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Travis Barker


10/21/2012 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1019-travis-barker-getty-tattoosTravis Barker believes an LAPD officer pulled him over, and immediately labeled him a drug-toting gang member -- and says it's second time he's been "profiled" by law enforcement ... TMZ has learned.

Travis was on his way to pick up his daughter in L.A. Wednesday, when he got pulled over for not having a front license plate on his custom Chevy.

According to Barker's rep ... the officer gave him the ole once-over, saw his head-to-toe tatts ... and "then accused him of having drugs and weapons in the car."

Barker's rep tells TMZ ... he was also accused of having gang ties, and was asked to have his car searched by the officer -- which Barker allowed him to do.

Barker's rep tells TMZ , the drummer ultimately got off with a fix-it ticket -- but he's still pissed because the same exact thing happened about a year ago ... when an LAPD officer slapped him with a ticket for no plates and tinted windows.

Barker believes profiling is NOT okay -- but acknowledges that not all cops do it.

TMZ spoke with an LAPD rep who refused to comment on Travis' profiling accusation. The rep did say Travis is welcome to come in to any station to sit down and talk about the situation.


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He got the same ticket a year ago, if he would just put on the front plate, WHICH IS THE LAW! Then he wouldn't be pulled over! Repeatedly!

732 days ago


Tell him to fix the problems with his vehicles then he wouldn't get pulled over in the frst place.

732 days ago


Uh, hey stupid, fix your license plate and tint and you wouldn't be "profiled". Moron.

732 days ago


Is that Waldo by his arm pit?

732 days ago


No front plate and too dark of windows.... Hmmmmm I would get pulled over too... And I am a fat white chick! Just cause you are Travis barker doesn't mean u can break safety laws!!!

732 days ago


I don't have a problem with his tattoos. His problem is he didn't learn the first time - if you don't want to be stopped, make sure your vehicle is street legal. Everyone knows (or they should) that routine traffic stops are often how cops find more serious criminals. So, don't make yourself a target - fix the vehicle, obey traffic laws, it's easy.

732 days ago


Why doesn't he just purchase the freaking tags? It ain't profiling if they have a reason to pull him over!

732 days ago


My question is, if he got stopped a year ago for not having plates, and he still doesn't have plates, he should have gotten more than just a fix-it ticket. He's not above the law.

732 days ago


My question is, if he got stopped a year ago for not having plates, and he still doesn't have plates, he should have gotten more than just a fix-it ticket. He's not above the law.

732 days ago


Why would anyone stick up for the crooked ass LAPD? And why is this a story? F them both

732 days ago


Get a grip you pu$$y! Maybe if you put plates on your vehicles you wouldn't get pulled over and then people wouldn't have to listen to you whine about those big-giant-meanie-police doing their job...

732 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Uh, WAY to try for sommore pub, Travis!
What, fighting with Shanna stopped working to get attention, huh?
When's the last time you sold a record,?
(BTW--You look like a BAD GUY, and you did it to YOURSELF.)

732 days ago


ok, maybe his look is not like "pretty normal" but what if he's got tattoos? doesn't mean he's a drug addict/dealer. Stop judging people by the way they look, he's got enough money to buy their souls... damn cops. There are real dangerous people out there and you won't notice it because they're wearing a suit and a tie.

732 days ago


Why dont he just get a freaking tag already!? Huh, it's not profiling if they have a good reason for pulling you over!

732 days ago


Go cry me a river color people gets pulled over more then you do in a week dumb ass when I mean color I mean Mexicans black Asian ect dumb ****ing cracker

732 days ago
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