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Dr. Conrad Murray

Jail Is


10/10/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray says his body is in worse shape than one of those zombies from the Michael Jackson 'Thriller' video ... claiming he's suffered serious injuries behind bars ... and he wants out.

TMZ has obtained a recording of a jailhouse phone call between Murray and a friend ... in which the Doc says he was rushed to USC Medical Center earlier this week after fearing he was suffering from deadly blood clots in his legs.

"It progressed until the leg felt numb ... it was painful all to the top of my foot ... around the medial aspect of my ankle and all the way to the mid-calf."

Murray -- who was a licensed doctor before he killed Michael Jackson -- explained, "Blood clots are relatively risky ... especially if they propagate from the legs into the lungs to cause pulmonary embolism which can result in permanent disability or even death."

Ultimately, doctors who are currently licensed determined there were no blood clots and returned Murray to his cell ... where he says he continues to suffer.

"I have had to lay in bed for most of the day because there is no way to elevate my feet. One of the recommendations by the doctor is to keep my legs elevated and to increase my activity which is impossible in a 5x7 cell."

During the call, Murray gripes that his feet have become so swollen, "I may never be able to wear a boot again." So much for line-dancing after his release ...

Murray then issues a veiled threat -- "I don't want to be permanently hurt by any condition in here ... because if I am, I will not let it rest."

He also complains about pain in his right shoulder ... and as we previously reported, he came down with a ferocious case of diarrhea earlier this year.

His lawyer has even sent a letter to the L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca, asking the jail for more humane treatment -- comparing Murray's situation to a dog in a small cage.

Jail -- it ain't the Hilton.


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Excuse me for a second while I try to feel bad.........Nope didn't work.

742 days ago

debi bowdle    

Oh stop teasing us and do it already!!!

742 days ago

Jerry in Dallas    

Would someone pass the cheese cause I've had a little too much whine!

Conrad Murray is a pompous ass who is getting what he deserves!!! If it were up to me, his new accommodations would be even less spacious and comfortable. The jerk still thinks that he didn't do anything wrong! I hope he rots in Hell!!!

742 days ago


He's aware that jail isn't a ****ing country club, right?

742 days ago

Jon Manuel    

Prison isn't supposed to be comfortable, dude.

742 days ago


It's jail not a spa vacation. Learn to run on the spot and do jumping jacks or something.

742 days ago


I can't stand that man, and what's with that phoney accent?! He's horrible looking, with that awful nose and long head!

Plus, he's still doesn't take responsibility for his crimes, he's so freaking pathetic! If he keeps on whinning and making threats they're going to find a way to keep him for the entire 4 years instead of letting him out in 2 due to overcrowding.

742 days ago


MJ's foot is numb too. You don't hear him whining about it.

Huh...oh that's right...that's because he'll never be able to fix his lips to whine EVER AGAIN.

At least you can still walk on your numb, pain infested bipeds, crybaby.

742 days ago


This doesnt surprise me in the least.
After all , he was looking after his own needs when he ordered tons of propaful, when he recorded MJ talking about building a hospital for children with the money he would make from the concerts, as a means of blackmail.
When he lied to paramedics, hospital personnel, police ,Michaels family
When he did his self serving do***entary ...
How many times did he put MJ on a drip and go phone his whores, before his incompetence finally killed the man..
He is a sociopath..
I think after what came out at trial, he is a lot safer in jail then outside jail.

742 days ago


Jumping jacks, pushups, pull ups (depending on his door and other aspects of the cell), sit ups, stretching, yoga, running in place, imaginary jump rope... the list goes on and on.

The bottom line is he is lazy, he is unhappy, and (as a former doctor) he is utterly focused on what can go wrong with the human body and moping about his cir***stances instead of focusing on maintaining his health and sanity for his release.

It's not a frickin resort. A man died under his care, because of risky choices he allowed to happen in direct contradiction to his sworn duty as a medical professional.

There are a lot of people who are probably quite happy to hear that he's suffering. I'm not one of them, but it doesn't bother me much, either.

742 days ago

I Was About To Say    

Oh blah blah phk'g blah, what a phk'g lier! Hurry up and croak!

742 days ago


Just die already. Your 15 minutes of murder, I mean fame, are up.

742 days ago

I Was About To Say    

ConRAT MurDERER should just be given an overload of propofol, eye for an eye.

742 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

No it is your GREED that is killing you!

742 days ago
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