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Dr. Conrad Murray

Jail Is


10/10/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray says his body is in worse shape than one of those zombies from the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' video ... claiming he's suffered serious injuries behind bars ... and he wants out.

TMZ has obtained a recording of a jailhouse phone call between Murray and a friend ... in which the Doc says he was rushed to USC Medical Center earlier this week after fearing he was suffering from deadly blood clots in his legs.

"It progressed until the leg felt numb ... it was painful all to the top of my foot ... around the medial aspect of my ankle and all the way to the mid-calf."

Murray -- who was a licensed doctor before he killed Michael Jackson -- explained, "Blood clots are relatively risky ... especially if they propagate from the legs into the lungs to cause pulmonary embolism which can result in permanent disability or even death."

Ultimately, doctors who are currently licensed determined there were no blood clots and returned Murray to his cell ... where he says he continues to suffer.

"I have had to lay in bed for most of the day because there is no way to elevate my feet. One of the recommendations by the doctor is to keep my legs elevated and to increase my activity which is impossible in a 5x7 cell."

During the call, Murray gripes that his feet have become so swollen, "I may never be able to wear a boot again." So much for line-dancing after his release ...

Murray then issues a veiled threat -- "I don't want to be permanently hurt by any condition in here ... because if I am, I will not let it rest."

He also complains about pain in his right shoulder ... and as we previously reported, he came down with a ferocious case of diarrhea earlier this year.

His lawyer has even sent a letter to the L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, asking the jail for more humane treatment -- comparing Murray's situation to a dog in a small cage.

Jail -- it ain't the Hilton.


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why can't the doctors just give him some propofol until his realese date?

746 days ago


The Jackson clan should get him out as a way of saying thank you. They'd be broke and in the street now if not for the good Doc.

746 days ago


Why don't you people at TMZ stop writing about this clown of a so called Dr. He is not getting any support to free him from the judicial system and not many other people either. Stop playing up this cry baby up on your site. You all are some pathetic people thinking that everyone is going to call to let this fool/greedy man out of jail! Stop the Conrad stories PLEASE!

746 days ago


It's still better then death he's pain is not longterm like Michael Jackson's family is

746 days ago


Right, and Conrad being the UPSTANDING, OUTSTANDING DOCTOR he was with adminstering Propofol and drug only adminstered in hospitals and NEVER outside of a monitored setting is the be all end all. I do not care if Michael Jackson was a junkie, it was this man, as a certified doctor, it was his choice to take the big pay off and give a drug he knew he had no business, outside of a hospital setting, to administer.
He keeps coming up with excuses to be removed from jail and to a hospital trying all he can to come up with medical excuses, problem is, the Doctors and Nurses that are upstanding in the community know this guy is trying to pull a fast one.
His ankles are so swollen that he can not wear boots. Um yeah, and Johnny Cochrane said IF THE GLOVE DOES NOT FIT' YOU MUST AQUIT. Conrad needs to stop reading the playbook of O.J. Simpson because eventually he ended up in jail, is still there, and will take a long time before he gets out. STFU, CONRAD, you are an idiot and NO ONE feels sorry for you.

746 days ago

Michael Jackson Was A Pedo    

Just let this hero go already. The man rid the world of one of the most dangerous child predators of our time. People should be lining up to thank this guy for protecting the world's children.. not locking him up for it.
Dr. Conrad Murray = HERO

746 days ago

The Maharincess of Franistan    

Stupid idiot. You're in jail, schmuck! It's not supposed to be comfortable. If he's getting blood clots in his legs it's because he's sitting all the time.

Get up and walk around! They're not going to let you out for swollen legs and feet! Do your time, stop whining, stop complaining, stop playing sick.


746 days ago


I have one question for Dr, Death so what are you going to do if you are injured from being locked up because you were found quilty of Manslaughter?

746 days ago

DJ Blur    

How do you think MJ feels?

746 days ago


You are in better condition than Michael.You should do your work better when you were with Michael and now you legs will be good.

746 days ago



746 days ago


WHY was he sent to the USC Medical Center for treatment when he didn't really have anything wrong with him? Do you have any idea how much that costs taxpayers? The average prisoner would have been sent back to their cell to die even if they did have a serious problem. He is getting very special treatment !

746 days ago


Dear TMZ
Why are you still referring to this man as DOCTOR...he lost his license after he was convicted, he can never again, when he gets out, practise, why are you calling him DOCTOR!!!!

746 days ago


Could he please stop crying like a little girl? If he thinks he's innocent he should'nt be surprised that doctors don't do everything they can to "save" him. I'm pretty sure that if he'd be so scared he might die from that he would find a way to increase his activity in this cell. I definitely would. But i don't have to worry because I don't kill people. :)

746 days ago

furious cupcakes    

You've got to be kidding me with this mother effer. He's hilarious! Kills Michael Jackson, only gets 5 years and is STILL b"tching about it Grow a sack

746 days ago
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