Johnny Lewis Baby Mama Claims Johnny's Dad is Screwing Baby Over

Johnny Lewis -- who died in a murderous rampage in 2012 -- left behind a young daughter who's being cheated out of tens of thousands of dollars by Lewis' father ... so says the baby mama who's battling the family in court.

Lewis -- who starred in "Sons of Anarchy" -- died in Sept. 2012 after killing his 81-year old landlady, dismembering her cat and then falling to his death from the roof of her home.

Diane Marshall-Green filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- seeking to remove Johnny's dad, Michael, as administrator of the Estate. She claims Michael refuses to recognize 3-year old Culla Mae as Johnny's sole heir ... even though Johnny signed a declaration of paternity.

Court docs show Lewis was worth about $41K when he died.

Marshall-Green claims Michael is denying Culla her rightful inheritance ... and has refused to fork over $37K Johnny owed in back child support.

Sources close to Marshall-Green tell us ... if Culla Mae gets the money ... it will go into a trust account.

Charlie Hunnam Blind Faith In His 'Fifty Shades' Replacement

"Sons of Anarchy" star Charlie Hunnam harbors no grudges ... giving nothing but props to fellow actor Jamie Dornan -- who will be replacing him in "Fifty Shades of Grey."

But here's the deal ... Charlie hasn't seen a frame of Jamie's work. So how does he know Jamie will kill it? It's all about the person doin' the pickin.'

It's been said Charlie dropped out of the flick because of scheduling issues, but there's a buzz he thinks it would have been a wonky career move.

New Grey vs. Old Grey WHO'D YOU RATHER?

Here's 31-year-old model/actor Jamie Dornan who was picked up to play Christian Grey in the erotic book-turned-movie "Fifty Shades of Grey" (left) -- and 33-year-old "Sons of Anarchy" badass Charlie Hunnam who made waves after he dropped the same role earlier this month (right).

The question is...

'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Allegedly Bails on $56 Bar Tab

Hollywood ain't as glamorous as it's cracked up to be -- at least for low-level actors -- just take this guy from "Sons of Anarchy" and a bunch of other shows ... who allegedly couldn't pay a $56 bar tab.

Sources tell us, 43-year-old Paul Vasquez got drunk at a dive bar in San Jose last night, and tried to bail on the bill. Cops were called to the scene, where Paul was detained, and we're told his dad had to come pay for him.

Paul was eventually released, but there's a lesson here ...

Paul has had small roles on two episodes of "Sons of Anarchy." He's appeared on "Justified," "CSI:NY," "Kingshighway," "How I Met Your Mother," "ER," and much more ... going all the way back to his first acting gig in 1987.

The pay scale for the Screen Actors' Guild is nothing to thumb your nose at either -- someone like Vasquez could stand to earn anywhere from several hundreds of dollars per day to several thousand -- but clearly, steady work is hard to come by.

So what's the lesson? Think twice before you move to Hollywood, kids. Not everyone's Tom Cruise.

Calls to Paul's rep weren't returned.

Charlie Hunnam Bails on 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie

Sorry ladies ... Charlie Hunnam has just dropped out of the big screen adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey" -- and it's all because of his role on "Sons of Anarchy."

According to reports ... the decision was made because Hunnam wasn't able to "adequately prepare" for the role due to his "immersive" TV schedule.

Makes sense, since filming was supposed to begin on the movie later this month -- but just days ago Hunnam was talking up how seriously he had been taking the role ... so it's pretty surprising.

Ian Somerhalder, your move.

'Sons of Anarchy' Johnny Lewis Birth Certificate Reveals ... HE'S THE DADDY

TMZ has obtained an EXPLOSIVE document in the mystery behind Johnny Lewis' alleged love child -- the birth certificate which shows the "Sons of Anarchy" star was listed as the kid's dad.

We broke the story ... Johnny -- who died following a murderous rampage back in 2012 -- believed he fathered a baby girl in 2010 with Diane Gaeta ... an actress who once appeared on "Sons."

But after he died, Johnny's father filed court documents DISPUTING Johnny's belief -- claiming Johnny had NO offspring and therefore his entire estate should be divided amongst his parents.

Now, TMZ has unearthed the birth certificate, which was filed in California -- and it lists Johnny as the father. The document was also signed by Diane.

The document could play a HUGE role in the division of Johnny's estate -- because, if the judge finds that Johnny is, in fact, the little girl's father ... his entire estate would go to her.

Stay tuned ...

