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Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel

Wedding Video

MOCKS Homeless People

10/24/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Timberlake
and Jessica Biel's wedding party featured a video that openly made fun of homeless people in L.A. -- this according to reports.

Gawker just posted the video -- reportedly made by Timberlake's real estate agent friend Justin Huchel -- which depicts what appears to be REAL homeless people on the streets of L.A., acting as Justin and Jessica's friends who couldn't make it to the ceremony.

The homeless people in the clip -- one toothless, the other shirtless -- wish the ultra-rich couple well on their new lives together ... saying things like, "I hope the wedding goes fine for you. My gift is in the mail."

The video's an obvious dig at Justin and Jessica's ridiculous wealth -- juxtaposed against the destitute poverty displayed in the clip. The video also features a transvestite.

Huchel -- who once dated Amanda Seyfried -- has already threatened to sue Gawker over the video, claiming it was shot as "a private joke" without Timberlake's knowledge ... and demanding it be taken off the web ASAP.

Calls to Justin and Jessica's camps were not returned.


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Hey Elsa, with 'what extra income'. Some of us barely get by, even with help from outside food sources. If I had 'extra' income, I sure wouldn't feel so needy! Oh, I'm sorry, I guess that was a whine...but at least I have a roof over my head and food to eat which some don't have. Perhaps people like myself, and thousands of others are much richer than those with the 'extra bucks'!

666 days ago


OMFG! Are we really going to make a big deal outta this? What good are the homeless if we can't make fun of them? Their completely useless otherwise.

666 days ago

Diane Smeltzer    

But for the grace of God ... They may be filthy rich now and laughing at the less fortunate BUT it does not take much to see your riches gone. One word : KARMA.

666 days ago


My sister married a man with a wealthy, "socially-accepted" family back in 1987. We, as her siblings and our mother flew from Ohio to California for the wedding. BIG surprise was, we were expected to go to the rehearsal dinner but there just wasn't enough room for us at the dinner table. So, while my sister and her fiance' were laughing and talking and eating with about 20 other people at a beautifully laid out dinner table, my siblings, myself AND our mother sat in the living room which had a lovely direct view of the dinner table. It got worse. My sister's fiance's sister's friends proceeded to make fun of my brother who wanted to play his guitar and sing a song for my sister. They started calling him "hillbilly" because he was singing a country song. So, we proceeded to dip into the hostess's booze, get drunk and embarrass the crap out of my sister. Not the most mature thing to do but we felt better.

666 days ago


What do you expect from someone so far in the closet that he cant even see the light at the end of the tunnel?
Come on out of that closet J.T. & let Jessica have a real life. People that marry women to prove to family, friends, and in J.T.'s case the public, that they are not gay are sad. Think about what you are doing to Jessica. I know, I was one of them. I was married and divorced twice by the time I was 22 years old. It is so easy for a girl to fall in love with a gay guy because we are more like them, we understand them better, and we can truly be their best friend. I am very straight looking and acting, when I tell someone I am gay they always flip out because I don't fit into their stereo type of what they think a gay person looks and acts like.

666 days ago

I Hate Nancy Grace    

By the way...I don't think this is all that offensive and it certainly should provoke "outrage" in anyone. Find something more important to freak out about.
Here's a few suggestions:
Unemployment, abused children, abandoned abused and neglected animals, a country that allows it's own citizens to go hungry and without shelter while some moron runs around with a football or a basketball in his hands and makes 20 million dollars a year.

666 days ago


vapid shallow ugly people, laughing at the poor,the homeless, the addicted while they enjoy a 6 million dollar wedding. they are the epitamy of everything that is wrong with the world and those overpiad hollywood douches. i will not support these two ever again with a ticket.

666 days ago


Homeless are that way because they have chosen to be. Their bad choices, shuld not be any reason for anyone's sympathy. They are leeches of society and are one of the problems this country is going in the toilet. If you stopped supporting these leeches, future prospective homeless leeches will see there is no assistance and do whats necvessary NOT to become homeless, like staying in school, getting a good job, working hard. To them, why work when theere are organizations that will gve you a place to stay, food and tv.

666 days ago

james huckaby    

yeah, these are the very same celebs that are endorsing President Obama. Such character endorsements!

666 days ago


Wow! Liberal Hollywood who acts so compassionate towards people who are hurting makes a video like this one? Liberals really are out of touch with the "regular people" and these are the type of people that do fundraisers for Obama, wow.

666 days ago


People, come on, I don't think it was intended to make fun of homeless people. True it was in bad taste but I didn't get the feeling that it was done melisiously, it was just a very bad joke.

666 days ago


Trashing and exploiting less fortunate people seems to be the trend in LA among many celebrities and other wealthy people...KARMA!!!

666 days ago


Trashing and exploiting less fortunate people seems to be the trend in LA among many celebrities and other wealthy people...KARMA!!!

666 days ago


There has always been homeless people and their always will be. Its a sad part of life but one that has endured for centuries. To blame it on Reagan is stupid and a total lie.

666 days ago


There is nothing funny or humorous about homeless people. That any would would make a joke of it, even in private, speaks voulmes about those people. They are obviously, rich, spoiled, and without an ounce of human compassion.

666 days ago
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