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Johnny Lewis' Dad

I Exhausted All Resources

To Save My Son

9/30/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Lewis
' father tried to help his son multiple times before his death ... telling TMZ he believed Johnny's last stint in a treatment center was finally going to work.

A close family source of Johnny's tells TMZ that Johnny tried a few different Scientology approved treatment center, but they didn't work. 

So Johnny's father, Michael Lewis -- a high level Scientologist who was once close to L. Ron Hubbard -- tells TMZ he then turned to a treatment facility in Altadena, CA called Ridgeview Ranch as a last resort. Ridgeview describes itself as specializing in the "treatment of mental heath and/or drugs and alcohol."

Michael tells us that Johnny responded well to the environment at Ridgeview -- the staff was supportive, the program seemed to be working and says he thought "it would stick this time."

Michael says that Johnny's treatment physician at Ridgeview advised against the use of psychiatric medication (which is highly frowned upon in Scientology) and used an alternative approach to getting well.

However, after a short stint at Ridgeview Johnny opted to finish the rest of his sentence in jail ... insisting he had no drug or psychiatric problems.

Johnny was released on September 21, just days before his death.


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i was always raised to be respectful of people and their beliefs..
you can't very well blame a religion for the acts of a drug addict.
it's hilarious to see TMZ spin this terrible story into some anti-scientology campaign, then spend their days hounding famous scientologists for interviews.

761 days ago


He did everything he could; the only caveat being he took only those actions that didn't contradict his "religion"/cult. So, because this guy didn't want to betray his cult, his son never got proper medication for his clear mental issues and a innocent woman and cat died horrible violent deaths. Thanks douche bag and thanks again Scientology.

761 days ago


Scientology kills again. Stupid ****ing religion. Almost as bad as every other religion.

761 days ago


Looks like the Scientologists have their Sunday team checking TMZ comments. Way to go nutbags! Maybe you'll get one level higher if you can drown out the enemy.

761 days ago


"Exhausted ALL resources"? ALL resources would have been accepting a psychological diagnosis and treating the core cause of the drug use! Scientology disgusts me. How much more blood do they have on their hands? I wonder how many other acts of violence & suicide their members have committed because they aren't allowed to acknowledge or properly treat mental illness.

761 days ago


Who gives a crap is his dad was a scientologist? He wasn't no damn 6 year old who couldn't help himself. He's a POS who killed some poor old lady and her cat. Rot in hell.

761 days ago


I think it would be awesome if everyone in the press regarded Mr. Cruise as one of the higher ups in this religion and would ask him about these kinds of things. He's a Professional Scientologist. (It would be more real than treating him like a movie star).

761 days ago


hmmm " treatment physician" ..... I guess I'm a treatment physician, too.... in fact we're all treatment physicians by default, surely?

these centres are staffed by quacks - a properly accredited doctor wouldn't be seen anywhere near it

761 days ago


I was raised in Scientology and Johnnys mother was one of my Scientology "auditors". I strongly suspect, due to my own experiences with the same treatment, that the Scientology "training routines" were used on Johnny through his entire life. These mind control routines are infamous for causing mental breakdowns and further trauma. There are many other cases of Scientology followers flipping out like this.

761 days ago


how in the hell can any person with average intelligence at this point in time buy into (literally) a religion solely based on one man's science fiction writing skills?

761 days ago


What I want TMZ to find out is what the hell was the "undisclosed drug" that Johnny Davis took earlier this year that messed his brain up so bad he never was the same again. From what I read, whatever this drug was it literally made him crazy, delusional, and violent like he was a "rabid dog" or something.

I wonder if it was that designer drug called "smiles"? If it was, then if Johnny's father wants to do some good for the world then he should be a crusader trying to get these dangerous designer drugs off the street and help hunt down the evil chemists who make them.

These evil chemists probably don't give a rip if their "product" causes long term brain damage and makes people crazy and violent. Some of these drugs are a lot more powerful than people think. People are dying from this garbage all over the world.

It's like these chemists are giving rat poison pills to depressed, gullible, thrill seeking people to make a quick buck. These greedy psychopath drug dealer chemists should rot in hell for sure. These chemists have that 81 year old lady's blood on THEIR hands too. I'm sure they couldn't care less. They just want to make big money and "live large" or whatever.

761 days ago


"and used an alternative approach to getting well." What, like uugga bugga, your healed!

761 days ago


Maybe Michael shouldn't have wasted all that time using bogus scientology methods, causing Johnny to get worse, and gotten his son into a real drug program that included anti-psychotics.

761 days ago


Davet, you know NOTHING about mental illnesses other than the fact you are mentally ill yourself. AN 81 YEAR OLD WOMAN IS DEAD! HER CAT DISMEMBERED! HE WAS MENTALLY ILL AND NEEDED HELP!!! THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!!! I'm sick of you $cilons and your f*****g cult denying mental illnesses even exist. And that psych meds are the true EVILS! Is Johnny Lewis a $cientology success story in your opinion? If he would've gotten the proper help, Catherine Davis and Jessie would BOTH still be alive. As for Lewis, he was an adult and made the wrong decisions because of tha goddamned cult, so he can rot in hell for all I care. And so can his parents for pushing those crackpot beliefs on him. Catherine Davis and Jessie ARE THE VICTIMS HERE. How about dedicating more to them and not the $cilon disturbed killer?

761 days ago


Another death by cult --- yeah he tried everything except give the troubled young man his mental health meds.

761 days ago
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