'Sons of Anarchy' Star May Have Fathered Love Child with 'SOA' Actress Before Murderous Rampage

"Sons of Anarchy" actor Johnny Lewis believed he may have knocked up an actress who appeared on the show a few years before going on a murderous rampage in 2012 ... this according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

Lewis died last September ... after snapping at the Los Feliz home where he had been living -- killing 81-year-old Catherine Davis and dismembering her cat, before falling off the roof of the home and plummeting to his death.

Now, Lewis' family has filed court docs in L.A. County Superior Court in an effort to divide the actor's estate -- which is valued at $41,000 ... kinda low for someone who played a major character on the show for a full 2 seasons.

According to the docs, 28-year-old Lewis did not have a will at the time of his death -- and Johnny's father believes he and his wife should be the sole beneficiaries of the estate.

However, under a section of the court docs which lists possible beneficiaries ... Lewis' father lists Diane Marshall-Green ... an actress who appeared on an episode of "Sons."

Lewis also lists Diane's 3-year-old daughter.

And why? According to Lewis' attorney ... before Johnny died, he believed he may have been the father of Diane's kid ... and even went so far as to seek visitation rights.

But for some reason ... we're told Johnny's dad believes his kid was wrong and he was NOT the father of Diane's daughter.

If the kid turns out to be Johnny's, the child would be entitled to the entirety of Johnny's estate.

We reached out to Diane for comment -- so far, no word back.

'Fifty Shades of Grey' 'Sons' Star Charlie Hunnam Ready for Some S&M

After months of middle-aged women speculating and debating who should bring "Fifty Shades of Grey" and its hard core sex scenes to life, we finally have the answer: Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson.

Author E.L. James tweeted the news Monday -- the bondage/sex freak role of Christian Grey went to 33-year-old Hunnam -- best known for his role on "Sons of Anarchy".

23-year-old Dakota -- daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson -- will play Anastasia Steele, the college girl turned willing sex slave in the novel. Best known from Fox's cancelled comedy "Ben & Kate."

Ian Somerhalder, Colin Egglesfield, and Matt Bomer were at one time rumored frontrunners. Sorry guys.

Little advice for Charlie and Dakota: start stretching. Maybe invest in some ice packs.

'Sons of Anarchy' Villain Wife Files for Divorce

"Sons of Anarchy" villain Adam Arkin's wife has slammed the brakes on their marriage after nearly 15 years, TMZ has learned.

Phyllis Lyons filed the divorce docs in L.A. County Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences.

It was a very recent split -- the couple was married in 1998 and just separated on Monday. They have one 8-year-old son.

The property settlement is still up in the air, but Phyllis wants to block the court from awarding Adam spousal support. Adam's rep had no comment.

Fun fact: Adam is the son of Oscar-winning actor Alan Arkin from "Argo" and "Little Miss Sunshine."

'Sons of Anarchy' Star Drops $1.7 Million ... On Mansion To Die For

Opie from "Sons of Anarchy" suffered one of the most tragic deaths on TV ... but the actor who played him is living the high life ... dropping $1.7 million on a sick new pad in the Valley.

Our Valley real-estate sources tell us ... Ryan Hurst bought a 3,400-square-foot Woodland Hills home in April. With 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, wood floors, vaulted ceilings, built-in BBQ, and a pool.

His TV counterpart didn't fare so well ... Opie was killed off in season 5, during one of the most intense moments of television history ... when he got beaten to death with a lead pipe.

So congrats to Ryan. RIP Opie.

'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Wife Hits Brakes on 12-Year Marriage

First he was shot dead on "Sons of Anarchy," but now the guy who played Sheriff Vic Trammel on the show is facing the death of his real-life marriage ... TMZ has learned.

Glenn Plummer -- who you also might remember as Bobby Johnson in the kick-ass gangsta classic "South Central" -- has been hit with divorce papers by his wife of 12 years DeMonica Santiago-Plummer.

According to the docs, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, DeMonica is seeking full legal and physical custody of the couple's two children.

FYI -- DeMonica's kinda famous in her own right -- she was a member of Motown R&B group The Good Girls in the late 80s.

Ex "Sons of Anarchy" Star NOT on Drugs During Landlady Murder

Former "Sons of Anarchy" actor Johnny Lewis did not have drugs -- of any kind -- in his system when he killed his landlady and then fell off a roof to his death ... this according to the autopsy report.

Lewis' autopsy results were released Thursday, and revealed he was clean of alcohol and drugs during the bizarre incident back in September.

