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Real 'Children's Hospital'

We're NOT Affiliated

with Bloody Clowns

9/30/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

0928-childrens-hospital-billboard"Children's Hospital" is a hilarious comedy about a crazy clown doctor who sometimes kills his patients.

Children's Hospital is also a REAL HOSPITAL in L.A. ... that tries really hard NOT to kill its patients.

But there was some legitimate confusion between the two ... thanks to a recent billboard featuring one of the actors wearing blood-soaked scrubs and a creepy smile.

Turns out, ads for the TV show sprung up all over L.A. in the past couple of weeks, featuring the clown doctor and other characters in undoctorly situations (like flipping the bird).

But the real lifesaving facility also happens to be in the middle of a "branding campaign" ... and received complaints from people who were mistaking the TV ads for the REAL Children's Hospital L.A. (CHLA).

In fact, TMZ has learned ... the honchos at Children's Hospital L.A. fired off an internal memo assuring staff that clown doctors wearing bloody scrubs are NOT a part of the hospital's new image.

In the memo, a rep for the hospital writes, "It has been brought to our attention that there is some confusion surrounding a series of area billboards and bus stop advertisements promoting the adult television show Childrens Hospital."

"Please be advised that the advertisements are in no way associated with CHLA."

So in conclusion, clown doctors aren't real ... don't let them operate on your kids.



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Children hospital comedy show that has clown with bloody smile,person name cat and another person collecting butterflies.

Another TV show promoting secretly Monarch Programming (Google it if you dont know what it is).

Satanist are not even hiding anymore their sick manipulation of children and adults thru mind control programs.

750 days ago


The REAL Childrens Hospitals are wonderful. Providing care for sick children, using professionals.

I find the premise of this show rather revolting. A clown doctor!? Who sometimes "kills" his patients? Really? I would think anyone with children (particularly anyone whose children have been treated at CH's), anyone with even a smidgeon of compassion and sympathy, never mind Nurses (which I am) and others in the Healthcare profesion, would find this show anything but "entertainment". Again, the premise of the show is just disgusting!
Amazing the crap that Hollywood puts out now.

750 days ago


LMAO that guys awesome i like NTSF:SD:SUV better though lol

750 days ago


How stupid does someone have to be to think these are ads for a real hospital? I've never seen the show, but still understood what they're about.

750 days ago


How are they stupid for confusing the sign? Some people don't watch television and maybe have never heard of the show.

750 days ago


Why so serious?

750 days ago


ADULT SWIM and FOX have worked togather for years&years so your netwookies are behind this one also again.FAMILY GUY was first aired on ADULT SWIM.aired after 11PM for adults by openly geared to kids seems be a marketing devise and not a freedom of the arts sales,Adults well do have the rights of adult rated arts while kids don`t.But than again adult swim is mucho shockies with thier bomb scare marketings and MAMBO gallego art/warfares.Crotchy The clown my first adult cable TV show on cable 14 public access was light years ahead of family guy or south park or even adult swim BUT he wasn`t geared to kids and was rated NC17 all on my own.I don`t market to teens or kids and they should`nt be either,that isn`t freedom of the arts as if you can air you have freedom protected by the people and for the people,this programming isn`t by the people or for the people it is for the profits lifted from myself in the name of freedom and shadow marketing effects in place stealing from the people since I`ven been in the arts since 1964 same old mother FOX jeano peters clannism`ss.I LOVE the freedom of the ARTs in america I just don`t like adult swim OR FOX marketing adult NC17 on kids!.

750 days ago


CROTCHY THE CLOWN was about freedoms of the arts and he went to jail for his art.Adult SWIM isn`t about freedom of the arts it`s about pushing adult on kids for marketing and shadowing stealing and covering the real artistes while kicking dirt on thier graves for netwookies.There was NO ADULT comedy freedom in american until crotchy the clown fought five years and went to jail for his protected NC-17 after midnight cable show.Now FOX ake adult swim has shadowed his adult arts and marketed it illegally on non adult markets.Adult swim is about shock and for FOX to air family guy they had to strip it dwont to nothing but a arcie bunker cartoon add a dog and a south park kid leftover

750 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

These fake doctors remind me of TMZ staff. A bunch of clowns.
Phishie from Philly

750 days ago


I could run the adult swim network in my sleep and still ban kids off the channel and make billions more worldwide than they are now.Control and power means the real artistes sleep most of them in the dirt murdered off and covered up

750 days ago



750 days ago


I think he should let CROTCHY THE CLOWN run the adult swim network and run any show he deems too!.Seth mac fartland can air his 1adam12 hairs at Fox he knows nothing about comedy adult at all.Adam sander can also keep his 1adam12 hair off my radar grid as can 1adam12 hair beeny and the jets stillers in garbade trucks picking up the DOA`s and johny voltas 1dam12 hair and cruse missles 1dam12 hairs spilt at the churches of the radar grids KEEP ALL THAT SPITS I don`t need thats nothinh about nothing at all.Real jews need defence funds fake need miillion dollor houses and kilroy chopters trailing in the real artistes

750 days ago


This made me laugh out loud
and hardly ANYTHING makes me laugh out loud

I don't know what made me laugh more, the fact that an internal memo was sent out to reassure staff that a psycho-clown was not about of their new marketing campaign, or the doctored picture at the bottom....both were extremely comical. Thanks for the early morning laughs!

750 days ago


That's how John Wayne Gacy did his make up, it's an offensive advert, I'm not surprised the real CHILDRENS hospital is offended.

750 days ago


This is just plain stupid. Its like having a show called 'McDonalds' and showing someone throwing up or pointing a gun at you.

750 days ago
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