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Lindsay Lohan

My Mom Was NOT on Coke

My Dad Is Dead to Me

10/12/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Lindsay Lohan
deeply regrets her blowout argument with her mother Dina Lohan -- telling TMZ, what she said on the audio recording was NOT true ... her mother was NOT on cocaine during the fight.

Lindsay called in to "TMZ Live" moments ago -- telling us, "I told my dad a really hurtful and untruthful lie about my mom. She was not on cocaine."

Lindsay says her father Michael Lohan betrayed her trust by releasing a recording of her desperate phone call to the media.

Lindsay tells us, turning to her father in a moment of desperation was a massive mistake and she is now "done" with him forever -- adding, Michael "doesn't know what it means to be a father. He doesn't want to be a dad."

Lindsay minimized yesterday's argument, saying, "Daughters have fights with their moms. It happens a lot. It's normal."

Lindsay also RIPS Dr. Phil for the way he conducted his interview with Dina -- calling it "vile" and "disgusting."

TMZ posted audio of Lindsay's phone call to her father, in which she accuses her mother of being on cocaine and acting "like the devil." Lindsay and Dina were on their way home from an NYC nightclub at the time.

During the call, Lindsay also says she gave her mom $40,000 to save Dina's home -- but Lindsay wouldn't comment on that today.


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Just saw 'Lohan interview' parts 2 and 3. SORRY HARV - You actually DID ask some good questions. Must have been frustrating (her talking over you, being incoherent, cutting you off, cutting herself off, lying some more, babbling, refusing to answer any question that would make her or her mom look bad, etc.).

740 days ago


UMMM.. Don't blame Doctor Phil, Your mother acted like a ****in weirdo and as if she was a14 year old teenager ANYONE with a brain can tell she was on something ANYONE! I feel bad for you Hun, No one to look up too both your parents are ****in loonies!!

740 days ago


Lindsey, nobody accuses their mother of being on coke, if she's not. True that your father is the biggest azz on the planet to do that to you, but you would not have said it to him if it wasn't true. I get that you want to defend your mother today, but do you really need a relationship with a mother that manipulates you for money? None of us gets to choose the parents we get, so we overlook their shortcomings to the point that they know it, and use their position as "parent" to manipulate you. That is not the job of a parent. Ditch them both, and the second half of your life will be much better for you. Good luck with that.

740 days ago


Wonder what Suge is up to tonight??

740 days ago


Sadly, the girl is a product of her disfunctional parents.

740 days ago


P.S. Hey, Lindsey, try this exercise...first, stomp your feet and tell both of your parents, that you are no longer available to them for either rmoney or publicity. Like most children, they buy gifts for their parents when they choose to, not when they are manipulated. If you really want to know if your parents put their love for you, above their love for easy money, then withhold it for awhile, and see if either one of them calls to see you when there is no money for them at the end of the visit. Watch them start mooching off your younger sister when the Lindsey well dries up.

740 days ago


How great would it be.....on the Pink carpet tonight...right as Liho is about to enlighten us on her knowledge about the Presidency, either she is served with papers from CM....OR....LAPD arrests her for defrauding an innkeeper!

740 days ago


"This goes back to 2007 when he was paroled Lindsay is making the right choice."

And yet 5 years later she's STILL calling him knowing he records every call and sells the majority of them? Who's fault is it now?

740 days ago


Look whos eating up all the attention


@ThatMadonnaGirl are you on access hollywood w LiLo??? FAMOUSSS😘

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4hThat Madonna Girl‏@ThatMadonnaGirl

@marryy_anne yea that was me

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740 days ago


Bottom line:

It is never Lindsay's fault, even when she is caught red handed.

Lindsay is always a victim.

740 days ago


Its safe to say that Mike from TMZ pays Lindsay to blow him @ CM bathroom, eh?

740 days ago


Lindsay, I will celebrate your death. It can't come soon enough!

740 days ago


still cant understand why anyone woul like this Lying CNUT.
Nic-Hole , red cloud please heard the same conversation we all heard.
what makes you think that complete Lying is a comeback

740 days ago


"it was the ambien talking, and you took (MY MOM IS ON COKE) in the wrong context"

740 days ago


Lindsay, you don't want people to feel sorry for you. You want to be whole and living your purpose with empowerment. I wish your whole family could find recovery and the benefits. We've all got our stuff and need to deal with it. Stay safe and keep growing psychologically. Blessings!

740 days ago
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