As TMZ previously reported, Lewis had been released from jail just 6 days before the killings of 81-year-old Catherine Davis, and her cat, in L.A.'s Los Feliz neighborhood. His rap sheet included a string of drug-related crimes.

One strange note from the autopsy report -- Lewis' body had nail marks on both sides of his neck, and he appeared to have suffered partial strangulation.

Lewis was the lone suspect in Davis' death.

Johnny Lewis Drugs Triggered Psychotic Break

Johnny Lewis was a good guy whose life changed forever earlier this year -- after a very bad experience with drugs ... sources close to Lewis' family tell TMZ.

We're told the "Sons of Anarchy" star was "mentally healthy" -- until an episode early this year, when he dabbled with an undisclosed drug. Our sources say the incident triggered a "psychotic break" and he never recovered from it.

Family sources tell us ... after the episode Johnny changed dramatically -- he became mentally unstable and began to "self-medicate" to deal with the problem.

The family says doctors told them Johnny's condition was classified as "co-occurring disorders." Translation -- by abusing drugs to treat the mental condition, Johnny was simultaneously troubled on 2 fronts.

As for the nature of the mental disorder -- family sources say they were never able to get Johnny stable enough to get a clear diagnosis.

As for the landlady's murder -- they do not believe it was triggered by a drug-fueled rage. We're told doctors had given Johnny medicine to stabilize his condition and when he was taking it he seemed fine, but when he got out of jail 6 days before the murder, they believe he stopped taking his meds and became extremely unstable and violent.

'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Johnny Lewis was a 'Really Good Guy'

"Sons of Anarchy" actor Kenny Johnson says his fellow "SoA" alum Johnny Lewis was "a really good guy" ... telling TMZ he was completely shocked by the news of his death.

Johnson -- who appeared on "SoA" after Lewis' character was killed off -- was at The Grove in L.A. yesterday and told us he felt differently about the situation than "Sons" creator Kurt Sutter, who said Lewis had been on a "destructive path" for a while.

"It's sad man ... I'm sad, I'm bummed, I've been in shock all day," Johnson told us ... adding, "He's a really good guy."

Johnny Lewis DEEP Scientology Ties

Johnny Lewis -- the "Sons of Anarchy" star who murdered his landlady, dismembered her cat and then fell to his death in what appears to be a drug-fueled rage -- had deep ties to Scientology and its drug abuse program ... TMZ has learned.

We've learned Johnny's father, Michael Lewis, has reached one of the highest levels in the Church of Scientology. In fact, in the 80s Michael co-wrote a movie with L. Ron Hubbard about L.Ron's "discovery" of Dianetics.

Johnny was also active in the Church, especially the drug abuse program -- Narconon. In 2004, Johnny is seen (above) speaking at a substance abuse prevention event in the O.C. on behalf of Narconon. The reason Johnny spoke was because he was in a new show, "Quintuplets," and Scientology posted on its website that Johnny's mother used the principles of Narconon to keep him off drugs, and it worked.

Ironically, it didn't work because -- as we reported -- Johnny was in rehab this year (not Narconon) and eyewitnesses say he was clearly on drugs at the time of the murder.

Interestingly ... after we contacted Scientology about this story, they removed the photo of Johnny from all of their websites as well as the story about his appearance at the O.C. drug abuse event.

A Scientology source tells TMZ ... Lewis was not active in the Church for several years.

Johnny Lewis Murder Death Home was Crash Pad for HUGE Stars

"Sons of Anarchy" star Johnny Lewis didn't just murder a landlord when he beat 81-year-old Catherine Davis to death ... he killed a Hollywood legend who rented out her home to some of the biggest stars in show biz ... TMZ has learned.

The home -- located in Los Feliz, CA -- is known as the "Writer's Villa" ... and before it became a crime scene, it was touted as a giant Bed and Breakfast-style property composed of 5 suites and a guesthouse which rented out for $1,650 to $3,000 per month.

Because of its prime location right near the famous Hollywood sign, the home was a favorite for celebrities of all sorts ... including:

-- Thomas Jane ("Hung," The Punisher")
-- Chris Parnell ("SNL," "30 Rock)
-- Parker Posey (all sorts of indie flicks)
-- Paula Poundstone (comedian)
-- Matt Bomer ("Chuck," "White Collar")

TMZ broke the story, Lewis killed Davis and himself at the Writer's Villa early Wednesday morning. Cops also believe Davis beat and dismembered Catherine's cat, Jessie.

It's unclear who will take control of the home.

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