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Johnny Lewis

Drugs Triggered

Psychotic Break

9/28/2012 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0927-johnny-lewis-2Johnny Lewis was a good guy whose life changed forever earlier this year -- after a very bad experience with drugs ... sources close to Lewis' family tell TMZ.

We're told the "Sons of Anarchy" star was "mentally healthy" -- until an episode early this year, when he dabbled with an undisclosed drug. Our sources say the incident triggered a "psychotic break" and he never recovered from it.

Family sources tell us ... after the episode Johnny changed dramatically -- he became mentally unstable and began to "self-medicate" to deal with the problem.

The family says doctors told them Johnny's condition was classified as "co-occurring disorders."  Translation -- by abusing drugs to treat the mental condition, Johnny was simultaneously troubled on 2 fronts.

As for the nature of the mental disorder -- family sources say they were never able to get Johnny stable enough to get a clear diagnosis.

As for the landlady's murder -- they do not believe it was triggered by a drug-fueled rage. We're told doctors had given Johnny medicine to stabilize his condition and when he was taking it he seemed fine, but when he got out of jail 6 days before the murder, they believe he stopped taking his meds and became extremely unstable and violent.


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I Was About To Say    


755 days ago


No excuse for murder of the lady & her cat!

755 days ago

I Was About To Say    

No one cares about this murderer. The world is better without his kind.

755 days ago

I Was About To Say    

What he did is Gods fault, God is all knowing and he KNEW this jerk would kill if he created him, he created him anyway. Blame the all knowing almighty for people like this.

755 days ago


Whatever, NO EXCUSES, he will be remebered as a MONSTER and his family and the LA probation dept should ne held responsible!!!!!!

755 days ago


Scientology and drugs turned this kid into a monster.
@POOKIE agree. His parents must be so proud.(ARSEHOLES). Deepest condolences to the family of that sweet lady and her cat. Horrible horrible situation.

755 days ago


Come on TMZ ... get it in gear and find out what this "undisclosed drug" is that Johnny was dabbling in earlier this year.

It's obviously a very dangerous drug that fried his brain and turned him into a "rabid dog" going around acting insane and being violent. If it is that designer drug called "smiles" then the LAPD and the DEA needs to get it in gear and track down the evil chemists who are making these super destructive drugs and throw them in jail ... for life preferably.

755 days ago


I wouldn't trust anything coming from his family. His father is a high-level member of Scientology.

755 days ago


Where was Scientology and they're B@ll S@it Narcanon program when a cult member was truly in need? At least if he would have been enrolled in a Scientology "Narconon" program, Scientology would have been doing the murdering as opposed to an innocent old woman being murdered. Looks like it is just a cult after all! After all if it does what it promises i.e. enhanced communication with others than why did Tom cruise go through 3 divorces?

755 days ago


He was sick and on drugs-I feel sorry for him! I am sure it was not intentional. I know a guy who tried acid unknowingly and it messed him up for years... he was never the same!

755 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

I call bull_shlt on this one. I highly doubt that a perfectly mentally balanced person can become suddenly insane for any reason. That's like saying someone suddenly turns gay. It ain't gonna happen.

755 days ago

Loretta Love it makes sense

755 days ago


Bullhonkey. The family is high level scientoloholes right? So -of course- drugs gave him some kind of psychotic break. Who's saying he was on medication, the family? Doesn't their religion disagree with these types of medication? Not to mention diagnoses pertaining to mental health that aren't their own.

This isn't really co-occuring disorders. Look, chances are he was mentally unhealthy so he abused drugs, which made him more mentally unstable et al.

Although, yeah, if he WAS on prescribed medication and stopped taking it abruptly he could've got worse and tried to self medicate with other things.

Either way, do his scientolohole parents not practice what they preach? Or did they not get him the help he needed cos they're idiot scientoloholes.

755 days ago


Bull****! Anyone who could pull an animal apart with the hands has evil in them to the core.

755 days ago


Also, no mentally healthy person joins a cult. Ever.

755 days ago
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