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Sam Lutfi

Britney OD'd on Amphetamines

The Night She Was 5150'd

10/18/2012 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Britney Spears
took a huge amount of amphetamines the night she was strapped to a stretcher and placed on a 5150 hold -- so claims Sam Lutfi's lawyer in the opening statements of his defamation case.

Lutfi's lawyer, Joseph Schleimer, told the jury, on January 28, 2008, Britney had an amphetamine script filled. Schleimer says she took 6 to 8 pills early in the day, and several more later and went off the rails.

Lutfi's lawyer also said he tried to get Britney to meet with a psychiatrist 2 days before she was 5150'd, but Brit refused. 

And there's this ... during Britney's disastrous appearance on the MTV Awards in 2007, Lutfi felt she was such a mess she shouldn't do it, because she was overweight and didn't rehearse, but Britney wouldn't hear it.


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Well Harv, I am sure all Mr Lutfi's Friends are sleeping well, Hey if this Douchebag Will Rat on Young Britney Who say's he wont rat on everyone?

734 days ago


Ha, i apparently fell in a time travelling hot tub and went back to 2007.

734 days ago

Wow ...    

I almost feel horrible reading the article, peering in on her past. But, I did. I will not do so again. It is behind her now. This Lufti guy needs to take a long walk off of a short cliff. Team Britney on this one! Here is to you Britney, for turning things around. Job well done.

734 days ago

Don Martin    

Gosh I bet Mickey is turning over in his grave.

734 days ago


She look hot to me...A sexy hot mess!

734 days ago



734 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I see Lufti's release of insider-type info about Britney as low class and vindictive.

734 days ago


I still stand by my first comment. But I also think Lutfi is not totally to blame. If people look really closely at how/when things unraveled- I think KFed had something to do with it. She was fine til she met up with him. Then all of a sudden it was quickie wedding, reality tv, 2 quick pregnancies (which could have been part of it) with a quick divorce after. KFed was slime from the beginning. I think he started her on something she couldn't completely let go of and Lutfi just jumped on the wagon knowing it would be an easy ride to fame...

734 days ago


oh really he claimed she shouldn't perform?
funny cause I remember x17 asked him "what happened? and he said " I don't know" "she just freaked out"

why didn't he tell x17 that he tried to make Britney reconsider performing? I smell a bull****!

734 days ago


I recall Sam being right there with her along with the cousin Aly laughing at her cray cray & spending her cash..There's even a TMZ phone call where he's giggling and having a good time while Britney was trying to take a shower, he was egging her to get on the phone with you guys live. TMZ why are you not going back to YOUR OWN FOOTAGE of escapades like the phonecall to help this girl fight these claims of him being some ultimate victim?

734 days ago


Yada yada yada .... SHAME on you, TMZ! Why the hell are you giving that douchbag any attention at all?

We all know she struggled ... for whatever reason. The important thing is she got help, turned it all around and is doing beyond fine now.

Don't even get me started about the overweight comment ... I hope the court charges him for the time he will waste. Defamation my ass!

734 days ago


I remember this when it happened, and I'd just like to say I think she did fine and looked fine. Yea, she looked a little out of it, but she kept up with the other dancers and kept her lips moving to the lyrics. She may have been tad out of shape, but she wasn't overweight, she just needed to tone up a bit. However, I still think she looked great. Not every "artist" needs to be a twig to be beautiful. I'm glad she did this, I'm just sorry she was under this d-bag's control. He tried to ruin her.... luckily he failed!

734 days ago


Sad that women who don't look emaciated are considered overweight now. She looked great! Sure her top was a little small for her chest size but there was nothing wrong with her weight! She looked healthy. This is why so many girls turn anorexic because the new standard of beauty is to be able to see all your bones through your skin. That guy is a d-bag for saying that!

734 days ago


The guy is definitely a douchebag leech, but I believe everything he's said so far. She was clearly a major druggie during that period and the drugs f*cked up her brain permanently, which is why she's so mentally screwed up now and can't make any life decisions on her own.

734 days ago


Ok, I'm gonna do that sideways move well I'll gyrate again..

734 days ago
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