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Johnny Lewis' Dad

I Exhausted All Resources

To Save My Son

9/30/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Lewis
' father tried to help his son multiple times before his death ... telling TMZ he believed Johnny's last stint in a treatment center was finally going to work.

A close family source of Johnny's tells TMZ that Johnny tried a few different Scientology approved treatment center, but they didn't work. 

So Johnny's father, Michael Lewis -- a high level Scientologist who was once close to L. Ron Hubbard -- tells TMZ he then turned to a treatment facility in Altadena, CA called Ridgeview Ranch as a last resort. Ridgeview describes itself as specializing in the "treatment of mental heath and/or drugs and alcohol."

Michael tells us that Johnny responded well to the environment at Ridgeview -- the staff was supportive, the program seemed to be working and says he thought "it would stick this time."

Michael says that Johnny's treatment physician at Ridgeview advised against the use of psychiatric medication (which is highly frowned upon in Scientology) and used an alternative approach to getting well.

However, after a short stint at Ridgeview Johnny opted to finish the rest of his sentence in jail ... insisting he had no drug or psychiatric problems.

Johnny was released on September 21, just days before his death.


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Sorry but that's half of the real story at max. "Johnny responded well" but still "opted to finish the rest of his sentence in jail" doesn't blend very well.

698 days ago

Mary McC    

I just realized that the Lewis family may have been victimized by what appears to be the very same scheme many of the Narconon victims have been in taken by.

Putting trust in the word of the physician used by the facility. That meds don't need to be taken.

A physician used by the facility who is used because of the emphasis is on 'alternative' ( meaning NO psych meds)

The Dr Wootans, The Dr. Allan Sosins, the Dr Steven Steins of the world, used by Narconon and Scientology to forward their agenda against appropriate medical care, taking patients off needed medicines, not treating the mental illness' unique to each patient / student.

The horror stories I have read of patients taken off the meds during detox, or put on mild sedatives to get off opiates instead of using standard meds to wind a person down. Torture! Richard Teague set himself on fire at Narconon Fredom Center while in withdrawal!! Mr Bates HUNG himself at the Narconon front group New Life Center San Francisco during withdrawal, despite warnings from his mother that he might get suicidal and needed to be supervised - but wasn't. Despite warnings that he needed his medicine. It goes on and on.

But then you have the many many complaints about students being taken off psych meds or not dignosed by the Narconon Medical Director/physician correctly and put into the program without meds. Harris Evans was taken out of psych hospital by NArconon Vista Bay staff and brought to Dr Stein for intake visit and detox to it's front detox home ( August West Family Services) to be taken off meds and then sent to Narconon Vista Bay for residential treatment but he got out of had so they kicked him out, dumped him at a hotel and when his mother and stepfather picked him up, Harris Evans strangled his step father on the way home!

These are all fair recent events but there are many more. The common denominator was the use of a 'no meds' alternative method approach to 'treat' mental illness or drug addiction! Just like what happened to Johnny Lewis!!

Gotta Brain's hunches were right! We don't even need to know the name of the doctor who did this to know that he's in league with these idiots ( all who are or have been sued for negligence by victims of Narconon for all this- Sosin, Wootan, Stein, etc.

Michael Lewis was lied to by a doctor Narconon & Scientology would love to have on board. Another victim of the scam, I think.

698 days ago


If he had been put on psych meds it could have saved two lives plus the life of the cat. I hope his father feels very guilty.

698 days ago

Cathryn Mazer    

Scientology's complete dismissal of psychiatry (hmm wonder why that might be?) and thetan based 'drug treatment' is a recipe for disaster when it comes to helping it's disturbed members. This death was sadly predictable in light of Scientology's attitude towards main stream mental health treatment and medicine. I am of the strong opinon that this attitude contributed to the death of Jett Travolta.

698 days ago


You know, I really want to feel sorry for this guy. But he took the life of an 81-year-old woman for no freakin' reason. You live to be 81-years-old and then you die because of a drug-addled POS..No sympathy. None for him. And what he did to her cat?? No, no sympathy.
He's dead and he deserves to be dead. The landlady? No. The cat? No. And scientology has something to do with it? Sickening. This is religion, folks. And some people want to vote for a Mormon???? No difference between Scientology and Mormonism. None. Oh, maybe Mitt's people are out there flying around planet Kolob, which is apparently close to Tom Cruise's planet where he'll rule the heavens...some day.
RIP, elderly woman and your cat. You deserve the sympathy...not Johnny Lewis.

698 days ago


So sick of scrolling down and having to look at this creeps face. Give it a rest alreadyTMZ.
Go back to obsessing about KIm, Kanye and Lindsay.

698 days ago


So if it weren't for Scientology this guy might have been on anti-psychotic medication that could have prevented this tragedy. Somehow Scientologists will find a way to rationalize what happened so that they don't have to consider that their approach doesn't work.

698 days ago


This story is just sad on so many levels.. Clearly he had mental issues which needed to be addressed, but since he was a 2nd generation Scientologist ---he likely was taught that psychiatrists were evil..ever since birth... It was instilled in him -- his entire life..


How many people have to die before the government takes notice of what is going on with that "church"? ..This didn't have to happen.. Neither did Jett Travolta's death... Or Ellie Perkins' death... etc etc etc..

698 days ago


Wow, so once again Scientology causes the death of a human being because of their misguided beliefs on psychiatric medication. Had Lewis been on the appropriate medication, he may have thrived. When is this cult going to be held accountable? Or blown up?

698 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Idiot Scientologists!
Forego the meds, now the kid is dead...oh, and a lady and a cat.
Her estate should sue him into the ground for this shiz!!!

698 days ago


Why do people even start doing drugs???? There are so many of these stories out there just like this one. People need to learn how to deal with their lives and problems sober...there's really no other option.

698 days ago


If you are a Scientologist you did not exhaust all your resources to save your son.

698 days ago

Silverado Mom    

Some people NEED to be on meds. And you can't go off these type without tapering off.

698 days ago


Way to go dad....

698 days ago


Too bad he didn't die slow ... And take his quack dad with him

698 days ago
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