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Ex-Hotel Worker

I Was Fired for

PRAISING Jennifer Aniston

10/13/2012 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


An ex-employee of a New Mexico hotel claims he was FIRED for talking about Jennifer Aniston to hotel guests while she was staying on the property ... even though all he said was that she's "very sweet."

A man named Terry Siegler says he worked at the Encantado Resort in Santa Fe as a shuttle bus driver -- but as of Monday, he was no longer employed ... because he allegedly violated the hotel's confidentiality policy regarding famous people.

Terry tells us, the alleged violation occurred last week when he was shuttling random hotel guests who had just seen Jennifer Aniston in the hotel spa.

Terry says the guests asked if he had seen Aniston, and he replied yes, telling them Aniston is "very sweet and much more petite than I thought."

According to Terry, the guests then went back to the hotel where they openly yakked about their discussion with him -- and a member of Jen's camp overheard them, believing Terry was divulging information about Aniston to guests.

We're told Aniston's pal reported the incident to hotel management -- which then fired Terry this week, citing the celebrity policy violation.

Terry says it's part of his job to engage guests and be friendly -- claiming, "They brought [Jennifer] up first ... Was I supposed to deny it?"

Terry says he's crushed after losing his $30,000-a-year job, but he's still unsure if he'll sue for wrongful termination.

The GM of the resort tells TMZ, "I cannot confirm anything about our employees but I will say that we have a very strict confidentiality policy and we do enforce those policies."


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The Confidentiality Agreement that are signed mean you don't spill anything about guest's private lifes or what they do or say at the hotel. I doubt it covers an employee saying the guest is very sweet and petite. He didn't spill anything about Jennifer Aniston that was secretive, If anything I'm sure the guest that he talked to about JA are glad that he was engaging and appreciate his thought.

737 days ago


I like that no one wants to talk about how Jennifer Aniston broke up a 14 year relationship to be with the guy she's engaged to. Didn't everyone pity her when Brad Pitt left her (cause she didn't want to have kids) and got with Angelina Jolie (AFTER THEY WERE SEPARATED). Didn't everyone condemn both of them on ANISTONS word alone calling Jolie a homewreaker even though Pitt and Aniston weren't even together anymore? But no one dare say a word about HER when she shamelessly breaks up a long term relationship... no one dare say anything about him for cheating on his long term girlfriend with Aniston... gotta love the double standard there. Aniston is a huge bitch who's STILL crying about Pitt nearly 10 years later even though she's engaged. Now, this poor guy gets fired because he said something nice about her??? WTF.

737 days ago

Mary P    

It's quite clear here, there is a psycho among us. Almost half the posts here were written by the same person. Wonder if it's Jen's stalker. Quite creepy - look at the insult words used and how they were made and the weird placement of exclamation marks, etc. Really, really psycho.

737 days ago


you people are getting all excited after hearing one side of the story. You have no idea if this was the ONLY reason this guy was fired. Or if this was the first time he had done it.

737 days ago

former hotel employee    

You work in a hotel, these are the rules. I encountered celebrities at the hotel where I was employed and the rules there were always clear. You never given anyone information on guests, celebrity or not. If I had given out guest on regular folks in 215 to other regular folks in 710, I would have been fired.

Pretty standard policy in the industry.

737 days ago


"They brought [Jennifer] up first ... Was I supposed to deny it?"
You're supposed to say "No, I haven't." Or "No, I'm sorry." Or "I can't really say." Or even "We're not allowed to speak about other guests."
You can't sue for wrongful termination because you were not wrongfully terminated. You had obligations that came with your paycheck, and you failed to fulfill them. It doesn't matter if you were saying good things or bad things, the simple fact that you were saying ANYthing means that you failed in one of your major responsibilities.
Do you realize what happens to hotels when celebs think the staff aren't trustworthy?
*slide whistle sound*

737 days ago


They should give him his job back. He will sue if they don't. And he will win.

737 days ago


It is horrible that Jennifer's people got him fired and she is responsible for what her people do! I understand he signed the confidentiality agreement but he did NOT divulge any information about her by saying she is sweet and petite. That was not hurting her at all. The guests had already seen her. The bottom line is that she is a rich, arrogant b!!ch like the typical celebrity and does not care that she just got a hard working person fired so F Jennifer! By the way Jennifer is also a HOMEWRECKER for getting involved with her fiance when he obviously still had his girlfriend of 14 years since the ex gf's rep said she just moved out of the house right around the time Jen was seen in public with him holding hands and crap. Jennifer is no better than Angelina. If she has any decency she should help this guy get his job back. I HOPE HE SUES FOR WRONGFUL TERMINATION since he did not get a warning which he should have.

737 days ago


That's why well known personalties go to places as this is due to the 'confidentiality' they enforce regardless of how an employee may interpet it.
I say kudos' to the resort for not backing down & enforcing the 'strict' confidentiality agreement as this is what keeps the ones who which to remain private returning to these types of bonafied resorts.... Kudos' to them....

737 days ago


1) Jenn had nothing to do with getting this guy fired - that's the hotel's fault
2) No one is wondering how this story made it to TMZ? Obviously this guy called it in to make his situation news- even more reason not to re-hire him. Talk about disclosure! Now for sure the hotel can't hire him back! dumb.

737 days ago


Quickly selling his story to TMZ says it all. This bitch was a chatting **** who couldn't keep his mouth shut.

737 days ago


absolutely: if you can't keep the excitement for a famous guest to yourself then find another job somewhere else.

737 days ago


He violated her privacy by talking about her to other guests. What if they happened to be a crazy in the group he was talking to and he/she went looking for her. I am sorry you lost your job, but confidentiality Agreement means just that. Don't go talking about other guests despite your temptation to do so. Jen didn't get him fired. His stupid actions did and seeing he couldn't wait to run to the media to do so maybe the hotel was right in firing him.

737 days ago


I'm a nobody and I don't want hotel personnel to be talking about me!

737 days ago


The hotel's confidentiality policy for FAMOUS people???!!!! So it's OK to gossip about the rest of their guests??!!!

737 days ago
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