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Lindsay Lohan


10/19/2012 5:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops just showed up at Lindsay Lohan's Beverly Hills home after Michael Lohan and others tried to stage an intervention to get Lindsay into treatment ... TMZ has learned.

Michael Lohan and several others showed up at Lindsay's house Friday afternoon ... believing she has fallen off the wagon ... and they believe that's why she has become a no-show for post-production work on her upcoming movie, "The Canyons."

We spoke to Michael outside Lindsay's place ... and he said his daughter is surrounding herself with "a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts."

Michael also claims Lindsay's entire team is on board with the intervention, though we cannot confirm that.

We're told Lindsay was at the house when Michael and team arrived, but someone claiming to be her boyfriend shooed them away.  The "boyfriend" told TMZ Lindsay was inside and any problems Lindsay has will not be solved by her father. 

Someone called the cops to report a trespassing call.  Cops are currently on scene.


4:35PM PT  Police have left Lindsay's house ... and so has Michael.


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Heres a story of the Lohan Family; They are a real f*ked up Bunch

There is Michael; who is the daddy; he is a really crazy f*ck.

Then theres Dina; who is the mommy; she likes to go on tv drunk.

Then theres Lindsay; the oldest child; she is always coked up.

Then theres Ali; the youngest daughter; she only eats one grape for lunch.

Then theres two boys but no one knows them so they are not included in this song.

The Lohan bunch, the Lohan Bunch, they are the f*ked up Lohan bunch!

712 days ago

Don Martin    

I can see it now. Dr.Drew does Lohan 90210.

712 days ago

kanye east    

Awwww.... isn't that charming? Sam Lufti and AA Aliana make such the adorable couple. I hope they smash champagne glasses on their Iraqi honeymoon!

712 days ago


So who's house is Liho squatting in this week?

712 days ago


"We spoke to Michael outside Lindsay's place ... and he said his daughter is surrounding herself with "a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts."

In other words, she's hangin' with the fam.

712 days ago


LOL an Intervention. Nice try but that's only about 15 years to late and neither Michael or Dina have ever been competent parents to be involved in one. Gotta give him a little credit for this half assed attempt, but I'm sure it was nothing but a publicity stunt.

712 days ago


One parent is more of a train wreck than the other. Does she have a chance with immature childish parents like this? She not only has to deal with them, but she carries their DNA. Now I feel sorry for her.

712 days ago


And of course the cameras need to be present.

712 days ago

She's baaaack    

Die. Please, all of you die.

712 days ago


Get a RESTRAINING ORDER on her FATHER keep him out of her LIFE.

712 days ago


he said his daughter is surrounding herself with "a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts."

you mean her family?

712 days ago


Who gives a crap. Stop blaming mommy and daddy.

Lohan is pushing 27 and a totally mean, nasty drunk and druggie. She does what she wants when she wants. That simple. She didn't show up, the same no talant un-professional crap she always pulls and they got pissed.

I'll say it again, Lohan won't be so smug when she's out of money. When she can't get work of any kind or she ends up hurting or killing somebody. You know damn well she will be the first to scream that nobody helped her just to blame anyone but herslef.

Lohan is a total waste product.

712 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Oh, just gross. All of it.

712 days ago

kanye east    

From DADMAR over on Radar:

"insane freak. he's pissed because she cut him off from all her money. her team would have nothing to do with him and if they thought she needed any intervention, he would be the last person they would go to. he needs to leave her alone and die right now!"

I wonder why DADMAR always sounds so angry? I think it's time for her to disappear for a while, then "comeback" like a rational, nice person. Like she always does.

*Artistic license may apply to this post*

712 days ago


So so tired of this train wreck of a family. How much police time have they wasted both here and in New York. The police have much more important things to deal with than their family problems. I am tired of them wasting tax payers money. It is time the police charge the family money every time they get called to come out.

712 days ago
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