Opie In 'Sons Of Anarchy' 'Memba Him?!

American actor Ryan Hurst was 32 years old when he first started playing the role of Opie Winston -- the biker best friend and long-time SAMCRO member who married Lyla the porn star -- in the menacing 2000s motorcycle gang TV show "Sons Of Anarchy."

Hurst shared the big screen with Charlie Hunnam as the stubborn and brave SOA member who fearlessly navigates the gang's dealings and family life, Jax Teller, Katey Sagal as the tough unofficial SAMCRO member and matriarch, Gemma Teller and Kim Coates as the wild-eyed aggressive mechanic and womanizer, Tig Trager ... and, of course, Ron Pearlman as the pack's president and heavy-fisted honcho, Clay Morrow.

Guess what he looks like now!

Katey Sagal Rolling on Crutches ... After Getting Hit by Car

Katey Sagal is still on the mend after she was hit by a car -- and these first pics of her since the accident make it seem like it's gonna be a while before she's on her 2 feet without assistance.

The "Sons of Anarchy" star was spotted Tuesday in L.A. going to and from her car with the help of a pair of crutches. It looks like she was entering a healthcare facility. We're told she appeared to be there for a doctor's appointment.

It's encouraging to see Katey is well enough to walk around ... and there's no sign of a cast or walking boot either.

TMZ broke the story ... cops say Katey got clipped by a Tesla about a month ago while crossing the street, this as the driver was making a left turn.

The person got out of the vehicle to attend to her, and she was ultimately taken away by ambulance. The police did not cite or arrest the driver at the time -- as it would appear it was nothing but an accident.

We were told they were investigating the matter further, but since then no charges have been filed.

In any case, it's great she's scooting around best she can. Get better, Katey!

'Sons of Anarchy' Star Wife Says TV Career Beat Him Up ... 'He Was Tired, In a Lot of Pain' Last Year of His Life

"Sons of Anarchy" star William Lucking's years as a Hollywood tough guy and stuntman took a toll on the actor's body, and his wife says those injuries made his final years very painful.

Lucking, who played Piney Winston on the popular show, died October 18 at his home in Vegas surrounded by family. His wife, Sigrid, tells us Lucking had a myriad of injuries over his career -- which started in the '70s -- including one motorcycle accident where he fell 80 feet off a bridge during filming for "Harold and Maude" ... landing him in a body cast for weeks.

Not only that, Lucking fell off a lot of horses and broke a lot of other bones throughout the many action roles he took up ... 2 knee replacements, back surgery, shoulder surgery and more.

Sigrid tells us Lucking spent the last year of his life in a wheelchair, was having breathing problems and his heart was failing ... "He just gave up. He was tired and in a lot of pain."

Lucking's 'SOA' character in some ways reflected his real-life, Piney Winston -- who was the most senior member of the bike club -- slowed down physically and was on oxygen as the series progressed.

Lucking was 80 when he died ... he leaves behind Sigrid, two daughters, grandkids and a sister.


'Sons of Anarchy' William Lucking Dead at 80

William Lucking, who starred as one of the staple characters in "Sons of Anarchy" has died at the age of 80.

Lucking, who played biker Piney Winston on the show died last month at home in Las Vegas. An obituary for the actor, written by his wife of 25 years, Sigrid, called Lucking a "giant of a man with the soul of a poet."

It's currently unclear how Lucking died, but "SoA" fans will remember his character, Piney, as the biker club's oldest member and most senior adviser. Piney carried an oxygen tank on the show, and had seemingly slowed down a bit as the series started.

Lucking's career started back in the late '60s, spanning both TV and film ... with roles alongside Faye Dunaway in "Oklahoma Crude" to the original Colonel in NBC's The A-Team in the 1980's.

Lucking leaves behind his wife, two daughters, grandkids and a sister.

His obituary requests fans "toast to his memory and celebrate his legacy."


Katey Sagal Hit by Car in L.A. ... Taken to Hospital


10:07 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the accident happened at 11:40 AM. We're told she was at a crosswalk when a Tesla making a left turn apparently didn't see her and tagged her.


Our sources say cops issued no citations and no arrests were made. There were also no drugs or alcohol involved. The incident remains under investigation.

Katey Sagal got hit by a car while crossing the street and was taken to the hospital, but thankfully ... she's going to be okay.

