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Lindsay Lohan's Dad

Dina's the Villain, Not Me

10/12/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


First, Lindsay Lohan blasted her father -- on TMZ Live -- and now it's Daddy dearest's turn to fire back. Michael Lohan joined us to respond to Lindsay saying he's a deadbeat who's used her for the last time! You gotta hear what he's accusing Dina of doing to LiLo. 

Plus, Justin Bieber pulled a fast one on his fans with an elaborate hoax, and now the question is -- will all those millions and millions of "True Beliebers" ... stop believing? Can they forgive JB.

Also ... porn star Tera Patrick jumps into politics -- and it's pretty damn funny. Wait 'til you see this campaign ad!

(0:00) Michael Lohan joins the show to talk about our explosive interview with Lindsay yesterday -- and right off the bat, he says Dina had her hand up Lindsay's ass during her interview. Yeah, tt's about to get real nasty.
(3:00) Michael alleges Dina was drunk and coked up the night she got into a fight with Lindsay. His words, not ours.
(9:00) Michael doesn't give Lindsay any credit -- doubting she actually goes to therapy and that she'll be better off in five years.
(11:00) Score one for Octomom -- the heinous allegations that one of her older children sexually abused a younger one have been rejected by the DA.
(15:10) Taryn Manning is in trouble -- she allegedly got into a nasty brawl with one of her best friends ... at the same hotel that Lindsay Lohan allegedly hit a guy with her car.
(18:00) Dr. Conrad Murray got an upgrade in jail ... but it's still not enough for him.
(22:00) TMZ Live's Tim is known for pitching some ridiculous stories in our morning meeting -- so we let him re-pitch a few classics for your enjoyment.
(24:10) Justin Bieber's stolen laptop hoax -- which was devised to promote his new music video -- is one of the worst hoaxes of all-time according to Gary.
(29:00) Britney Spears made a TON of money last year.
(34:00) Porn stars Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy released a PSA to combat a bill that will force porn stars to wear condoms -- and the acting in the PSA is ... well ... as bad as a porn.
(37:05) Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose's baby registry has some ridiculously expensive items on it.
(39:00) The floors in yours!

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As a girl who loves porn, I HATE seeing a condom on the dick. I also could care less if they contract and spread disease as I will never **** anyone associated to the business.

685 days ago


WHO CARES???? Why do you keep giving any of these Lohan idiots more publicity. NONE of these family members learn anything from their mistakes or experiences and get exactly what they deserve. Your next story will be that one have them has died because that's where this is all headed - SADLY

685 days ago

Sammwells Pariss    


685 days ago


man this guy is sad. he has his daughter on phone crying to him and he taping and selling asap.
that behavior to a stranger sucks but your daughter?
how broke is he?
and now he bad mouthing his kids mother to the whole world? For how much?
mr lohan -no matter how much you hate your ex wife-she is still your kids mom-dont you think about them?
cant you make money on your own or better yet make money FOR your kids--not make money selling private matters to the press.
sad sad sad
i like even more now--she a cool chic
it sucks her dad acts a fool--24/7

685 days ago


as soon as they all start to fade into the woodwork...something happens. talk about publicity hounds. they need our attention so they can make money. dina, michael, and lilo will do ANYTHING to get their names in the tabloids. go away losers.

685 days ago


Michael says Dina threatens to prevent Lindsay from seeing Cody and Ali. Maybe she can Cody but Ali is an 18 year old adult and turned 18 last year. Ali lived with Lindsay in California this year up until May. So, this is just not possible to do. Cody visited Lindsay twice this year and was with her late August when Dina visited Lindsay in California and since Lindsay was at Dina's house some days when she was in NY, she saw him and later on Ali there when she came back from overseas 2 weeks ago. So that's just not the truth.

685 days ago


all this Lohan crap is pre-publicity for Liz & Dick I predict that the 3 Lohans will come together to do a Exclusive sit-down interviiew with an ABC property before the movie premieres and if not that a Lohan Fakeity show will be announced by New Years.
Maybe this interview will be Robin Roberts' "big get" for her return to GMA? Last thing, Wonder how much the TMZ fee is for all this Lohan Fakeity coverage Not to mention its time for Law Enforcement to crack down on all these celebrities false publicity calls.

685 days ago

Tom Jones    

They are both the villains, and they are both pezzi da merda.

685 days ago


Harvey you just can't accept when your wrong, you argue, do not allow any to speak, speak over everyone trying to say should be Romney vs Obama vs TMZ vs Harvey!

680 days ago
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