Meat Loaf I Love Mitt But Can't Vote for Him

10/27/2012 5:45 AM PDT

Meat Loaf -- I Love Mitt Romney, But Can't Vote for Him

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Meat Loaf
can sing Mitt Romney's praises all he wants, but he can't vote for him.

The singer -- who moved to Austin earlier this year -- never registered in Texas, according to The Smoking Gun.  And the deadline to sign up, October 9, is over and out.

So Meat Loaf -- who stood side-by-side with Romney Thursday (above) and either butchered or honored "America the Beautiful" depending on your ear -- recently requested an absentee ballot from California, the state he abandoned last year.

According to the CA DMV you must be a resident to vote in CA. We don't know if Mr. Loaf got a ballot, but if he did he shouldn't use it.