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'Pawn Stars' Sued --

I Made You Guys Famous ...

and You SCREWED Me

10/4/2012 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rick, Corey, the Old Man and Chumlee ... are all getting their asses sued by their ex-manager, who claims he discovered the "Pawn Stars" and made them famous ... only to get stabbed in the back.

The man behind the lawsuit is Wayne Jefferies -- who claims he found the guys from Gold & Silver Pawn back in 2007 and got them a reality TV show deal with A&E and the History Channel ... after Rick had struck out in the past.

Jefferies claims things were going great for years -- with the show killing it in the ratings and the guys all cutting various endorsement deals ... including credit cards, slot machines, books and even an energy drink.

But according to the suit, things fell apart earlier this year .. when network honchos became upset over a story Jefferies claims he leaked to TMZ. The story detailed how the "Pawn Stars" cast was blindsided when they learned A&E had commissioned a "Cajun Pawn Stars" spinoff.

In his suit, filed by powerhouse attorney Richard A. Schonfeld, Jefferies claims network execs pressured the "Pawn Stars" cast to cut ties with Jefferies ... which they did.

Jefferies is now suing the "Pawn Stars" guys for breach of contract ... and he's also suing A&E, the History Channel and various execs for interfering with his management deals.

Jefferies is asking for unspecified damages. Calls to the Pawn Stars and the networks have not been returned.


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Douglas Murphy    

this store let them selves be filmed this pawn shop also has the legal paper work in the end we shall see the out come .

746 days ago


This is about Pawn Stars, not Hardcore Pawn, why are so many commenting on the wrong show?

Ah, Chumlee, good thing his family owns a business so he can work!
Sorry, young man, you are cute, but a few ants short of a picnic!

746 days ago


Its a business and guesss what folks ?. They are out to make money. No one forces anyone to come in their door.

745 days ago


I'm quite sure Chumlee's friends will have their day in court. The only one justified in this case was the guy who threw the first punch (and in a court of law sometimes he might not be right..maybe his phone was vibrating)?????The 'Stompers' might have to borrow money from their Pawn Star friend to pay for this one.

745 days ago


sue ther greedy asses!

745 days ago


I went through the Pawn Shop a couple of weeks ago in Vegas.. what a DUMP!! The four characters were no where to be seen.. although you could buy as many Chumlee Tee-shirts as you could haul away lol!!!

745 days ago

Larry Sulc    

When you start light and prosper in any business you better watch out for GOLD DIGGERS. I love PAWN STARS since is also in busines to educate people what they posess from historical point. Thanks RICKY and all.for good PAWN STARS.

745 days ago


Never did like that family or show. Way to go Jefferys and good luck

744 days ago


Chum is not their family..Chum is Cory's best friend since child hood....Yes my husband, 6 year old son (who LOVES the show by the way) and myself watch it, yes of course some of it is scripted, but who cares they get some AWESOME stuff in there....And for the person that commented on why they NEVER show buys is because they can not show money exchange, as with American Pickers (another show we watch every week)...We tried to go into the Gold and Sliver Pawn while recently in Vegas and there was a line wrapped around the entire building in 115 temps. so we did not go in :( and my son was very disappointed. You have to have some scripting because there are just some things that can not be aired...And as far as them being rip offs the seller does not HAVE to sell...I have even seen customers come in and use the shops resources to find out how much it is worth then not even consider selling it, now that is just WRONG...It is a business plain and simple they have bills to pay for, employees to pay and that item takes up valuable shelf space where they could be putting a much more valuable item...We have also really grown to like Counting Cars which spawned from Pawn Stars as well as American Restoration and super cool show...These shows are GREAT for people that like antiques and cars....Also from this is all looking it seems as if they had probable cause to fire this guy, however I do not know the whole story and neither do any of you.

743 days ago

Big D    

All of those "Reality Shows" are stupid. Pawn Stars, Hardcore Pawn, Repo, Repo Games, South Beach Tow, they are a bunch of reenactments.

742 days ago

Esther Carr    

I just can't believe people can be so greedy! The Pawn Stars are just trying to make a living and especially in
this poor economy situation. I watch them every week,
and see how great they treat their customers. Even go
out of their way to have experts come in and appraise the items! I have to say a term I've heard before, "take a hike buddy!"

741 days ago


I wonder if their bobble heads are American made or...... Made in _ _ _ _ _ ?

740 days ago


Oral contact in this day and age… Mr. Jefferies should have spent more time watching The People’s Court or Judge Judy. I bet if he visited the pawn shop the boys would give him a great deal on a fountain pen.

734 days ago


Same difference with Jeff Lindsay. Jeff stole my serial killer from me back in 1997 and back then Dexter did not have a name. Jeff Lindsay did not name him Dexter and neither did I . it was some other freak who was a fan of Dexters Laboratory.

726 days ago


screwed by a pawn broker? Say it aint so!!!

726 days ago
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