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Romney Docs Unsealed ...

Allred Still Pissed

10/25/2012 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Mitt Romney's controversial testimony from his friend's divorce was unsealed, but Gloria Allred's still pissed! She called in to talk (and complain) about the gag order that was NOT lifted off her client ... effectively blocking her from bashing Mitt.

Plus, Justin Timberlake's buddy stirred up a real mess by using homeless people for a wedding gag video. We found one of the victims ... and his side of the story has everyone handing JT's friend the trophy for d-bag of the year

And is Kim Kardashian hiding something in her sexy new twitpic? Harv thinks she looks great, but some ladies are calling BS. The classic chick move KK's accused of pulling ... demonstrated LIVE in the newsroom! This you gotta see.

(0:00) - Gloria Allred calls in to explain how she's been "double-crossed" in her attempt to expose Mitt Romney for lying under oath.
(10:11) - Scooter Braun has words for Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lutfi, who was in court today.
(13:42) - Taylor Swift breaks up with her Kennedy boyfriend. (No word yet on whether they're ever getting back together.)
(17:53) - Diddy gets a little shaken up in a nasty car accident at a notorious LA intersection.
(19:17) - A video tribute played at Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel's wedding may have been made as a joke, but we're not laughing one bit.
(24:10) - Kim Kardashian tweets a new photo that's got us asking "What weight gain?"
(26:40) - Kristen Stewart thinks quite fondly of the love triangle in 'Twilight.' Gee, you don't say...
(28:46) - A Brazilian beauty sells her virginity... for HOW MUCH?!?!
(32:23) - Duran Duran bassist John Tyler attempts to set a record for shortest time between two traffic violations.
(33:58) - Say hello to a famous house you can rent with your little friends! (For $30,000/month, cocaine not included.)
(35:20) - It's that time of the week again-- Tim checks in with a few stories that didn't quite meet Harvey's standards.
(38:23) - We take your calls!


No Avatar


Romney's lawyer has every right to defend Romney if your client is attempting to accuse him of perjury.

664 days ago


Gloria is a F@CK1NG LEACH WH0R3 the lady she is representing is a peace of **** she lost custody of her kid BOO ****ING HOO get over it

664 days ago


Another professionally produced show. Can you tell the folks in the background to take it down a notch while your taping?

664 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Taylor's gonna live there. Connor is not the only Kennedy. There must be at least three full albums in the Kennedy clan.

664 days ago


Good for Taylor! I would love to own that house!
Slade, STFU. She's 22, so what she dates and breaks!

664 days ago


Hey Harvey TMZ is so good at coming up with with timelines and digging for all the juicy details i would think that that you should put your awesome staff on the Benghazi scandal where people got killed. Just saying??

664 days ago


They could give me a few M dollar, I would appreciate.
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664 days ago

What You Really Want To See    

Wow, the double interrupt! A new move. Go Harv... pathetic...

664 days ago


Take a look at my blog, I have just started but I´m posting lots of funny stuff

664 days ago


They could give me a few M dollars, I would really appreciate it.
Take a look at my blog, I have just started but I´m posting lots of funny stuff

664 days ago


*Waiting for Sarah Thursday (Coz she's around on thursdays) to show up*

664 days ago

BB not bb    

Have you heard that Khloe and Lamar are filing for divorce and it is going to cost $7,000,000? Lamar is mad that she can't give him children. I think he is probably gay though and fooling around with that boy he has living in the house with him while she is away.

664 days ago


Again, I just didn't watch whatever they talked about at the beginning, since political news from TMZ is just a scary thing. And did Jessica/Justin know about the video before it was played and did they approve of it? No one seems to give the full story. Either way, if it bothers you, just don't buy his music or watch their films. I don't already.

664 days ago


Seriously, dude, Unfortunalty I gave away my virginity free. 780thousand dollars for it?? I wouldn't think twice. Sold!

664 days ago


You folks out in Hollywood just deal with it.. Romney is c-l-e-a-n... Maybe that's the problem... But if it's a scandal you want, I agree with the comment below.. Let's talk about BENGHAZI.. C'mon let's go live...Allred and her chumps failed, this was all about ROMNEY you losers. Thank you for proving what a decent man he is....

664 days ago
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