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Travis Barker


10/21/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1019-travis-barker-getty-tattoosTravis Barker believes an LAPD officer pulled him over, and immediately labeled him a drug-toting gang member -- and says it's second time he's been "profiled" by law enforcement ... TMZ has learned.

Travis was on his way to pick up his daughter in L.A. Wednesday, when he got pulled over for not having a front license plate on his custom Chevy.

According to Barker's rep ... the officer gave him the ole once-over, saw his head-to-toe tatts ... and "then accused him of having drugs and weapons in the car."

Barker's rep tells TMZ ... he was also accused of having gang ties, and was asked to have his car searched by the officer -- which Barker allowed him to do.

Barker's rep tells TMZ , the drummer ultimately got off with a fix-it ticket -- but he's still pissed because the same exact thing happened about a year ago ... when an LAPD officer slapped him with a ticket for no plates and tinted windows.

Barker believes profiling is NOT okay -- but acknowledges that not all cops do it.

TMZ spoke with an LAPD rep who refused to comment on Travis' profiling accusation. The rep did say Travis is welcome to come in to any station to sit down and talk about the situation.


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Well golly gee whiz Travis Barker....maybe you need to get a freaking license plate you loser. Why do these whiney people think they should be above the law. Maybe they should be a cop for a day and deal with bad people with real guns.

731 days ago


Soooo, you got pulled over one a YEAR and you think you're being profiled? Try following the law and having a front license plate!!!

731 days ago


Here is a thought, tint you windows to a legal tint, and slap the front license plate on the truck, maybe won't get pulled over for it, Just sayin'.

731 days ago


Tattoos don't say anything about a person, they're simply ink and art.
Tattoos do not indicate drugs use, do not indicate gang affiliation and not indicate a criminal personality.

731 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...hey ding GENERAL..if u walk like a duck...look like a duck..ur a duck...wouldn't it please u too know police doing their job and in ur case...u turned out NOT too be a duck....just a jerk..grow up already..u hv kids! geez..u can't b thaaaaaaaaaaat stupid!

731 days ago


Sorry Travis, I got asked the same question when i was pulled over and I work 9 to 5 and I'm not a tatted up freak and I drive a 10 year old stock SUV and am a white male. You are not special and not being profiled or singled out. Get over yourself.

731 days ago


Ever thought about putting the required tag on the front of your vehicle?? Proper tag = not being stopped (especially when the "same exact thing" happened last year!)

731 days ago


Get your car fixed, idiot.

731 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I know that you should not judge a book by the cover but dude, it's not like the cops watch you for 15 minutes before pulling you over. It's a judgement call. Don't like it, wear a long sleeved shirt.

731 days ago


I refuse to feel sorry for someone who has made themselves into a walking freak for being profiled. Talk to the people that are profiled just for the color of their skin and nothing else. That is unjust.

731 days ago


And Travis should have refused to give the cop permission to search his vehicle without *probable cause*...of which there was none.
Travis was **not** found to have drugs, weapons or to be a gang member.
The cop was wrong.
Presumptuous, assuming, pig headed, stubborn...wrong.
Unfortunately Travis can't bring legal action against the cop because he gave his permission to search the vehicle.
Had he refused permission and the police officer searched anyway based on some typical bogus claim of suspicion, without real probable cause, and found nothing, Travis would be able to put the cop's ass to a frying pan in court.

731 days ago


If this is the second time for being pulled over for no tags. Maybe he should get tags.

731 days ago


If it looks like a duck.....

731 days ago


To be honest if I was a police officer I'd be leary of him as well since my life and safety would always be at risk due to the nature of my job. It would also be my duty to protect the public. When you look like a gang member along with no plates and tinted windows that is not profiling. That's holding a lawbreakers accountable.

731 days ago



You got head-to-toe tatts and a custom Chevvy with tinted windows and you're indignant that you set off all the criminal warning lights in a cop's brains?

Bitch, please....

731 days ago
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