Mexican Superstar My Son the Bandito!

10/8/2012 3:00 AM PDT

Mexican Superstar Jenni Rivera -- My Son the Bandito!

Mexican superstar Jenni Rivera -- who has sold 20 million albums -- made a frantic call to cops that went something like this: "Hola, Que tal? My son may be robbing me blind."

Kidding.  It actually went down like this.  Rivera woke up out of a dead sleep at 2 AM Wednesday, after hearing rustling in the bushes that made her more suspicious than a scorned lover in a telenovela. 

Panicked ... Rivera ran to the monitor attached to her security camera, and saw a suspicious hombre lurking outside.  Rivera then called 911 and reported what she thought was an attempted burglary.

Cops responded in rapido facion, only to discover the suspect was actually one of Rivera's sons, who apparently stayed out a little too late and was trying to make his way inside.

All was well, so cops said hasta la vista, baby. 

We apologize in advance. Don't bother writing.