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'Dog Town & Z Boys'

Cali Couple Picks Up

Hitchhikin' Skater Legend ... BY ACCIDENT

10/7/2012 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So there they were ... a couple from San Diego driving along a California road ... when they pick up a hitchhiker -- naturally -- who turns out to be one of the GREATEST LIVING SKATEBOARD LEGENDS EVER!!!

It's a crazy video -- the couple tells us, they routinely pick up hitchhikers and film them (call it a hobby), but this week ... they hit the hitchhiker jackpot, picking up none other than skater legend Jay Adams, who you should recognize from the 2001 skater documentary "Dogtown and Z-Boys." Adams was also portrayed by actor Emile Hersch in the movie "Lords of Dogtown." 

In case you don't know, Adams is a living legend, credited with shaping modern skateboarding back in the 1970s along with his Z-boy friends Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, and more. He's like the Mick Jagger of skateboarding ... and these guys picked him up in their car!!!

The couple says Adams was just looking for a lift to the next exit, so they happily drove him. In return, Adams showed them his trademark zipper-head tattoo.



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That's a good way to get yourself killed, or to meet a skateboarding legend

745 days ago


If he's a legend, why was he hitch-hiking? More importantly, how is this news?

745 days ago


one of my favorite movies...R.I.P Heath Ledger

745 days ago


I'll bet he wanted a longer ride and when these two giggly speed freaks picked him up he said, "You know, next exit is fine!" He comes across pretty normal but you wouldn't know that with Speedy von Giggles videotaping him. Bonehead didn't realize who he was until someone told him who Adams was.

745 days ago


Who wrote this article? 98% of people probably have never heard of this guy, me included, so why are you treating this like a big deal? Just looks like your average hitchhiking bum to me. Maybe he was relevant in Cali 40 YEARS ago, but not anymore.

745 days ago

King Anton    


745 days ago

bababooey to ya all.

745 days ago


Jay Adams is an OG rock star of the sKaTerZ world...

But I would have probably driven past him if I did not recognize him...

Enjoy another 15 minutes big guy...

745 days ago


I hope he got his cut of the TMZ money.

745 days ago


Nothing quite like a near homeless 52 year old ex-multiple-felon skateboarder who is hitchhiking because he does not have a job or enough money to buy a car, or his parole officer will not allow him to drive. Age his age, you would think....nah...never mind it ain't worth even typing what I think.

745 days ago


Articles like this show me how limited TMZ thinks their audience is. They write for a specific demographic - just check out their dimwitted staff on that stupid show - and need to broaden their scope some. Even Jay Adams thinks this article is senseless.

745 days ago


Hero of the stupid

745 days ago


Okay then, TMZ. Paris Hilton is awful for saying promiscuous gay men are promiscuous and might have venereal disease, but Jay Adams, crystal meth dealer and homophobic moron who went to prison for beating a gay man TO DEATH is cool.

744 days ago

jay adams    

Wow,,talk about some hater comments,i wont even throw rocks back but homeless or no car or should i say cars?.i was surfing lowers so i drop off the wife then park one exit up the fwy, drop her off so she dosent have to walk, then skate down the hill.Since its all uphill back we hitch hike back some of these brave computer nerds probably know about things like this ,,,and i quess the 15 min must be about 30 min now im on T M V every now and then ,,,,,,,hope you all enjoy sunny So Cal like we do ,,JAY BOY

737 days ago


They say their from vegas

68 days ago

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