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Dina Lohan

Lindsay NEEDS Protection

Order Against Her Dad

10/15/2012 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1014_lohans_tmzLindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan are squaring off again -- this time because Lindsay's mom is pressuring her to get a permanent order of protection against Michael Lohan.

Sources close to the Lohans tell TMZ Dina's taking her war with Michael to the next level -- urging Lindsay to ask a judge for the protection order to stop her father from having any contact with her whatsoever ... including phone calls, texts, and emails.

Dina's push to legally freeze out Michael comes on the heels of Lindsay's tearful statement -- on TMZ Live -- that she is "done" with her father.

But according to our sources ... LiLo's not down with Dina's plan because she thinks the protection order is too extreme -- and she ain't exactly keen on the idea of marching into a courtroom.  Understandable.

We're told Dina has approached her other children as well (Cody, Ali, and Michael Jr.) ... but it's unclear if they were receptive to the idea.

We called Michael for comment, and ... predictably ... he thinks Dina is the danger to the Lohan kids -- telling us, "I suppose Dina got wind that I want the court and Child Protective Services to investigate her!"


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How much longer is this circus going to be playing on tmz? This and BIG butt K are getting stale and rotting.

702 days ago


A few observations on the above story.
1. There has to be a legitimate reason for needing a restraining order, there is none here.
2. Which Lohan released this information to the press, since nobody would have known about DUIna's request unless either DUIna or Linds relased it, or DUIna with Linds' full cooperation released it.
3. Diz and Lick must be REALLY bad if they have to resort to these sort of tactics prior to its release.
4. The Clamyons has to be REALLY bad if this sort of publicity is needed.
5. Barbara Walters must be suffering from Alzheimer's if she is going to do this interview.
6.The Lohan's are TWUNTS

702 days ago

Ellie G    

Why cant we just let her be great? Mike Walters says she is going to win an oscar and that trumps being a Lying Skank.


I am going to go take my meds now.

702 days ago


So, I get Lohans being Lohans.

What I wonder is why TMZ has renewed this 24/7 coverage of this talentless homeless fame whore?
Must be prepping for some anticipated train wreck. Because train wreck she is. The idea that she's on any kind of upswing is delusional and TMZ aren't delusional. They opportunistic.

702 days ago


Dear Lohan family,

What the ****????

Sincerely, the entire world!!!

702 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Lindsey Lohan you continue to lie.

Here is a quote by Lindsey Lohan "I just think employment is really important right now. So, as of now, Mitt Romney. As of now."

click here~> Lindsey Lohan not even registered to vote -- but yet she endorses Mitt Romney

702 days ago


Is it impossible for you to go an entire day without mentioning this bunch of pathetic lunatics?

702 days ago


seriously, how sad are these people fighting in the media like total idiots?

702 days ago


What Lindsey needs is to be thrown out of a 10 story building and be done with it. All this Lohan mess. That family is disgusting - constantly airing their dirty laundry in public. Put a permanent end to it.

702 days ago


Lindsay Lohan to Sit Down With Barbara Walters Nov. 16

Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to sit down with Barbara Walters for a “20/20″ interview that will air Friday, Nov. 16, at 10 p.m. ET.

Walters confirmed the news on ABC’s “The View” today. The interview will air ahead of the Nov. 25 premiere of “Liz & Dick,” a Lifetime movie in which the 26-year-old actress stars as Elizabeth Taylor.

702 days ago


It's good to know TMZ has all the Lohan's on speed dial so we won't miss any of these non essential stories about them. When she takes out a court order that's news, talking about taking out one is not news. Now go clean your noses, they're looking a little brown.

702 days ago


She needs to stay away from both parents...more so Dina the coke whore!!

702 days ago


Oh, come on, Dina. Lindsay was the one to call her dad, not the other way around. If she doesn't want him to call her, she doesn't need a protection order. Nowadays, you can just choose to only let the phone ring for people you want to call you. Obviously Lindsay called her dad in front of her mom because she knew that was the one thing that would infuriate Dina. Lindsay also knew her dad records everything, and I don't blame him for that considering what liars they all are. Lindsay also knew he would publicize the conversation, because that's what he does. Her new "my dad is dead to me" refrain isn't because of anything Michael did. It's some dark game being played out between her and her mother.

702 days ago


I don't think they're fighting each other or airing their dirty laundry thru the media.

This is all staged. They call each other regularly and discuss story lines. Who is going to say what to whom and the whole thing.

Then they try to sell the drama for hits and cash followed by trying to get big paying interviews if it's a big enough blowup that especially TMZ will pick up. And let's not forget the ones that will pay them for the ratings ( BW & Lauer)

We should all just simply STOP commenting on this pond squum and they might (and I say might) disappear.

702 days ago


C'mon guys, they pull this same old shyt every single time. Nothing more than a set up and scam to try and get money.

Dina, Lohan, is reported all over she's 1.3 million in debt and house is going to get forclosed on. In fact the bank rep was going to serve the papers on wednesday when the drunk and drugged out fight happened. Her mortgage is close to $8k per month.

My god, who will pay for her botox, wigs, hair extensions, spray tans, drugs and so on...

Then why is it when Lindsay screws up which is quite often, the first thing always out of her mouth is call my father?

This has been nothing but a scam for years to keep their name out there. Really hasn't done any good at all.

702 days ago
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