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Arnold Schwarzenegger

You Be The Judge

10/1/2012 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0928-arnold-schwarzenegger-9pole-tmzArnold Schwarzenegger's book comes out Monday, chronicling his pretty remarkable life ... the good, the bad and the maid. So we gotta ask ...


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If they are legally separated at the time he struck the book deal (and subsequently got paid), Maria gets nothing. Everything else before that gets split 50-50...unless there was a prenup.

She should just relax. She's far from penniless and she ends up with a better image than him. There are some things that money can't buy - piece of mind is one and self respect is another.

757 days ago


Arnold one day some guy will do the exact same thing to your daughters and the only one to blame will be you, Your son will be a womanizer and you will be supporting his kids. and maybe he will think that he is so above the law because of his father that he will do what he wants to woman. You are a fantastic roll model for your kids. Just think what kind of criminal your illeginamate child will be.

757 days ago


Why should Maria get any royalties, she is ultra-rich already. Arnies a great guy, not just a good guy. The book? 50/50 true and false. Arnolds love child, what can I say, I have one too and life is a bitch. Maid scandal, forgotten in 5 years, totally. Arnolds big legacy, super movie star, former governor, no one will remember the womanizing. Neither will miss each other within 3 years.

757 days ago

Dr.Conrad Murray    

Michael confessed to me,he did molest those little boys.

Buy my book,you won't be disappointed.

Dr.Robert Conrad Murray.
{Future Best Selling Author}

757 days ago


Arnold or any other "celebrity" who writes gallantly about this kind of crap is a POS period. He had NO regard for his kids or family who now live under his rotten now printed legacy. As much as I dig $$$, it can't buy everything and respect from your family is an example.

756 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

The Good, the bad and the maid who couldn't keep her mouth shut.
Phishie from Philly

756 days ago


Arnold's biggest legacy was as the ultimate bodybuilder. Is TMZ confused

756 days ago


Who cares? They are both wealthy in their own right. If you do not want the book don't buy it. It is not as if she woke up one morning and was stunned to find he was a womanizer. Maria is a Kennedy this should be a walk in the park for her at least there was not a bridge or a car involved and no one died or hung themselves.

756 days ago


The maid is one of many Arnold slept with while married to Maria. How ridiculous the focus is all on the maid.

756 days ago


I have never been a fan of AHHnold. He's a ****ty actor and he still can't speak without that annoying accent. He was govenor of Californis and can't even say the word right.

756 days ago


She lived with him for years and knows him cover to cover. Why would she want read his book? The final chapter to this marriage was he had an ongoing affair with the maid and spawned a child. He's an egotistical womanizer. Enough said!

756 days ago


Arnold coverage all over the media has already reminded people of Arnold...Arnold Google searches have been through the roof, Youtube hits of Arnold videos quadrupled...and his DVD and merchandise sales have increased tremendously over the last few days ;D
Can't blame them, spurred me on too...couple brothers and nephews are coming over this week to hang out and watch Arnold movies :D

756 days ago


Arnold will be known as a movie star, and as one of the, if not the greatest bodybuilder of all time. These TMZ polls just show the idiocy of its followers.

756 days ago


Here's my vote: TMZ, move on and find something new to gossip about, 'cause this story you keep trying to create is a non-story. Arnold wrote a book. We get it. Why don't you?? Things must be really slow in Hollywood that this is the best you can keep recycling. Did TMZ have to cut back on paparazzi expenses or something? No pics, just comments from "sources". Prettty lame stuff.

756 days ago


It's always amazing to me how many men are big successes in most areas of their lives, and then are brought down by their own penises

756 days ago
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