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Prez Debate ...

Big TURN-OFF to Voters

10/17/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


President Obama and Mitt Romney did a great job in the debate -- if their goal was to piss off Harvey ... and now his tweet about the candidates has people really fired up! Did Harv's comment about voting cross the line?

Plus, is Lance Armstrong getting the shaft? Nike and several other sponsors booted him today -- but there's a whiff of hypocrisy in the air. Why are some performance enhancers accepted ... while others are vilified?
And Sarah Silverman's father joins us to defend her honor against the rabbi who said Sarah should be making babies instead of jokes.

(0:00) The gloves are off! Harvey HATED the debate last night -- he thinks President Obama and Mitt Romney spent so much time ripping each other, they failed to inspire. And thanks to a few harsh Tweets Harvey posted about the debate ... it's time for the Twitterverse to rip into him. Naturally, he fights back.
(10:00) A rabbi rips Sarah Silverman for choosing her career over having babies -- so Sarah's father joins the show to put the guy in his place.
(16:00) Britney Spears' mom got an order blocking Sam Lutfi from alleging she hates Jews.
(18:30) Bad day for Lance Armstrong -- he was dropped by a handful of sponsors (including Nike) ... and then steps down as chairman of Livestrong.
(24:00) Mel Gibson has a new girlfriend -- and she's a badass!
(28:10) One Direction fans get into a Twitter war with Wolfgang Van Halen ... and here's the sad part (and generational gap we're dealing with) ... some of them have never heard of Van Halen. Max is beside himself.
(32:00) Vikings punter Chris Kluwe poses shirtless in Out magazine -- and defends gay marriage. Baby steps, NFL. Baby steps.
(34:45) Chew on this ... Octomom is outlasting the original mother of eight, Kate Gosselin. Who knew?
(36:30) Kris Jenner is an entertainment powerhouse -- she was the driving force that locked down Khloe's deal with "X Factor."
(39:00) The floor is yours!

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more on sports steriod cheaters, Armstrong, liars

701 days ago


I agree with the person that TMZ needs to just STFU about politics and stick to celeb news. We know where you nose is Harvey!

701 days ago


Republicans have a war on women. Wake up

701 days ago


Rumor is that Harvey has a stiffy for Obama?

701 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

BRAVO....Mr. Levin!
In the words of MY forefather, the blessed King Solomon: "Where there is no Vision, people perish".

Those two politicians, solidified their own indictments on their respective malfeasance as "leaders".

701 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

This is great !
Rayn: wait...just...but bu ......wait .... bu

701 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

This is the most organized TMZ ever

701 days ago


Obama was the clear winner and he spoke the truth, i VOTED Republican in 2008 but i will NOT make that mistake again, Romney is full of Lies...

701 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

Shup Satin up if you aren't going to let him finish his sentence. I'm about one minute from tuning out of this yelling fest and I watch every day. Stop having so many of the staff chiming in barking.

701 days ago


Nudge me when they are done yakking about the debate, I have them on STFU, I mean mute.

701 days ago


Vote Daniel Hannan, M.P.

701 days ago

R. Cortez    

Is this your first Presidential Debate Harvey ? Hate to be the one to tell you this, but getting elected has almost nothing to do with what they say. Kerry lost to Bush because he wasn't injured enough in Vietnam. McCain lost because he chose Palin. It's a game to get noticed, period. Grow up Harvey, you sound like a 20 year old.

701 days ago


That one kid with the dark hair is so obnoxious and loud. He's rude, constantly interrupts and is pretty much ignorant in his remarks.... Wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't SHOUTING into the camera like a maniac! Don't fire him Harvey, but put a muzzle on him!!

701 days ago


hard hard questions

701 days ago


Whaat? Harvey isn't absolutely pro-Obama? Say it isn't true! Ha! But it's fair to say you're not impressed by either candidate - I felt the same way in the last election. And the debates and last night's debate format really did nothing for anyone.

701 days ago
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