language and somehow these filthy people are supposed to be entertaining. I feel bad for the kids because people are laughing at them, not with them, hopefully the money makes up for difficulties later in life.

737 days ago


I never watched the show that his is a spin off of, but I saw clips on line of the smallest child speaking and I would be so embarrassed if my child was as classless and could not string together a proper sentence to save her life. Couple that with the embarrassing obesity problem and rudeness, if this was my family i would never embarrass them with a tv show.

737 days ago
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