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Dr. Conrad Murray

Moved into Bigger Cell

... Still Complaining

10/12/2012 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The L.A. County Sheriff has moved Dr. Conrad Murray into a larger cell -- but the good doc still ain't happy with the upgrade, telling his lawyer, "I'm dying. You gotta save me."

Murray was transferred from a 5'x7' cell to a 8'x10' cell yesterday -- the biggest in the jail -- but he spoke to his lawyer soon after, saying, "I am a condemned prisoner right now. I look in the mirror and I don't even know who I'm looking at."

As we reported, Murray -- who is 6'5" -- has been griping constantly about his living conditions behind bars, claiming he's dying a slow death due to the cramped spaces. 

Murray says the new cell doesn't have bars to elevate his leg -- which has become swollen due to a lack of movement. He says the new cell is also more isolated, and he still isn't getting more exercise.

We're told Murray is grateful for the attention -- but it's just not enough.

Calls to the L.A. County Sheriff were not returned.


No Avatar

Cheryl A.    

Shut up Con man. You are in PRISON not the f'king spa!

742 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Boo hoo hooooooooooo! Hey TMZ STOP calling him a doctor he doesnt have that license or right anymore he is a murderer! PERIOD!!! and to CM... Suffer you pathetic dog!

742 days ago


mj was careless with his own life.doing most any drug he could get his hands on.but the pedo lovers need someone to blame though.of course it isnt their idols fault even though he was the drug addict and popped pills like candy

742 days ago


This is the US, we don't torture people, prison's like the Bastile are pretty much gone in civilized countries. I think he is whining a lot, but I also think a 7 foot cell for aman that is 6.5 foot tall is a bit small.

742 days ago


give him some propafol..and he will sleep like a baby.

742 days ago


He's convicted of Murder...where does it say he gets anything other than what all the other murderers get in jail? He's crazy, and he needs to shut up and just do the time. He's lucky he's not around the "yard" where all the MJ fans are. He'd have more than a swollen leg.

742 days ago


That is what prison is like! Quit being a bitch, shut the **** up and do your time. I could do 4 years standing on my head. Just think of the people that are in there for life. Murry got off lucky, he should not be complaining.

742 days ago


Did I miss something??? He is in a County JAIL facility and not a STATE PRISON? Why? I thought Country Jail was reserved for short term criminals, when your sentence is 18 months or less, anything over that (and I believe he got 4 years) is automatic State Prison. If he wants to complain, send him to a State Prison facility where he belongs.

742 days ago


when i was a kid and got "grounded" i'd always say, "but these are my fun yrs" maybe he should try that!

742 days ago


Duh! This is jail/prison. He's not supposed to be comfortable. That's part of the whole point of being there.

742 days ago


You're a convicted killer and are right where you belong! And quit your bitchin, you ain't gettin out!

742 days ago


This guy killed someone and he is complaining about everything. Suck it up princess that's what jail is suppose to be. It's not a vacation you dumb ass.

742 days ago


99% sure he'll squirm his way into the medical ward for comfort. It's not unusual.

742 days ago


What really irks me, is the more he whines, the more his jailers succumb to his "demands."

742 days ago
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