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Mitt Romney

Author Who Saw Divorce Transcripts

Says Romney Didn't Tell Truth About Staples

10/25/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ex-wife of one of Mitt Romney's closest advisers says Mitt lied on the witness stand in her divorce about a key asset -- the value of Staples, the company her husband founded -- and as a result she was grossly shortchanged in the property settlement ... this according to an author who helped the ex-wife write her story.

Sadi Ranson says she reviewed the transcripts of the divorce between Staples founder Tom Stemberg and his wife Maureen during the collaboration on the book.  Ranson tells TMZ ... she reviewed boxes and boxes of transcripts and claims Romney testified the Staples stock was a pipe dream because the company was not successful -- something Maureen says was flat-out untrue.

The Boston Globe goes to court today in an attempt to unseal the transcripts and lift the gag order on the case.

Romney's people tell TMZ, the Governor does not oppose unsealing the docs because there is simply nothing there.


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Don Martin    

The bimbo already had a trial and lost. What does she think the lame ass media will do for her?

727 days ago


Why doesn't TMZ just place the FORWARD icon in their masthead and get it over with. In the tank...

727 days ago

football Mom    

Why does TMZ give this CRAP so much time ? FOUR people are dead because the lies of our current president...why not report that???

727 days ago


Staples of 25 years ago, which was a new concept....if he had high balled the value on the stand, the wife would have gotten less stock, at a higher value. He lowballed it, she got more stock. If their plan was to sell it and leave her out of the payoff, that's an odd way to go..........she is the one who sold quickly before it went public. That's on her.... If she had sold some of it, kept some, she would be OK.
Take a business course lady. If this what Allred was after, loser issue. No doubt the guy is a dirtbag, I agree wifey. But, he did not leave her destitute....he just didn't give her anything of his newfound superwealth....nor did he have to.
Anti-Mormon, anti-GOP, anti-Mitt rants have been going on Huffington for the ex-wife.
Gloria & Obama worked this one out.......cute.

727 days ago


Wow. Well I certainly know where to turn to my hard news now --TMZ. NOT! OMG! LOL Britney Spears! Gloria Allred! Bozo the Clown! Big Bird' All hanging out at TMZ getting blown. You idiot gossip rag, go wipe the floor someplace.

727 days ago


Hey idiot, what were you paying your attorney for your divorce for???? How long ago was this????

727 days ago

fed up    

Is this the big October surprise we've been waiting on?! That he lied on a witness stand years ago?! God damn it so much. Between her and Trump, these people need to DIAF.

727 days ago


Oh boo hoo. Stop the whining about Romney and get on with your lives. You don't even know the man and you act as though you're lifetime neighbors of his.
Some of you morons elected someone you knew nothing about and are still too much in the dark to notice what he's done.

727 days ago


Staples went public ~2 years after Mitt's testimony. 2 years is FOREVER in the lifetime of a startup company. It's foolish to use 20/20 hindsight vision and look at Staples' success after the fact as though it was never in doubt. Staples was a huge success precisely because Bain Capital et al fought through some very tough times, competed with much larger and better established giants. That's part of the reason they study the case in business schools the world over--David beat Goliath. The private company had a long way to go before it was ready to go public for the big payday--otherwise Bain would have taken it public sooner. This is a pretty silly attack on Romney, but it's offensive because it requires us as voters to be rubes to buy it. I hope we aren't stupid enough to believe this smear.

727 days ago


Excuse me sir, we now need a table for 3. That's right we're bitter table for 3. Thank you......
The guest list keeps growing.

727 days ago


Get over yourself. Your husband founded Staples not you. Im not a Romney supporter but dragging him into it so you can make a buck is pathetic

727 days ago


WoW_Big_Whoop_actually if that's all they GOT, then Romney is going to be The Next Great President__

Even IF this TRIPE is true__

I keep seeing President Obama__Bowing_DEEPLY_to_the Arab_kings_and the faces of the crowd behind them_it's worth a google_say_Obama pics of bowing_it tells it all_

then I keep hearing Mr.Obama whispering to the Russians_'I can't do anything till after i'm re-elected_tell Vladimier__words to that effect__CHILLING AS H.

727 days ago


Shut up...

727 days ago


Have worked as a paralegal for many, many years. It was in***bent upon both parties to retain their own expert opinions, including the opinion of a CPA. Seems to me the atty representing the Mrs. failed to do due diligence.

727 days ago


There goes TMZ's credibility.

727 days ago
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