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Lindsay Lohan

Allegedly Assaulted

in Her Hotel Room

9/30/2012 10:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

0930_lindsay_lohan_tmzLindsay Lohan called the police early this morning after she claims she was assaulted in her New York City hotel room by a man she had just met ... sources close to LiLO tell TMZ.

According to our sources, Lohan told police she met the man at 1 Oak, a nightclub in Chelsea. Lohan said the two got into an argument later on in her hotel room after Lindsay noticed the man had taken photos of her on his phone.

A few of Lindsay's friends were in the room at the time the photos were taken.

Our sources say Lindsay told police she confronted the man about the pics and he threw her on the bed causing scratches on her hands. We're told Lindsay ran out of the room, but returned later. When she did, Lohan claims the man attacked her, choked her, threw her to the ground, and climbed on top of her. 

According to our sources, a friend of hers was able to pull the man off her. Lohan claims she pulled the fire alarm to signal for help and cops were able to arrive in time to arrest the man.

Law enforcement sources in NY tell TMZ the man was idenitifed as Christian LaBella. He was arrested on two misdemeanor counts of assault and two charges of harassment.

Lindsay' rep, Steve Honig, tells TMZ "Lindsay was assaulted early this morning in a New York hotel. While she did sustain some injuries, she was not hospitalized. The assailant was arrested and is currently in police custody. Lindsay has spoken with police and is fully cooperating with the investigation."


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I have a sneaky feeling our little Lindsay is embellishing the facts of this 'alledged assult'...
Time for a little attention Lindsay?
Things falling apart in Lohanland?

755 days ago


what a ho. Strangers to the hotel room of this class z actress.

755 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

I tried telling her she was asking way to much for it.

755 days ago


Wow I have been in Chelsea alot lately and I saw a girl who looked exactly like Lindsay getting into a car and thought to myself "is that the skank?" It must have been if she was in Chelsea because it looked exactly like her, Oh well.

Why would she bring some strange man back to her hotel room? She better be careful she is going to end up dead if she doesnt stop with this clubbing nonsense. Once in awhile is ok but jesus to club every f*king night something bad is bound to happen to you.

755 days ago


He prob took pictues of her snorting coke.

755 days ago


So..first she brings a stranger she just met to her hotel room. Then, when she notices he is taking pictures, she confronts him, he throws her on the bed, scratches, etc., and she runs out of the room. But she comes back and he jumps her again. Why on earth would she go back to the room without security? This just doesn't add up. But then I guess nothing ever does with this girl. I just wish she would go away--far, far away.

755 days ago


I dont know...I feel a little unnerved. No one deserves this sort of treatment. If this is true then I am repulsed that others would feel this is something she deserves. I think it is in very very poor taste to joke about this or give this deranged man a free pass to act violently toward others. Her past behaviour has no relevance in this matter, at the end of the day inflicting pain and violence on someone is not ok just because they have behaved badly or have made poor choices in their lives. Advocating violence against women is wrong, plain and simple, and it is a matter I would never budge on no matter who the victim was.

755 days ago


Is it bad that I really don't care? I'm actually concerned for myself that ifeel no sympathy towards this Moron. Maybe its because she can kill A person and blame the person she killed. People like Lohan are scary. I really don't care what happens to her. Just go away already.

755 days ago


This whore does anything for publicity. Why doesn't the press just stop covering her then she will go away

755 days ago


This sounds like she assaulted him to try and get his phone with the pictures and he pushed her away in defense. Unfortunately for him, only her friends were in the room and we all know how their story will go. Hopefully, he has a password lock on his phone so no one could tamper with his property.

755 days ago


FACT - for such a famewhore as Lohan to freak out over PHOTOGRAPHS (and we're talking about someone who simply loves being photographed, even if she looks like utter dog shyte, and is able to explain away photos of lines of coke as a "refection off an iphone") the pictures have to involve either-

1) Lindsay sucking that meth pipe and snorting them lines like there's no tomorrow - simultaneously.
2) Proof she's seriously VD ridden.
3) An act of incest. Well, Dilo, Ali, Cody and Milo were not there so I think we can rule this one out.
4) Involvement in some other socially unacceptable or illegal sex act. And hey, consider this - being Ray'J's urinal HELPED launch Kim Kardashian's career, so this is the sort of level of socially unacceptable we are talking about here.

So yeah, it's either #1, #2, or #3, take your pick.

755 days ago

mike hunt    

Lindsay Lohan is a walking nightmare. Every week she's got some sort of new HUGE Drama going on. Poor Lindsay always the victim..... Hahahaha. By victim I mean Instigator drama causer. Awwww Poor Lindsay.

755 days ago


If you bring strange people up to your hotel room and your friends won't help you on the first altercation then Lindsay, you need another set of friends and why go back into the room again. Taking pictures in your hotel room and you get upset, that in itself is suspicious. Also, she can't get through a whole week without drama, car bumps, lung aliments, tweeter wars, crappy clips from a cheap movie, you're really becoming a major overexposed bore. It does sound like a drug deal and party that went bad and yes, who cares anymore except your die hard fans and TMZ, you bring all this crap on yourself.

755 days ago


LOL, Lindsay was probably getting ready to spread her legs and do this guy. Got out of hand, and this is the result.

755 days ago


Okay, I'm a bit confused. This part of the article "We're told Lindsay ran out of the room, but returned later" makes no sense. If she had already been thrown once on the bed when she left why didn't she call the police then and not go back until they arrived. Also, no one, male or female, should take a person they just met back to their hotel room. I don't wish harm on anyone but this was a poor choice on Lindsay's part. Also, why didn't her friends throw the guy out - nice friends to continue to party with him.

755 days ago
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