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Mitt Romney

Transcripts RELEASED

10/25/2012 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained the complete transcripts of Mitt Romney's testimony -- which he's accused of lying under oath to screw over his friend's ex-wife.

The testimony was given in 1991 at Norfolk Probate and Family Court in Massachusetts.

During his examination, Romney was asked how he first became acquainted with Staples and Tom Stemberg. Romney explained ... a venture capital businessman from another firm "mentioned to me a gentleman named Tom Stemberg had a business plan to commence an office supply chain and was looking for capital to fund that."

Romney continued, "I told him I didn't think it was a very good idea, but I'd look at it."

2:45 PM PT -- If you enjoy learning how business people valuate stocks, you're gonna LOOOOVE these documents.

If not, you should probably click on our story about Lindsay Lohan's publicist quitting ... it's wayyy more interesting.


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How much desperation are Allred and the rest in that their boy, that's right, is not gonna make it this time. This is at least a decade old and probably leaped on as a life raft of last choice.

We know every little thing about Mitt Romney back to his highschool years, but don't know squat about Harveys boy.

729 days ago


TMZ is telling you there was nothing to report it turn out to be a lie on Allred&client

729 days ago


desperate democrats... this is really poor

729 days ago


wow!!! you all are fishing and cant find anything on Mitt Romeny!!!! Please just admit he has done nothing to make him lose this election. Harvey we love your Investigative reports...quick pass them a Pulitzer prize.

729 days ago


Would you guys please stick to celebrity gossip and stay out of the politics. It was nice to go to at least one site where i didn't have to see or hear anyones political views or opinions.....

729 days ago

arale norimaki    

This guy doesn't get the economy: Romney's campaign is based on the notion that because of what he did running investment firm Bain Capital, he understands the economy. So it's perfectly reasonable to examine what his experience at Bain really taught him. After all, Bain wasn't in the business of creating jobs; it was in the business of making money. The truth is, the high unemployment rate is due to people like Romney outsourcing jobs. That's why middle-class Americans are suffering so much. China didn't just steal our jobs all by themselves. Romney and other profit-driven executives like him wrapped up the jobs in a great big package, put a bow on it, and gave the jobs to the Chinese. Now, maybe the Chinese would have taken some of them on their own, but Romney didn't have to push the jobs out and happily give them away. Mitt was a pioneer in sending jobs out of the United States to China. This is the person you want to be president of the United States

729 days ago


The left wing Hollywood liberals will do all they can to trash Romney because the entire world knows Obama has been as massive failure and has no record of success to run on so they can only find ways to trash Romney and try to dig up dirt. That's the way liberals and left wing wackos use to get elected.

729 days ago


Aw! Poor TMZ! You were really hoping there was some dirt here, huh? Say, did you happen to report on Letterman saying to Rachel Maddow that Obama lied in the last debate?

729 days ago


You know what this proves? That Mitt Romney knows how to make money. He also did it with the SLC Olympics... turned that around and made it the most profitable winter Olympics ever, to the point that hey are STILL operating the venues off that profit today. What' the biggest issue facing our country right now? The economy. We need a guy who can figure out how to make money, not spend it. NO wonder the Romney camp didn't bother fighting the release of this transcript, it just verifies that he's good a this job -- making money where none exists. If anything, it solidified my vote FOR Romney. We need a guy n there who can handle money.

729 days ago


So the huge exclusive that you had kept at the top of the page the other day now has this added with the transcripts where in the end you direct readers to a Lindsay Lohan story....................Wow stick to the gossip as it seem you got played there Harvey & Co.

729 days ago


Don't worry Harvey...Romney won't make fudge packing illegal after he wins.

729 days ago


Breaking News:
TMZ tries a October surprise to make their mark in the election season. Epic Fail.
These docs...Blah long ago.
Find the truth about 4 people killed in Benghazi.

I am deleting my your app on my smart phone and will ask my family and friends to do the same.


729 days ago


I have to admit, after reading these transcripts, I am really impressed. The man is brilliant. Obama-mister community organizer has been trying to paint this man as an idiot and stupid...Release your grades, Barry, rumor has it you were an almost failing student.

729 days ago


there has got to be real dirt on this guy, why try to make hash out of this crap. Staples has go to be worth **** over 20 years ago. Sounds like the ex wife if pissed she sold her stock before they exploded on the scene, Seems it was about the same time the "easy" button ads started. Nothing to see here folks. move along.

729 days ago


So what, Bill Clinton lied to Congress and he was still President - funny how short a memory some people have.

729 days ago
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