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I Think My Mail Lady

Is Spying on Me!

10/20/2012 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_octomom_03Octomom believes her mail lady isn't just delivering the mail ... she's delivering information about her to other people ... and Octo wants her fired for it!

Octo's rep tells TMZ her security caught the mail lady snapping pics of Nadya's car and home on Thursday. She says security confronted her and she claimed she was taking pics of the car because she wanted one for herself.

Octo and her security team didn't buy the woman's story, so Octo filed a complaint with the Palmdale Postmater for violation of privacy. Octo tells TMZ she believes the mail lady has been giving out her address and says she's noticed an increase in traffic in her neighborhood as of late.

Octo tells us, "I am so shocked by the behavior of the USPS, now I know how people have been getting my address. It is very disturbing that this woman is handling my personal mail and possibly taking pictures of that as well. I certainly hope they are going to take this situation seriously. It is disgusting."

Octo says the Postmaster told her they are investigating the situation.


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Her manager (whose son works for TMZ) had pictures of her Palmdale house on TMZ a few weeks ago even before the egging incident. Her house is NOT a surprise to anyone.

732 days ago


Her "security team" probably consists of her older children.

732 days ago


It's disquisting how you put pics of your mutilated vjaja on the Internet, you stupid kbitch. YOU are the one inviting the world to your new residence you dumb cow. Nobody cares. Leave people with real jobs alone. Get a PO Box if you are so worried about privacy, haha. That's funny.

732 days ago


OK Octohooker..... I am so sick of you whinnig about this or that... If loosers want to take pics of your car or home its ok because its their right. Since when do you have proof that she sold the information... Anyone can figure out where you live. Just follow the pile of trash to your home. If you dont want anyone to follow you or see where you live why dont you move to someplace no one cares about... Like Canada. Get a job and a life you worthless excuse for a mother. Oh ya while your at it go get your tubes tied. Im tired of paying for your damn kids.

732 days ago


I want proof. This is just another statement (lie) from Octoscam's mouth. Kinda like the "death threats" that never made it to the police department? Yet TMZ still reports it! LOL

732 days ago


Maybe her Rogaine for Women has seeped into her brain or someone gave her too much Botox and it made her delusional. Nah... she was born that way.

732 days ago


Does she really think she is that importent ? Wake up Octo ~ YOUR NOT...

If you do not want anyone to know your address you should get a PO box.
Nevermind the fact that pictures of your house were on some webpage.

It is not illegal for people to take pictures of things that our out doors. Mail lady could of been taking a picture of a bird,or maybe a pile of dog poop..Cus i can tell you NO ONE gives a dam where you live, or to waste gas money to drive by your house.
Your not a celebrity..Your known for the stupid task of getting pregant with mutiple kids by a turkey baster..

If you do not want people to know your address, or take a picture,or have the mail lady so called spying on you MOVE TO ANOTHER COUNTRY,OR IN A GATED COMMUNITY..Oh,,yea i forgot you have too many kids to feed.
LOSER-NO ONE CARES..Get over yourself.

732 days ago


Security Team ??? Really !!!!! this pig of a human is really CRAZY !!!!!! GET OVER YOURSELF ALREADY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

732 days ago


She a full of S%#t.

732 days ago


I'm guessing the "security team" --LOL, some of Gina's out of work and under the table relatives--is being provided by the HOA to protect them from her.

How does anyone who plasters the Internet with photos of her grotesquely mutilated privates get to complain about the lack of privacy., exactly?

Note to Octoskidmark: give it a few months past the end of your rent deposit and you'll be getting all the privacy you could ever need. So far your manager and you have been desperately trying to get photos of you exceptionally ugly and soulless home wherever they can possibly be placed. It all looks more impersonally architectuarally digested than the lobby of some Latvian government agency. Pity the kids to have to live in the kind of storage facility maintained by a criminal sociopath and her cravenly pandering enabler.
Ganal may be the worst dressed pornpimp ever.

732 days ago


Why is Nadya complaining that the mail carrier might be giving out her address to people, when it is NADYA HERSELF who invited TMZ and Rumorfix to take pictures of the outside and inside of her Palmdale home? She is the one who wants the world to know where she lives. She did the same thing when she moved into the Madonna Lane house in La Habra in 2009. She invited Radar Online in for a tour of the house, and she even gave a floor plan to one of the tabloid magazines. This is deja vu all over again.

732 days ago


wow. You can REALLY see the forehead implant now that her hairline is receding so drastically.
No gain with that Rogaine she uses.

Wonder if she'll go totally bald or go for a Homer Simpson

732 days ago


Did she not say her lips were big because she was pregnant? Hmm they are still big, whats up with that?

732 days ago


If you see your mail lady passing by your house everyday it's because she is delivering mail,,,,,Not spying on you ! Lmao.

732 days ago


WAIT...that idiot is begging for money..BUT, has security! Anyone that gave her a dime is as stupid as she is!

732 days ago
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