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Ex-Hotel Worker

I Was Fired for

PRAISING Jennifer Aniston

10/13/2012 12:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


An ex-employee of a New Mexico hotel claims he was FIRED for talking about Jennifer Aniston to hotel guests while she was staying on the property ... even though all he said was that she's "very sweet."

A man named Terry Siegler says he worked at the Encantado Resort in Santa Fe as a shuttle bus driver -- but as of Monday, he was no longer employed ... because he allegedly violated the hotel's confidentiality policy regarding famous people.

Terry tells us, the alleged violation occurred last week when he was shuttling random hotel guests who had just seen Jennifer Aniston in the hotel spa.

Terry says the guests asked if he had seen Aniston, and he replied yes, telling them Aniston is "very sweet and much more petite than I thought."

According to Terry, the guests then went back to the hotel where they openly yakked about their discussion with him -- and a member of Jen's camp overheard them, believing Terry was divulging information about Aniston to guests.

We're told Aniston's pal reported the incident to hotel management -- which then fired Terry this week, citing the celebrity policy violation.

Terry says it's part of his job to engage guests and be friendly -- claiming, "They brought [Jennifer] up first ... Was I supposed to deny it?"

Terry says he's crushed after losing his $30,000-a-year job, but he's still unsure if he'll sue for wrongful termination.

The GM of the resort tells TMZ, "I cannot confirm anything about our employees but I will say that we have a very strict confidentiality policy and we do enforce those policies."


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Po Po Jen how many ppl is this now that she had fired without a second thought. Her first flop film after Friends she had the lighting guy fired.. The so called friend that roomed with Aniston before she was hired for "Friends' got a part on the show and BAM she was fired. The writer on 'Friends" was fired b/c Aniston had a better way of getting the good lines...cough cough.. Also a journalist asked her what charitable organizations she was involved with seeing that was the subject and he was fired on the spot when Jennifer started crying....And the list goes on. These ppl are just the few that slipped out of the bag b/c Aniston pays to keep this stuff quiet b/c she wants to appear as the sweet nice Jen.
Money talks DOESN"T IT JEN!!!!!!!!!
Jennifer Aniston is a lousy actress with a miserable chip on her shoulder. I wouldn't pay to watch any of her flop films.
Don't think for a min. Aniston didn't have anything to do with getting this man fired. She has ewvrything to do with 'last say'. She forgot she flipped burgers before her father got her the job on 'Friends'...Bitch!

704 days ago


I'm sure he discussed her batts. Driver has what he deserves.

704 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Give the guy his job back. Jennifer Aniston should maybe consider the fact that some dude makes in a year what she makes in about 4 hours. Really dumb on hert part, because the talk around the world now is she's a bitch.

704 days ago


And I agree with Oh NO! Besides, the guy didn't break any confidentiality agreement. He was making a general comment. I have signed many confidentialitly agreements in companies I've worked, and when I went to interviews for other jobs they always asked what I did in my previous job, and I tell them. As long as you don't give out confidential secrets of the company or person, you are not breaking confidentiality issues. If I were the guy, I would slap them with a lawsuit for wrongful termination. But this kind of perfect situations always come to morons who don't do anything about it! BTW, I've gone to interviews because I moved on to other jobs, I've never been fired from any job.

703 days ago


My post above is in response to post No. 1, OH NO!

703 days ago


And this is the result of an idiot who probably doesn't do much in his/her job, trying to look good.

703 days ago


Well I guess Jen isn't that sweet after all. I mean she could have said not to do it or it was not a big deal. Let the man work

But she did the same thing to some reporter that asked her about a benefit she was "supporting" He asked her a question about some cancer stat and the next thing her PR guy got all pissy and he was fired from his station because the PR guy said he was attacking her. I guess if you are on a RC saying you support a cause people should not assume you know something about the cause. Watch her in an interview. Her PR guy is like a second skin making sure she only gets easy superficial questions.

If enough people talk about this she will do something. she admitted to reading gossip sits. So lets all talk and the guy will get his job back.

Oh hey Jen..

703 days ago


$30,000 a year to drive a shuttle bus? Sheesh.

703 days ago


What a Bi*ch!! The man said she was sweet and petite and he loses his $30k a year job. She's walking around with a big, gaudy, tacky ring allegedly worth $500k.
I always thought she's a fake as*. She proved my point the past week. The flashy ring and now having this man fired.
I still can't past the people defending this Confidentiality agreement when there were photos
all over the net of her filming in NM and paps are always catching celebrities coming or leaving a hotel. He was just confirming what the guest already knew, They saw HER as* in the hotel.
What if he had said she wasn't so pretty in person and she's not a nice person.?.Would her people have him banned from working in the US?

703 days ago


Cant't wait for the next tread that comes out saying that Jen wasn't even AT this stupid resort, and someone fabricated this entire story. She is actually known as one of the coolest stars in HWood. And if she was at that resort, I would be willing to bet she had NO idea about this at all. She's just not a DIVA! A stoner yes, a diva no!

703 days ago


That's why they call it a confidentality agreement - you keep things confidential - duh - he should have been fired and is lucky they're not suing him for breech of contract.

703 days ago


Totally suprised how many people on here are willing to hate on this woman, because of a story from TMZ. And we all know howTMZ gets everything right, every time. Maybe this guy got fired for other reasons, or had a habit of doing this kind of name dropping stuff minus the supposed compliment. We don't know, but after 20 years of her being the nicest celeb out there, it's a little crazy that this guy s story has made it this far...

702 days ago


I think this is ridiculous. The poor man just lost his job because he "talked" about a pretentious celebrity staying at their hotel. It's not like he gave out her room number to the paparazzi. If this story is true, then she should be ashamed.

702 days ago

Michael Forever    

Are you serious! Someone from her camp went and complained about that!!!!! Jennifer if you don't give that man a job or a check, we will not like you anymore!

702 days ago


I doubt she had anything to do with it. He broke the rules. He got fired.

702 days ago
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