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Donald Trump

My OBombshell Could

Change the Election

10/22/2012 3:23 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Donald Trump has made it clear … the information he has concerning the President of the United States is HUUUUGE … and he tells TMZ he’s going to reveal the info on Wednesday.

Trump just called in to “TMZ Live” and told us the information is nothing short of “a big fact.”

When asked if his secret will make Obama happy – Trump replied, “I don’t wanna comment … that’s up to him.”

Earlier this morning, Trump described his information to "Fox & Friends" … saying it’s “something very, very big concerning the president of the United States … It’s going to be very big. I know one thing -- you will cover it in a very big fashion.”


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693 days ago


God help us if its about his birth certificate - again!! I like Trump but when it comes to Obama he's way off course. I guess it's easier to sit back and criticize and accuse than actually run for office himself. If he thinks he's so much smarter and better at telling everyone how to make the US better, why didn't he put his money where his mouth is and run for office!!

693 days ago


I'm glad that this SOB has gotten some attention today. I know that he can't stand the idea of not having somebody pay some attention to him on any given day. Now that his moment has passed hopefully he will go to his 19th wife, or whatever, and get some much needed attention from her. Meanwhile the rest of us have to live in the real world with real problems. Nobody has time for an overgrown old man with some dead animal on his head. Next! Move along! Nothing and no one to see here!

693 days ago

velveteen rabbit    

his bombshell is going to be something dumb like he's offering the president a spot on celebrity apprentice after he loses the election. Seriously. This is the tarded kind of crap that comes out of that doofus's head.

693 days ago


An old "man" with delusions of grandeur and a BAD wig. I can't wait for his news...oops, just remembered, I'll be busy pulling weeds. Maybe next week....

693 days ago


Just finished watching the debate_Romney is the CLEAR WINNER and next President of the United States of AMerica !

Romney took charge in a self_assured calm and reasonable way_Obama faltered many times and looked to have a lapse in his train of thought_and said many off topic_non sequencing comments watch the tape_

Romney made me feel safer_Obama looked unsure even insecure at times_tried to cover it with a look of utter disdain for his opponent_his eye expression was glaring even angry_as if to say_how dare you _his gaze was fixed_if false.

For the persons commenting here_you are not

blog bosses_just becoz it looks like your guy

tanked big time tonight_don't take it so personally_if you don't like Romney_you can replace him in four years_and THAT'S the Beautiful thing called AMERICA !!!

693 days ago


Oh i forgot _ Trump is sexy_go Donald can't wait for his OBOMBASHELL

693 days ago


He is a big fat camera whore & a racist pig Go die mother****er

693 days ago


Trump is being Trump. If he can't have the office, he'll do his damn best to make sure it's a seat he feels he has influence over for his own means. PERIOD.

I wouldn't trust him if he was holding an umbrella in the rain over my head. When it comes time to choose who gets wet, a me or himself? He'll ALWAYS do what's best for himself. Always.

693 days ago


Every time Trump opens his mouth 2 percentage points goes to that retard we have in the White House. Fantastic....

693 days ago


What ever it is I wish they would all stop wasting so much time just slamming the other one and put some effort in to letting those of us who did go to college feel that we have any hope at all of getting a job instead of all this attention being made on the factory workers and welfare recipients. I have no job and am not elegible to collect a penny. My friend died from her diabetes as she couldn't afford to be seen by a Dr. Nothing has changed, nothing is better. So please who ever wins can we at least let those of us who have done blood sweat and many tears to get educated be able to find employment. Nobody paid for my education. I was punked in to thinking I needed a degree to get a job. The best jobs go to the people who went ot Yale, Harvard etc who already have plenty of money and connections. Lets see if who ever wins this thing will consider the hard working, educated, non connected have a chance as well. Or just be honest and tell us that we are to retract our education and start giving out courses in factory working. That's all these politicians talk about any way but no way would their children be exposed to factory jobs or military. If it makes anyone feel better I grew up in the highest tax bracket area of America and because of zero connections and where I ended up living I am nearly destitute. Go USA.
So please Mr. Trump have something worthwhile to say in this promise of yours. A lot of us are getting ready to just give up.

693 days ago


Trump keeps his name in the news not by doing anything respectable, but simply by making stupid comments. Honestly Donald, don't you have to take a meeting or go buy a hotel or something?

693 days ago


Trump has always been an idiot. And now it seems he's an idiot who's showing signs of dementia. Unfortunately for him, no amount of money can stop alzheimer's disease.

693 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...glad too c ur keeping dr.Feder

693 days ago


I think the only people that believe trump is Mitt Romney, Donnalds Tranny wife, his kids and of Coarse Harvey Levin.

693 days ago
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