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Lindsay Lohan

My Chateau Marmont Ban

Is Over

10/13/2012 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1013_chatuae_lindsay_gettyLindsay Lohan is OFF THE CHATEAU MARMONT BLACKLIST -- which explains why she was there Thursday night -- and TMZ has learned it's all thanks to a Hail Mary phone call to the owner himself.

As TMZ first reported, LiLo was BARRED from the legendary hotel after she didn't pay her massive $46,000 bill -- which she racked up buying cigarettes, mini-bar goodies and candles. Lindsay claimed she thought the production co. behind "Liz and Dick" -- which she was filming at the time of the charges -- was footing the tab. 

Sources close to Lilo tell TMZ ... the actress reached out to hotel magnate Andre Balazs -- owner of the Chateau along with a slew of other properties -- in hopes to reclaim her stomping grounds.

We're told LiLo and Andre have been friends for years and she made it clear that the whole ordeal was a giant misunderstanding. Lilo offered to pay off the debt (which we're told she did) if Andre could have a chat with the Chateau staff. 

Our sources tell us, Andre informed LiLo he had no idea she had been blacklisted and promised to remedy the situation ASAP.

Which clearly happened.



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742 days ago


Oh, cut the crap as soon as her bill was paid the ban would be over that was said from day one. No news flash here.

Oh, big deal. Like this is something to be proud of. Then why did she intensionally stiff them in fhe first place.

Then why didn't Lohan call him when she was first banned? Oh, that's right he was forcing her to pay her bill. More BS Lohan is getting caught in. She's trying to play it like she has such an in with him. NO.

Very simple, she paid her bill the ban was lifted.No other reason. Won't be long before she pulls it again.

This was no news. As soon as Lohan paid her bill the ban would be over. That was said from day one. No she has to exagerate like they are the best of friends.

Yeah, another Lohan self-proclaimed friend for years. Just like her good friend Sam Magid she was caught stealing from his home. Oh, that Ambien haze.

Lohan had no choice but to pay her bill. She really doesn't have anyplace to go. I'm sure the guests and staff are thrilled.

Doesn't say that she is allowed to stay there.

742 days ago


I wonder when was the last time that Lindsay read a good book? It doesn't seem that her education was very academically inclined.

742 days ago


So in other words she blew him to get unbanned.

742 days ago


What a disgusting waste of money. This idiot could have sent an assistant to Wal Mart and purchase every single thing she needed for 1/8 of the cost. $75 dollars a day for a laptop? mini-bar charges? I can't stand nitwits like her who don't understand money. She'll be a broke azz skank by the time she's 40 - just you watch.

742 days ago


It won't last long, She will be banned from somewhere. It was funny to me her saying all the times she went out and things happened to her were not her fault and that things happen to everyone when they go out. HMMMM no they don't. and if you go partying all the time and stay out after 2 in the morning bad things always happen. Stop going out partying and things won't happen.

742 days ago


Need to read up on Andras sweetie , he's not as clean cut a business man as you think he has a sleazy side who likes nasty woman...among the Lindsay Lohan....Kate Moss...Chelsea Handler.... etc he names them off for you in his life story on several internet sites on his life...look them up they are easy to find...he seem to have settled down some now but not 10 yrs ago wihen Lindsay moved into his hotel....Some of his inner circle of friends includes Diamingo Zapata, Vikey, the artist who designed his resterants and the CM resterant around the corner....and several other men Lindsay has been involved or linked to ....
Pattterns and links ...they all circle back to the Chateau Marmont and our Lindsay....
Now you can take the high road and say he is completely innocent and you may be right but I in my opinion which means nothing to anybody on here but what the hell I'll give it anyway......find that their are to many links and lines and patterns to do that....and believe me sweetie I was trained to do this kind of thing a long time ago...Patterns....LOL

742 days ago


Blohan has been doing the same song and dance for so long, she doesn't even realize the audience has already gone home.

742 days ago


My Gators are now 6-0 baby!!!!!

742 days ago


Hey Maddy
Your right about that ....thats cause she doesn't have the brains cells left that she would need to change her routine.....
I know one thing when they find her dead if its a overdose they better check her ears and navel...for needle marks ....thats how the killed Marilyn.......just pump her veins full of air from a needle and slam bam Thank You Sam you have a instead stroke or anyerizism......

742 days ago


How much you wanna bet that Liho flipped a picture of the New/former flower power girl to Balazs with an offer of 'You let me back for the evening...and this is yours...*wink wink*'
But the Flower power girl wouldn't put out and that's the reason they left and Liho sent her azz packing back to NYC!

742 days ago


Any one else here thinking she's working it off with this guy? And I mean physical favors. How much does a bj go for?

742 days ago



742 days ago


Is that man crazy....

742 days ago


WOW! Some bar bill for someone on probation! Oh wait- it was for her friends/visitors! The WHOLE family needs help! They are a PERFECT example of a dysfunctional family if there ever was one!

742 days ago
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