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Court Showdown

Over Secret

Mitt Romney Testimony

10/23/2012 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The Boston Globe is going to court tomorrow, reportedly to ask a judge to unseal the sworn testimony of Mitt Romney in a confidential matter in family court. 

Gloria Allred -- who insinuated she might have a bombshell that could affect the presidential election -- has a client who is somehow involved in the case and who wants to go on the record.  

We're told the Globe will ask the judge both to unseal Romney's testimony and lift the gag order imposed on everyone involved in the case.

As for what the case involves ... it's a secret ... and Gloria's not spillin' the beans. But we do know the court in question handles lots of sensitive family law matters, including those involving high profile people.

Stay tuned ...



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the Ronster    

is this the nonsense that Donald Trump was boasting about yesterday? Or does this just cancel out the Obama bombshell?

731 days ago


There's a reason family cases are confidential, and the other people involved in it shouldn't be exposed just because Romney testified. They still deserve privacy.

731 days ago


Maybe he and Arnold where good buddies,Could it be Mits house keeper has their love child.

731 days ago


Wow - this should be interesting. I wonder if this is what Donald Trump was talking about?

731 days ago


Mitt has a daughter who was born out of wedlock. So what. Most people know already. The presidential race is about the economy not his private life.

731 days ago


First Trump, and now this ambulance chaser is going to derail the elections. What a couple of goofballs.

731 days ago


Does anyone care what Gloria has to say? Maybe her and Donald can call each other with their "bombshell" news because the rest of the world could care less.

731 days ago


This woman is lower than pond s***. She has nothing to do but to dig up women from the gutter and flaunt them for her own gain. No judge is going to open sealed court records from a family court proceeding where the records are sealed. I can only pray the judge has some sense and sensitivity. I hope Donald has the goods. period.

731 days ago


And then we find out he has 2 wives. Should he be elected, we'll have a harem in the white house.

731 days ago


If Gloria and Donald had a baby it surely would be the anti-Christ.

731 days ago

In Depth News    

Democrats Statist and Millionaire Gloria AllLies joined Axelrod in Chicago to destroy Herman Cain in the primaries and ,now, in Chicago style Gloria All Lies will try to Force Obama to victory....

When the left talks about Women Rights , they must mean Women have a Right to be Controlled by other women they never meet (via new health control laws) . Women want freedom just like men .

"With the new nationalized health care (passed by the left wing) you do Not have a right to your own body , the government new mandate insures that . Your body is collective to the health system and you need to comply with their dictates , which is the loss of individual liberty."

731 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Gloria Allred is that nasty smell that lingers after you scrape the dogshi*t from your shoe.

731 days ago


Drop the bomb Gloria, if Donald duck oops I mean trumph claim he's gonna drop a bomb shell on Obama then it's only fair game that Gloria do the same on Romney. Go get'em Gloria!! Plus I want to know too. :D

731 days ago


Gloria, just die and go away already.

731 days ago


Oh Gloria. This repeated tactic is almost as old as you are and twice as ugly.

Anyone who falls for her BS is a blithering moron.

731 days ago
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