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Johnny Lewis' Dad

I Exhausted All Resources

To Save My Son

9/30/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Lewis
' father tried to help his son multiple times before his death ... telling TMZ he believed Johnny's last stint in a treatment center was finally going to work.

A close family source of Johnny's tells TMZ that Johnny tried a few different Scientology approved treatment center, but they didn't work. 

So Johnny's father, Michael Lewis -- a high level Scientologist who was once close to L. Ron Hubbard -- tells TMZ he then turned to a treatment facility in Altadena, CA called Ridgeview Ranch as a last resort. Ridgeview describes itself as specializing in the "treatment of mental heath and/or drugs and alcohol."

Michael tells us that Johnny responded well to the environment at Ridgeview -- the staff was supportive, the program seemed to be working and says he thought "it would stick this time."

Michael says that Johnny's treatment physician at Ridgeview advised against the use of psychiatric medication (which is highly frowned upon in Scientology) and used an alternative approach to getting well.

However, after a short stint at Ridgeview Johnny opted to finish the rest of his sentence in jail ... insisting he had no drug or psychiatric problems.

Johnny was released on September 21, just days before his death.


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Maybe if M. Lewis was half as worried about his son' health as he was about the edicts of a sci-fi writer, none of this would have happened.
Just because psych meds are "frowned upon" by his cult doesn't mean that it's not the best option for his son's well-being.
The influence of his father upon his treatment must have been pretty bad if J. Lewis preferred to go to prison instead of dealing with it.

754 days ago


This is proof positive why something like religion should never be used in place of treatment, especially in dealing with a mental illness where the side effects can directly effect other people. Michael Lewis is so deep into Scientology that he doesn't even see that he didn't exhaust anything. You do anything for your child, including putting them before your personal issues / religion, you get them whatever help is necessary, even if "The Church" frowns upon it. Chances are Johnny would have been better off his last therapy-go-round if he was aloud to be treated with prescription drugs proven to be effective. Instead he's dead and he took an innocent with him. Mental illness is no joking matter, it's serious business and those of us dealing with a loved one that suffers from it know how difficult it is to deal with it / get help on a daily basis. This is complicated by a world that for some reason prefers to stay uneducated and pass the blame onto someone/something else. Treating a mental disorder without prescription medication is on par with someone hoping to pray cancer away instead of getting treatment. Religion can be used as a support system and a powerful aide, but it becomes dangerous when people think it's the ONLY solution. We need better laws to prevent this from happening again, Johnny Lewis is only the most recent in an endless line of mental health related tragedies. Michael Lewis failed his son, perhaps he didn't understand what his son was dealing with, but by trying to control it within the walls of the church, he made a mistake that proved fatal. Wake up!

754 days ago


people, hesitate before you comment. there are so many "know it alls" on this site who spew real "important messages" from their sofas……when people are on drugs, its truly so very difficult for those close to them. the druggie chooses the drug over everything. so don't blame, what happened here is horrible for everyone. why i post here, i don't know… but people try to be more cautious before you shout your hatred on this site.

753 days ago


hey Dad, you're just as responsible for your kids death as anyone. BEing a part of that damn freaking out of space BS knowns as Scientology, no wonder the kid was f'd up. How the hell do people like you get involved in this crap? Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson???? Were you just looking for a lie when you hit on this cult from hell???

753 days ago


Check out the pupils -- narcotics

753 days ago


Johnny Lewis the supposed "Really good guy" has to be the worst tag for such a horrid excuse for a person who not only kills a cat but also kills an old woman in the process! How does that make one a good guy? I really wish people would stop blaming all this mental health or religious affiliations to Scientology (even if the are down right nuts).or any other pseudo religion for that matter. The guy obviously could not handle reality (Drugs proved that) and when daddy could help no more nor could The Wonders of Scientology help him, Lets face it Those nut jobs have helped no one but line their pockets from stupid people who believe science fiction writing to be gospel. And keep in mind this is coming from a Mormon Raised Person so my wacky scale is already high. But I digress. This guy couldn't cope and took a pansy way out instead of dealing with life like an adult. And before you say anything about my comment, I have issues of my own and they are far worse than this little turd had ever have happen to me but I don't go around killing small animals or random people. I deal with life like an adult. Hope this piece of trash rots in hell forever like he deserves. Good Riddance.

739 days ago

boo boo    

When a tweaker speaks, its all lies. Apples don't fall far from trees. Keep that child away from grandad at all costs.

268 days ago
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