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Matt Barnes

I'm Sorry for Calling Cop

'Fa**ot,' 'Pu**y'

10/3/2012 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Clippers star Matt Barnes is apologizing for calling the cop who arrested him a fa**ot and a pu**y.  In case you're really bad at "Wheel of Fortune," one word is derogatory toward gays ... the other toward women. 

Barnes tells TMZ, "I would like to apologize for the unfortunate language I used.  I know that certain words are extremely hurtful." 

Barnes goes on:  "I meant absolutely no disrespect to anyone.  This comment, spoken in the heat of a difficult moment, does not accurately reflect my actual point of view."

As we first reported, Barnes and the cop clearly had beef.  The same officer stopped Barnes twice before and waited nearly 2 hours in a Manhattan Beach, CA parking lot last July for Barnes to leave a restaurant -- then arresting him for driving on a suspended license and resisting arrest (see dash cam video below).


Barnes eventually pled no contest to misdemeanor interfering with a cop and driving while not in possession of a license. He got off with a fine and informal probation.

Barnes tells TMZ, "I hope that any and all offended parties can accept my sincerest apologies."

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**** political correctness. piece of **** trash ghetto ******. why is whitey the only person expected to be politically correct. why can ghetto trash call people names, they get the green card when it comes to calling people names. rap about calling each other ******s but the second whitey says or does anything, its racism. a soon as his playing days are over he will be selling crack and his children

664 days ago


Klassy. That's not nice, not all cops are gay. I'm sure he only apologized because someone told him he had to.

664 days ago


Bahahaha...so is the word "d-ck" a derogatory word toward men?
When a celebrity woman calls a man a d-ck...are there any media write-ups calling it a sexist word against men?
Do feminists who make the absurd, ridiculous claim that "p-ssy" is a derogatory word...say the same thing about the word "d-ck" for men?
Yeah...didn't think so ;D

664 days ago


I've found that people say "exactly" what they mean in the moment. Does it reflect his "actual point of view"? Of course it does, it's not like he searched his soul for his views...and then decided NOT to express his real feelings and just wing it.

Apologies always come as an afterthought. It's crowd control...nothing more.

664 days ago


Should've just said you were sorry to the gay community because "This POS cop clearly isn't man enough to be one of them". Again I'm sorry if anyone confuses this dickl*ss POS with you guys.

664 days ago


"I meant absolutely no disrespect to anyone". ROTFLMFAO
No need to apologize, Matt. It's pretty clear where you stand.

664 days ago


As for the word "f-ggot", I understand if a gay person was insulted with that word back in school or at other times, that they may feel sensitive to it.
But the word is very rarely used as a gay slur.
99% of the time "f-ggot" is used a general insult, with no intention whatsoever from the name-caller for it to mean anything gay.
Also, some of the TMZ staff use the word "ginger" for redheaded people, and just like the word "f-ggot", it's offensive to some people.
So should TMZ stop using the word...and make a public apology like Matt Barnes?
Also, some of TMZ staff use the word "guido" for Italian Americans.
Speaking as an Italian American myself, with a bit of Scottish and Greek, I'm never offended by the word, don't care if people use it, and have used the word myself, and have told and still tell plenty of Italian jokes that include the words "w-p" and "d-go"...life's too short to throw hissy fits over it :D
But, some people are offended by "guido", just as some are offended by the word "f-ggot".
So should TMZ stop using the word and make a public apology like Matt?
Whether they should apologize or not is a matter of opinion, personally I think playing word-police is lame and see no need for apologies.
But either way, TMZ won't be making any apologies, and judging by the way some of their staff writers react, it wouldn't surprise me if they read my comment here...and then drop the names "ginger" and "guido" a bunch of times in upcoming articles :D

664 days ago


I thought both words were applicable to gays? WTF?

664 days ago



664 days ago


HARVEY YOU BLASTED MATT BARNES without giving him any mercy, yet on the same show, you said NOTHING when the black kid on skype BLASTED Tebow fans at "religious zealots." He BASHED Christians and you didn't say one word. Hypocrites.

664 days ago


Really Harvey? You went at Matt HARD without mercy, yet on the same show, the black kid on Skype BLASTS Tebow's fans as "religious zealots" and you said not ONE WORD about him BASHING Christians. Wow. Hypocrites much?

664 days ago


too much sensitivity to words..good hell, get over it - if someone says ***got or ***** or that's gay, so what...these words all have other meanings and for one group to decide they now own the words and feel they have the right to dictate what can be said...got a life, go live it. What makes you dictator of my right to freedom of speech and ideas..i let you have yours, let me have mine....

664 days ago


Who cares about this guy or what he says, Just because he plays with the Lakers his getto mouth is now relevant...please!

664 days ago

Miss N    

It looked like the cops were looking for reasons to aggravate them. Even with his warrant out you should still be respectful and do your job right. As a cop you need to know how to handle tough situations and not try to look for it.

664 days ago


Heck yeah be called the F word is worse. I'd whop somones can if they called me gay.

664 days ago
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