The "Sons of Anarchy" and 'Conners' star was struck by a car as she was crossing the street as a pedestrian Thursday in L.A. ... a source close to the actress tells TMZ.

We're told the driver of the car did stop to help Katey, and she was transported by ambulance to a local hospital and treated for her injuries. Our source says they're not serious though, and she's expected to be released sometime Friday.

It's currently unclear if the driver has been cited for the accident.

Along with her award-winning performance as Gemma Teller on 'Sons' ... Katey also sang several songs featured on the show. Here's one to enjoy, as we say get well soon!!!

Originally Published -- 9:18 AM PT

'Mayans' & 'SoA' Creator I Got Fired Because ... I'm an 'Abrasive Dick'

Kurt Sutter -- the showrunner and co-creator of "Mayans M.C." and "Sons of Anarchy" -- is out at FX, and he says it's all because word around the studio is he's an "abrasive dick." His words.

Kurt wrote a letter to his 'Mayans' cast explaining why he'd been axed and said, "At least being fired for being an abrasive dick is on brand." Kurt added he got canned because of a bunch of complaints against him.

After ripping FX and Disney in the letter, first posted by The Hollywood Reporter, Kurt apologized for making folks on the show feel unsupported, saying his "arrogance and chronic distraction has created wreckage."

'Mayans' is currently airing its second season ... and Kurt says he's sure the show is in good hands moving forward. However, a decision on a potential third season has reportedly not been finalized.

It's kinda funny, Kurt says his firing is a win-win -- for the people who wanted him gone, and for those who didn't.

We reached out to Kurt and the networks ... no word back so far.

'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Paul John Vasquez Dead at 48

Paul John Vasquez -- who played a bunch of minor roles in huge TV shows, including "Sons of Anarchy," "NYPD Blue" and "CSI: NY" -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Vasquez tell TMZ ... Vasquez died Monday night from an apparent heart attack at his father's home in San Jose. We're told his dad found him unconscious and paramedics were called but they were unable to revive him. The cause of death is still under investigation.

Vasquez is the second actor from the popular TV show to have died in the last few months. We broke the story ... Alan O'Neill was found dead by his girlfriend back in June but no foul play was suspected.

Vasquez appeared in 2 episodes of 'SoA' back in 2011. According to his IMDB profile, Vasquez wrote the short film "Thug Alley" which was in pre-production. He was 48.

'Sons of Anarchy' Alan O'Neill's Cause of Death ... Drunken Fall at Home

Alan O'Neill died from drinking too much and from the injuries he suffered in a nasty fall.

The L.A. County Coroner's Office confirms the "Sons of Anarchy" actor died of chronic alcohol overconsumption. According to the Coroner's report ... other significant factors in his death include blunt force head trauma and heart disease.

The Coroner's Office tells TMZ ... O'Neill had fallen at home while drunk. The death has been ruled an accident.

We broke the story ... O'Neill's girlfriend found his body when she went to his home on June 6.

The Irish-born actor had been working steadily in Hollywood since the '90s. Most notably, he played Hugh on seasons 6 and 7 of "Sons of Anarchy," ... as well as Keith McGrath in "Fair City."

His cause of death was first reported by People.

Alan was 47.

'Sons of Anarchy' Star Theo Rossi Juice Lives Well in Real Life ... And Now You Can Too!

The guy who tried selling out the SAMCRO biker gang in "Sons of Anarchy" is now trying to sell something else not quite as nefarious ... his real-life home!

Actor Theo Rossi -- who played Juice Ortiz in 'SoA' for all seven seasons -- has listed his Staten Island mansion for a modest price, if you're loaded ... about $1.75 million.

He put the 4 bed, 4 bath home on the market at the beginning of April this year, after having lived there since 2013. It's a handsome house with an indoor gym, multiple fireplaces and a sweet deck all sprawling across a 9,015 sq. foot plot of land.

Sources tell us Theo grew up on Staten Island, but is now moving off the island ... hence the sale.

Theo's real estate broker is Laird Klein -- the same guy who helped "Mob Wives" star Big Ang unload her own Staten Island pad a couple years back.

Charlie Hunnam I'm Dead to Me But Maybe I'll Live On In The Spinoff!


"Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam is pretty sure his character is dead, but he's not ruling out a cameo in the new spinoff.

We got the former biker hunk in Runyon Canyon Wednesday where he told us ... as far as he knows ... Jax Teller went face first into an oncoming semi and he ain't coming back. But if producers want to somehow use him in their new show about a rival gang ... he'll hear 'em out.

As far as his noticeable absence from social media ... Charlie tells us he dodges it for a very specific reason.


'Sons of Anarchy' Stars Reunion Promoter Stiffed Us But We Stayed for Fans


A bunch of "Sons of Anarchy" stars say they got burned by a promoter who made off with a ton of money from people who paid to see a cast reunion -- but they rallied for their fans.

We got Rusty Coones -- Rane Quinn on 'SOA' -- returning to LAX from the disastrous event in Houston. He says the cast, including Charlie Hunnam, got duped by one of the promoters. He and co-star Kristen Renton broke it down -- saying the guy stiffed 'em with bogus paychecks.

The bigger problem -- the throngs of fans who came from around the world, forking over a total of $800k according to Rusty. Check out how they handled the messy situation.

TMZ spoke to Dave Altman, who says he worked closely with Hunnam to set up the event -- and he says the cast eventually got some dough, but nowhere close to what they were promised.

'SOA' stars have ripped George Comits ... the alleged shady promoter, who says it was all a misunderstanding between reps. So far, no one's taking legal action.

Ex 'SoA' Star's Dad My Dead Son's Company Is Ripping Me Off

Former "Sons of Anarchy" star Johnny Lewis -- who's been dead for more than 2 years -- just got sued by his own father for a huge chunk of cash the actor failed to pay back before his death.

If you recall, Johnny fell to his death off the roof of his Los Angeles landlady's home in September 2012 ... after he killed her and dismembered her cat.

According to the legal docs obtained by TMZ … 2 weeks before Johnny died, Michael Lewis loaned more than $60,000 to his son's company to cover legal costs, Screen Actors Guild dues, insurance, and moving expenses.

Michael says so far, he's only gotten back $23K from his son's estate -- so he's suing Johnny's estate to get back the unpaid cash.

A debt is a debt.

'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Rushed To Hospital Bum Appendix

The genius behind "Sons of Anarchy" was rushed off set and into an L.A. hospital where he lost some weight -- in the form of an appendix -- and then Instagrammed the gruesome photos.

TMZ has confirmed ... Kurt Sutter went under the knife Monday morning after experiencing serious pain on the set of the hit FX show.

We're told Sutter is resting comfortably. It doesn't appear it will impact shooting.

'Sons of Anarchy' Star Chuck Zito If War Machine's GF Cheated She Deserved Beating

Chuck Zito says he would beat the crap out of his girlfriend if he ever caught her cheating.

The "Sons of Anarchy" actor was leaving Coogies restaurant in Malibu when our photog asked about War Machine's brutal assault on his GF, porn star Christy Mack. His reaction was loud and clear ... if she cheated, she deserved everything she got.

You gotta see his gestures as he describes the plan of action.

Apparently cops disagree ... War Machine is now in custody and faces 7 criminal charges in connection with the beating.

Charlie Hunnam Internet Death Hoax Was Lame My Friends Were Scared

"Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam isn't happy with the people who fake killed him on the internet this month ... telling us it was really bad form.

Hunnam says the internet death hoax claiming he died in a car crash freaked out some of his friends.

Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler and others are victims of these hoaxes every week ... involving unbelievable scenarios ... so our photog asked Charlie to come up with the most fantastic way to die.

His answer's pretty clever.

'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Motorcycle Booth Raided By Cops

One of the SAMCRO bikers on "Sons of Anarchy" had a close encounter with cops and a rival gang Friday in Nevada ... when police feared the actor might pull a Jax and start beating ass.

Rusty Coones -- a known Hells Angel member -- was running his clothing company booth at the famous Laughlin River Run biker rally ... when a ton of officers descended and shut him down.

Cops also closed the booths on either side -- run by a member of rival gang Vagos Motorcycle Club -- police feared violence between the 2 groups.

Vago member's lawyer Stephen Stubbs says the irony is ... both sides were getting along just fine ... and the shut down only caused the two companies to lose money.

Time to start smuggling guns again ("Sons of Anarchy" joke.)

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