Bobbi Kristina's Boyfriend Check Out My New, Not Smashed Ride

10/7/2012 1:17 PM PDT

Bobbi Kristina
's boyfriend, Nick Gordon, got a brand, new ride following his NASTY car accident last month  -- and wouldn't you know ... he took home THE EXACT SAME CAR he had before.

TMZ broke the story, Nick and B.K. got into a scary accident in GA last month and his precious Chevy Camaro was badly wrecked -- with the bumper torn off and a missing front tire (below).

The details surrounding the crash remain unclear -- but we're told the accident is currently under investigation.

In the meantime, sources close to Nick tell TMZ ... he wasted no time replacing his messed up ride -- and even though he had his heart set on a Maserati, he ultimately went with a new Camaro, just like his old one.

But in dark grey, NOT black -- biiiiiig difference.