'Sons of Anarchy' Stars Reunion Promoter Stiffed Us But We Stayed for Fans

6/1/2016 9:58 AM PDT

'Sons of Anarchy' Stars: Reunion Promoter Stiffed Us ... But We Stayed for the Fans


A bunch of "Sons of Anarchy" stars say they got burned by a promoter who made off with a ton of money from people who paid to see a cast reunion -- but they rallied for their fans.

We got Rusty Coones -- Rane Quinn on 'SOA' -- returning to LAX from the disastrous event in Houston. He says the cast, including Charlie Hunnam, got duped by one of the promoters. He and co-star Kristen Renton broke it down -- saying the guy stiffed 'em with bogus paychecks.

The bigger problem -- the throngs of fans who came from around the world, forking over a total of $800k according to Rusty. Check out how they handled the messy situation.

TMZ spoke to Dave Altman, who says he worked closely with Hunnam to set up the event -- and he says the cast eventually got some dough, but nowhere close to what they were promised.

'SOA' stars have ripped George Comits ... the alleged shady promoter, who says it was all a misunderstanding between reps. So far, no one's taking legal action.